Vahid ChaychiMy name is Vahid Chaychi. I’m a computer programmer and web developer. I’ve been working as a webmaster, programmer, and blogger since 2002. I’ve also been working as the chief technical and marketing advisor for several different companies and have helped to develop numerous successful websites, blogs, and online businesses. You could say I’m the “how-to guy” when it comes to teaching people how to establish and create successful businesses online and I’m well-known in this particular sector.

When the Internet was first introduced to the public, I was among the very first who saw the potential of online businesses—instead of hitching a business to a “wagon” (old-style brick and mortar), one could launch it, like a rocket, out into cyberspace and around the world via the incredible power of the World Wide Web! I did a great job in competing with others and have been ranked as the TOP BEST SELLER with famous companies like: ClickBank, SFI, iCommissions, WebSponsors, AffiliateFuel and more. With SFI alone, I recruited and trained over 25,000 new members in record time. Click on the images below to see some of the awards I have won over the past few years:

Vahid Chaychi Top 100 Seller   Vahid Chaychi Top 100 Seller   Vahid Chaychi Top 100 Seller   Vahid Chaychi ClickBank Best Seller in 2010

Blogging and writing is my passion. I love to write about different topics and interact with other internet users, both webmasters and bloggers. The computer and internet are great and I would choose both as my field of study and work if I came to this world once again.

How Do I Make Money Online?

This is the formula that works:

Strong Marketing Strategies + Good Products = MONEY

Here on this blog, I share my knowledge and experiences on the strong online marketing strategies and promoting the strong products and services.

According to the above formula, when you combine these two (strong marketing strategies and good products and services) you will make money.

Just follow me on this blog, and you will learn how to make a fortune online.

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