15 Ways for Teenagers to Make Money Online

Published on August 5th, 2014 by | Category: Run An Online Business

Trying to make money online? There is almost an infinite number of ways to make money online, even for us teenagers. Who says that we can’t earn money at this age?

I only thought of making money online last month. I did that because I want to buy a Yonex Voltric 5 badminton racquet. That is my one and only reason, buy something which I really want. I know that many of you want to earn money for the same reason. Our reasons might be foolish but I know that our parents would be proud of us. If your parents think otherwise. If they think that this is a waste of time and you should just be studying all the time, I am giving you a list of benefits that you and your parents are going to receive when you make money online so that you can convince your parents to support you financially on making money online.

  • Making money online teaches you to obey the rules. You learn to obey the rules of your customers, rules of the programs you join in and the rules of the government, your own rules and the rules of your parents. You will learn to obey your parents because there are lots of rules when you join money making programs and because you are used to obeying all the rules, the same will apply to the rules of your parents.
  • Making money online gives you a sense of responsibility. You will feel that you need to take care of your reputation so that you will have many clients and customers.
  • It teaches you to solve your own problems. When you try to make money online, you will encounter a lot of problems and because you are probably the only one trying to make money online in your family and in your circle of friends, you will be forced to find ways to solve the problems by yourself.
  • It enhances your skills and it teaches you new skills. You might think that you will never be a writer but maybe that is your hidden talent or maybe photography. You never know what you could acquire when you try lots of new things.
  • It teaches you the importance of money. This is a major benefit for your parents so do not forget to tell them this. It teaches you that every cent you make came from your hard work and dedication. This means that you will spend less on your guilty pleasures because you understand the hardships of your parents. In addition to their work, they also have to think about your future, health, education, allowance, birthdays, presents, and many more things which are related to you.
  • It makes you understand why many people are conservative financially.
  • It teaches you to set goals and plan on how you are going to achieve them.
  • It teaches you to be patient. There are lots of ways to earn money online and making good money online will take some time depending on the method that you are using.
  • It teaches you to be kind especially to your clients.
  • It teaches you to persevere through harsh times like no income generated in days.
  • It can prevent you from acquiring bad habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, and drugs.
  • It teaches you to set your priorities and to focus on your top priority and not on your top10 priorities.
  • It teaches you to be hardworking. You are forced to find ways and try different methods of making money online.
  • If you are already earning, you will use your hard earned money and not your parents’ money to buy the things you want. This prevents unnecessary arguments about money between parents and children. It also prevents incidences of children stealing from the wallet of their parents.
  • You can help in paying your phone bills and internet connection bills.
  • There are many money making opportunities which enables you to acquire big passive income. Passive income is money that you acquire by doing nothing. This will heighten your chances of a bright future and this will give your parents less troubles and worries.

Now that you have probably convinced your parents to support you on making money online, let us get back to our main topic which is how to make money online for teens. Making money online is easy and I am sure that there is a money making opportunity out there which would let you earn by doing the things you love. The list below contains the ways you can make money online as a teen:

1) Selling unneeded things or own products on eBay, Amazon, and other online marketplaces.

There are lots of things which you can sell online from pre-used things to your own products. If you are great at making handicrafts, paintings, drawings, or extraordinary things, you could sell them online. This is a great way to improve your skills and get feedbacks about your products from unknown people. This is great practice if you want to be famous when it comes to those categories. To sell your products faster, you need great pictures of them. The products must be of high quality and is priced justly. It is easier to convince more people to buy your products if a customer gives a review or testimonial about it. You can also join traffic exchanges. Many will surely see your product and they may go to your link and buy your product.

You do not need to sell your own products. As I said earlier, you can sell just about anything. You surely have pre-used clothes which you do not want anymore or does not fit you anymore. You can sell these online. Other things that you can sell online are:

  • Games – PS3 CDs, PSP CDs, Computer CDs, DS games
  • Electronic Gadgets – Laptops, Computers, Phones, Game Consoles, Televisions
  • Home Appliances – Vacuum Cleaner, Stoves, Refrigerators, Electric Fans, Air Conditioners
  • Furniture – Sofa, Chairs, Beds, Pillows
  • Antiques – Vases, Ceramic Plates, Mirrors

You can also ask your parents, siblings, and cousins if they want to sell something. If they do, tell them that you will sell it and that you will take care of everything but you will take a percent of the sales for doing the promoting and everything else. Try asking other people too if they would like you to sell the things for them. This is a great way to clean your room, your house, and the rooms of your friends.

 2) Signing up for pay to click sites.

Joining pay to click sites like Neobux and Clixsense is an easy way to make money online. You just need to click on the advertisements and stay there for a few seconds and you will get paid. Clixsense also gives chances which are like scratch cards. This is known as the Clix Grid in Clixsense and you can win up to 5$. Both sites give tasks and offers which pay more than clicking on the advertisements but they consume much more time and more energy. Some asks you to categorize youtube videos. I tried that and it was hard. It also consumed a lot of my time but it only made me 11 cents. Some asks you to sign up on random sites.

The problem with pay to click sites is that you will earn so little by just clicking on their given advertisements. Most clicks only give you $0.001 and there are only few advertisements. The number

of advertisements per day is around 12 advertisements. So if you calculate it, ( 0.001 )( 12 ) = 0.012. That is what you will earn in a day. I actually earned $0.42 in a week. I earned that in a week because of my hard work in doing tasks and offers. It is not worth it isn’t it? I know that you are thinking that this should not be included in the list because 42 cents in a week is so little. What could you buy with 42 cents? If you do this daily, you will get ( 0.42 ) (4) = $1.68. It is still not worth an hour a day.

The reason I included it here is because there is a way to acquire big passive income through these pay per click sites and this should be the only thing that you are focusing on when you join these kind of programs. Do not waste your time clicking on advertisements. Let other people do it for you. It sounds nice doesn’t it? You could do that by referring others to join their site. When someone signs up under your name, you get a small bonus and you get a percentage of what they earn. Just get more referrals and you will get more money as long as they become active in the program. There are also levels of referrals. If someone signs up under your name, he or she is a level one referral and you get a percentage of his or her earnings. If someone signs up under his or her name, that someone would be a level 2 referral and you will also get a percentage in the earnings of that someone but in a lower percentage. Different pay to click sites have different levels of referrals.

As I said earlier, you would only earn if they are active. That is how referrals work. You get a percentage of what they earn. If they earn nothing, you also earn nothing. What you can do is to motivate them. Get as many level 1 referrals as you can because you get a higher percentage of their earnings. If you got them now, teach them the technique and strategy of earning big money by getting as many referrals as they can. Also tell them to teac

h their referrals the technique. This will allow you to have an infinite number of referrals and earn big money by doing nothing. Many sites only allow you to have a limited number of referrals though.

Now how do you get others to sign up under your name? That is easy. You can get referrals by putting links and banners of your chosen pay to click site on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter or by putting them on your website or blog. You can even put links on popular youtube videos, other blogs, other websites, and forums.

 3) Sell a service.

You can sell any service you like. You can photoshop pictures, edit videos, draw people’s faces, sing for your customer, give testimonials about products and websites, teach lessons on Skype, and many more. There are an infinite number of services that you can sell and I am sure that you can think of something which you will like to do.

Fiverr.com is a big and very popular marketplace which connects you with potential clients. On Fiverr, every service is priced at $5 and that is why it is called Fiverr. Use this site to sell your services. You can also visit it right now or later or whenever you like to help you get ideas on what services you can sell. Some services are just so foolish and crazy like singing to the customer or making a funny voice for the customer. But even though the services are useless, I think that they are still getting clients. I haven’t personally tried selling any service on Fiverr but I am looking forward to trying this and I think that this is a fun and sure way to earn money. As you won’t get very rich by doing this, you can earn pocket money. Anyone can sell a service. Even kids can do this as long as their parents will handle everything about the money and their child will be doing the service like doing a video testimonial on how much he or she liked a toy.

In choosing what services you would offer, think if it would be easy for you. If it is easy for you and it can be done swiftly, it is a nice choice. You should also think if many will buy your service. The last thing you need to consider is if your service is worth it. You need to give a service which is only worth $5. You cannot give singing lessons for $5 of course. It is a waste of time. But you can sell a service wherein you are asked to record a song which the customer requested and you can also say in the video to whom the customer dedicated it. You need to be a good singer though.

To promote your service, you can use traffic exchanges. I have seen someone do that and she got a lot of clients.

This is a great way to earn money online and at the same time a great way to have fun, enhance your skills and get feedbacks about your services.

 4) Taking surveys.

Survey sites function just like pay to click sites but you can earn more here because you give more time and effort in answering surveys. Honestly answering surveys will surely make you more money than just clicking on advertisements. The technique and strategy to earn passive income used in pay to click sites can also be applied in survey sites which have referral programs.

Some surveys are special surveys and they are not found in these survey sites and needs special requirements for you to answer them. These surveys can give you big cash. They are straight from the company. The money you earn through these special surveys can range from $10 – $50 , more or less. To know if these surveys are legit, check the terms and conditions of the company’s page. If you don’t find it, it is probably a scam. You should also be sure that you will be paid with money. Some of them just enter you into sweepstakes and you would not want that.

Some survey sites that pay you to answer surveys are:

  • Harris Polls
  • Zoom Panel
  • Opinion Place
  • CVS Advisor
  • Survey Savvy
  • Cash-crate
  • Test Spin
  • Greenfield Online
  • Your 2 cents

Some survey sites also conduct contests. These contests are only games. To join a contest, you need to pay an admission fee. You need to practice a lot of times to win in these contests.

(Note : Be careful in choosing the special surveys that you are going to answer because many of them have spyware and viruses.)

 5) Web Designing.

There are lots of blog and website owners who need other people to design their sites. This is a great opportunity for creative teens with some web designing skills. Project4hire is a marketplace online which connects you and website or blog owners. Many of these potential clients tend to favor teens because they are more imaginative and creative than adults who have faced a lot of hardships. Many people think that designers who faced lots of hardships and is currently facing one would design their website with shades of black and white.

This is a great chance to make big money online. Remember to always do the best that you can so that you can get a regular customer. There are opportunities wherein a customer really liked your designing and he or she would give you a permanent job by maintaining his or her website.

6) Logo Making.

This is another great and colorful way to earn money online. You can make logos for websites, businesses, mobile applications, and many more. 99designs.com is a marketplace which allows you to sell different designs for different things and not only logos. You can sell designs for book covers, banner advertisements, blog templates, etc.

You should always do your best and join contests whenever you can. You might also get regular customers if you already have a good reputation in the marketplace.

Crowd Spring is also a great site for this category.

7) Sponsored Tweets

This is a very easy way to make money online. Sites like Sponsored Tweets allow you to connect with potential clients who want you to tweet about their product or website. It is that easy! The only problem you are going to encounter in this method is getting clients. There is one thing that clients look for in a twitter account and that is the number of twitter followers it has. This is a big problem for non-sociable people but famous people and people who are addicted on seeing their number of followers grow will not have trouble on this. To get lots of followers, you should either be a famous person or a person who tweets about funny things and facts. You get a lot of followers if you tweet about things like that. Almost every single twitter account follows an account which is like that.

I have not personally used this method and I am not planning on it because I have less than 100 followers. I think that this is a nice and easy way to get some extra cash.

8) Blogging

Blogging is the most popular way of making money online. It is said that a new blog is born into the world every half of a second. That will be your problem in blogging. You would have lots of competitors so you really need to stand out.

There are lots of successful bloggers out there and you could be one of them. Many have earned six figures annually and the limit is unknown. This is a great option.

Your blog will be the outlet of your passion for something. I for example have a passion for badminton so I made a blog about badminton entitled ” My Badminton Blog “. You can blog just about anything but if you want to earn money, you need to find a niche which you are interested in and you should have great knowledge about it. Your niche should be something which is designed to help or entertain your readers. My Badminton Blog is mostly focused on how to play badminton and it strives to give badminton players everything that they need to know in playing badminton. Having a niche like this would help me get more visitors because they want to read more about things that would help them compared to reading about my badminton game last night or my favorite badminton racquet. Many blogs are successful in making rumors about celebrities or finding out if a money making opportunity online is a scam or is legit.

Blogging is also a great way to enhance your vocabulary, communication skills, and writing skills.

Now how do you make money online through blogging?

8.1) Begging for Donations

Only few blogs ask for donations. I know that the thought of begging for money is crazy but some bloggers actually earn this way. To be successful with asking for donations, you need to have a great blog with great content which can really help your readers or maybe even affect their lives. If you already have outstanding content, I would still not let you believe that you will surely earn money from this. It is very uncommon to see a person even a loyal reader donating to a blog even if it helped him or her a lot. If a very popular blog ask for donations, the owner will get a few bucks but when the income generated from this is compared to other ways of earning money through blogging, every other method will outshine this.

You are considered very lucky, charismatic, and persuasive if someone gives donations to your blog.

The easiest and most common way to ask for donations is through Paypal. You just need to place the donation box button on your blog. Paypal allows you to specify the amount that you want to receive from the donor by changing the default displayed amount. Paypal also allows you to specify the minimum amount that you want to receive from the donor. All you have to do after doing all that is to wait for a loyal reader who is

generous enough to give you a few bucks.

To persuade your loyal readers to donate, you can put a text below the donation box button stating a message like ” Did my blog help you? Do you want more of what you got? Support me by spreading the word or by donating! ” . It does not to be exactly like that. You just need to give them a reason to support you. Another thing that you could do is to put a picture of you beside the text. This will be effective if you are a pleasant and good looking person.

I wanted to try putting a donation button on my blog before but I thought that there will only be a small chance that someone will give me donations and another thing is that it will make my blog look very unprofessional. You can still try if you think that it will work for you but this is not a sure way to earn money through blogging.

8.2) Membership Programs

Blogs which only allow members to enter are high quality sites and are usually about how to make money. That is a very broad and hard niche which you would not want to use for your blog. Bloggers with these kind of sites are usually already successful so that they can say that their program is really legit.

What you can give when someone becomes a member is very important because they are paying for it. It is very hard to be successful on this if your blog is not within the ” how to be rich ” niche.

Membership fees and donations are almost the same because they are received for the content and services that the blog offers. While we think that getting donations is hard, getting visitors to be members is harder. The reason that getting members is harder is because people do not know if you are legit or if you are a scam. They do not know if the information and services that they are going to receive is worth it. Getting donations on the other hand is easier because they know that your blog has already helped them and that your content, time, and effort is worth it. It is their way of saying thank you.

You can be successful in making money this way if you already have a member even if it is only one and he or she made a testimonial about your membership program. Other than giving testimonials, spreading the word and giving some teasers on what you will receive when you become a member of the blog will surely heighten your chances of getting members and your chances of getting your membership program and blog to go viral. If nothing is working out, I would suggest the other ways of making money online through blogging.

     8.3) Paid services

You can also sell services on your blog like Skype sessions, videos, or any service which is related to your niche. For example: A blog with ” how to sing ” as its niche can offer singing lessons through Skype sessions. You can ask them to pay per hour or per lesson. Get the payments through Paypal or other identical services. Another example would be my badminton blog. This example would be an offline way of doing my service. My Badminton Blog is a blog about how to play badminton. What I could offer is badminton coaching on real court. I used my blog as a marketplace to connect me with my client.

Doing paid services is a great way to earn money through your blog and at the same time, a great way to connect with your loyal readers and subscribers. Becoming successful with this method also needs the testimonials of your customers.

To easily get testimonials, I would give free trials. If I have a blog about how to sing, I would give a free one hour Skype session to each of the three first visitors who contacts me about this. I will do my best to satisfy them. After the lesson, I would ask them to do a testimonial on my blog and on their Facebook accounts as a way of saying thank you for my time and service.

8.4) Selling Own Products

If you have great content on your blog, you could make an e-book which contains everything they need to know about your chosen niche or on a specific topic related to your niche. You could sell this on your blog. There are many sites and programs which allow you to do this like Amazon and other marketplaces. Many professional bloggers earn tons of cash with their e-books just like Darren Rowse of problogger.net To get more e-book sales, your blog content must be really great so that they will assume your e-book to become greater because it is paid content.

You could also sell t-shirts, bags, pins, mugs, wristbands, or anything with your blog’s name and logo on it. Loyal readers would support you on this. This is a great way to advertise your blog without spending money. If someone bought your t-shirt and wore it on while walking on the beach or in the mall, I am sure that people will notice it and some of them might visit your blog. The trick in selling your own merchandise is to have them in high quality. More people will buy something which looks beautiful and is made of high quality materials and more eyes will be locked on a good looking merchandise.

Do not put a very high interest on your merchandise. Getting 5%, 10%, or 20% of profit is already great. You are already advertising this way and advertising online and offline is expensive. You are promoting your site but you also get paid. This is a big win for you and it is only your win except if you sold the merchandise with no profit at all. It then becomes a win – win situation for you and your customer.

8.5) Writing Articles for other Websites

Writing articles for other blogs and websites is a great way to earn money, connect with other bloggers, and get quality back links. Buyers are usually blog or website owners who chose very broad niches. Having a broad niche makes it harder to create quality content for all topics of that niche and that is why the owner is asking for help.

The biggest question that potential clients are going to ask you in this method is if you have enough blogging experience or writing experience to write on their blog or website. Almost all writing gigs require you to have years of blogging experience or years of writing experience. This is a great way to earn big money for veteran bloggers but not for novice bloggers. If you are a novice blogger, it is hard to find a blog to guest post on and if you already found a blog to guest post on, the owner would most likely not pay you because the quality back links, blog exposure, and traffic that you will get is considered as the payment that you are going to receive. But there are places wherein you are ranked for your article and not for your experiences.

These are online marketplaces for articles. Writers write articles and the team managing the marketplace will review it. If it passes, it would be available for display. The buyers will then search for the article with the most appropriate content for their blog or website. If you have what they need, they will buy your article. To be successful in the marketplace, you will need to have really great content and you need to write often so that you will have regular customers. If you have made a good reputation in the market, you can get a chance to write for big companies. There is a small problem with this method though. You might forget about your blog. But if you got a contract with a big company or a big site, you can certainly forget and sell your blog.

     8.6) Sell your Blog

This is a great option if you found a greater money making opportunity like a contract with a big company. Finding buyers and making a well established blog are the main problems you will encounter in selling your blog. If you want to sell your blog at a high price, you would certainly want to focus on making a good blog. Making a good blog is actually the biggest problem that everyone will encounter in this method. If you can solve that, finding buyers will be easy-peasy.

What makes a good blog:

  • High number of monthly visitors – 10,000 per month at minimum
  • Good income – $200 per month at minimum
  • Great web design
  • High Google Page Rank
  • Loyal readers and subscribers
  • Quality back links

The main attribute which makes a blog look attractive to the eyes of a buyer is the monthly income that your blog generates. It is considered as the measuring tool on how much your blog can sell. I will show you an example which shows the important role of your  blog`s monthly income in selling your blog. There are two blogs. They have the same niches.  One is entitled ASDFG and the other blog is entitled QWERTY. Both of them have 20,000 monthly visitors. ASDFG has high quality back links with a 10$ monthly income. QWERTY has low quality back links with a 200$ monthly income. In the buyer’s eyes, QWERTY is the more valuable and higher quality blog because of its high monthly income. It can be sold at a much higher price than ASDFG. The reason that buyers want blogs with a good monthly income is because they want to buy a blog which is easy to manage and build. They want to buy a blog which is already on its way to becoming big. In QWERTY, you just need to get some quality back links which is easy to get. They can also just buy quality back links f0r the blog while in ASDFG, you still need to experiment between different methods on how you could monetize the blog and find out which will suit the blog best. That will surely prove to be very time consuming and time is very valuable. That is the reason why the monthly income of your blog plays a major role in selling your blog.

The best marketplace for selling blogs is Flippa.com. In Flippa.com, you need to pay a listing fee around $50. If you do not pay, your blog will not be seen in their list of blogs for sale. If you do not know how much to ask for your blog, you can just relax and let the buyers do the work. There will be an auction for your blog and the highest bid will be able to buy your blog.

Another famous marketplace is the “Buy & Sell Websites” section of the Digital Point forums. You will not need to pay for anything and the reason for that is because you will have to do all the work. You need to post your blog on forums and if someone replied to the forum, you will have to communicate with them via the forum. Everything is manual. The marketplace is much smaller than Flippa.com. There are more marketplaces about selling blogs but these are the top 2 on the list.

8.7) Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are programs wherein you display a product on your site and whenever someone buys it using your link, you will get a percentage of sales. It is the same as what I said earlier about asking your family if they need to sell anything and getting a percentage of the sales for doing the promoting. The only difference between the two is that when you promote the products of random people on your blog, you get a smaller percentage of the sales. Some gives you up to 10% of the sales. If you are thinking that this will not make you much money, it will actually make you big money. Darren Rowse of problogger.net earned more than $100,000 on Amazon Associates Program since he started using it. It is big right?

To be successful with affiliate programs, there are a few things that you need to consider:

A) Relevancy of the product to your blog

The products that you will display in your blog should be relevant to your blog. The products that you will pick should help your customers to get more of what they wanted when they visited your blog in the first place. For example: My Badminton Blog is about how to play badminton. The products that I will recommend to my readers should help them more on knowing how to play badminton. I could recommend badminton books, fitness books, and health books. I could also recommend badminton equipment because if they are studying about how to play badminton, they must be new to badminton which means that they need help from the veterans to know the best for them.

B) Blogger’s Reputation

They should trust you enough so that they will buy a product that you will recommend. You need to have a good reputation around the niche. They must know that you really know what you are saying and that you are really recommending the best for them and not the best for you.

C) Product’s Quality

You should recommend products which really work. To let your readers know this, you could do a review about it.

D) Daily Visitors

You need to have a lot of daily visitors to get sales. They say that there is only a small percent that someone would look at the products and even a lesser chance that someone would buy the product. You cannot heighten the chance so what you could do is heighten the number of people viewing your blog to get more product views and more sales.

E) Placement of Product

Products should be places where they can be noticed. You can put them in your articles. This is done in many articles just like in the articles of HubPages, Squidoo, and maybe on Howtoee.

I do not use affiliate programs because I do not have a reputation yet in badminton blogs. I just started three weeks ago on my blog so it is not surprising. I would maybe join affiliate programs after six months or so and I will only display products which I have already tried and proved to be worth the value. If you are not yet a reputable person in your niche like me, you could try other methods which is fine to do even if you are new.

8.8) Advertisements

Displaying advertisements on a blog is the easiest and most common way to earn through your blog. I think that I have not yet seen a blog which does not have advertisements on their blogs and websites. This is the main source of income of every blogger whether they be newbies or veterans.

You can be paid in three ways. One is by getting clicks also known as pay per click. The other one is by getting impressions also known as pay per impression. The last one is by displaying the advertisement in 30 days. The advertising network you are in determines how you will get paid. Google Adsense is a pay per click advertising network. You get paid when someone clicks on the advertisement that you are displaying. Casale Media is a pay per impression advertising network. You get paid when the displayed advertisement gets a thousand impressions. Puxee is an advertising network which pays you after you display the advertisement after 30 days.

There are lots of different kinds of advertisements and targeting methods used by advertising networks.

The list below contains some of the targeting methods used by advertising networks:

A) Contextual Targeting

In contextual targeting, the advertisements that are shown are based on the content of the webpage. In a webpage talking about quesadillas, advertisements that use contextual targeting will also show something about quesadillas or food. The most famous advertising network, Google Adsense, uses this kind of targeting method.

B) Behavioral Targeting

I will give an example to help you understand this because using it in normal sentences is hard. For example: I visited My Badminton Blog. An advertising company puts a cookie on my computer which states that I visited a blog about badminton. I then visit another site about gaming. The advertising network will read the cookie on my computer and will show advertisements about badminton. This is kind of targeting is used so that the advertisements you see are on your area of interest. There is a high chance that you will click on the advertisement because you are interested on it. That is behavioral targeting.

C) Geographic Targeting

In geographic targeting, the advertisements that are shown are based on your location. It is mostly used by websites with public niche website like new sites, radio sites, etc.

The list below contains some of the kinds of advertisements used by advertising networks:

A) Text Ads

The advertisements are shown in text. Google Adsense supports this format of advertisement. Text ads are simply text and link with no pictures, videos, or anything colorful. They are usually used inside articles just like in this article. The advertisement is in the article.

B) Image / Rich Content Ads

The advertisements are show in images. Google Adsense also supports this format as well as many other advertising networks. They are usually places on the top or bottom of an article. Some are found near the header of the webpage and some are located at the sidebars. These kind of ads shine very brightly in websites and webpages which are full of text.

C) Pop-up Ads

The advertisements are usually located on a different window. They just show up whenever you enter a website. Adbrite supports this kind of format. They are high paying ads but they usually irritate the readers. It can be nice to your wallet but not to your readers.

D) In-text Ads

Your content will have links. If you hover your mouse to these links, you will see the advertisement. This is a nice way to put advertisements without taking up too much space and without irritating the readers. The problem here is that most people would not notice it because it looks just like a regular link. They might accidentally click it and you will earn money. Some websites suit this kind of advertisements but some do not.

E) Floating Ads.

At the side or at the bottom of your page, you will see and advertisement. It is called floating because even if you scroll anywhere, they are still there. This is a great kind of advertisement because they need to click the x button to remove it. Everyone will surely notice it and there is a higher chance for people to click on it.

F) Paid Search

The ads will only be seen if you used the search box on your blog. Google Adsense supports this kind of advertisement. If someone searches using your search box, they will see the ads. The ads are located at the top and bottom of the search results which is just like when you use google normally.

There are lots of advertising networks out there. There is no such thing as the generally best advertising network because not all websites are created equally. Some perform bad using Google Adsense while some earn thousands of dollars using it. You just need to try and try until you find the best one which suits your blog.

The list below contains the well-known advertising networks:

  • Google Adsense
  • Value Click Media
  • Casale Media
  • Technorati Media
  • Yahoo Publisher Network
  • AdsGadget
  • Puxee
  • Adbrite
  • BuySellAds
  • BlogAds
  • Text Link Ads
  • Infolinks
  • Kontera
  • Clicksor
  • Dynamic Oxygen
  • Exit Junction
  • Pulsepoint
  • Chitika
  • Tribal Fusion
  • Burst Media
  • Federated Media
  • Gorilla Nation
  • Forbes Business Network
  • Videoegg
  • InterClick
  • AdSmart
  • Adtegrity
  • Blue Lithium
  • Canep Meida
  • ClickBooth
  • Vibrant Media
  • Bidvertiser

You can also use your blog as the connection with you and an advertiser. This is also known as direct selling. You would receive 100% of the sales but you will also do all the talking, and everything else.

     8.9) Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts are like reviews of products or websites. In writing sponsored posts, you should know that it can damage your blog if your blog becomes filled with them. You should always carefully pick what you will review and you need to pick a product which is very relevant or close to your niche.  Doing sponsored posts can give you lots of money. Blogs which has a niche which really reviews products for the blog`s content will have luck with this method. Every blog is actually going to be successful with this as long as your blog already has a reputation in its niche. Some well known marketplaces are PayPerPost and Review Me. You can also directly find and talk to potential clients but of course we know that it is too much trouble for us.

There are so many ways that you can earn through blogging and that is why this is the most popular way of earning money online.

9) YouTube

Many people earn using Youtube. The easiest way to earn on youtube is by signing up for the partnership program. When you join the program, advertisements will show on your videos and you will get paid per impression and per click. To join, your videos should be unique, no song covers, no movies, and all your videos should not have NSFW material. It should be something which children can watch.

To get started on this, you need to have a Youtube account. If you already have a google account, you can use that to sign in. After that, you just start making videos. The best things that you can record for Youtube are the simplest things like kittens or dogs playing, laughing babies, etc. They are the rage in today’s generation. They love to watch cute things. Why do you think the ” Sneezing Panda ” got so much views even though it is meaningless? When you take videos of the ” cute or adorable ” things, you should use a camera which is of good quality. Taking videos will only take you a couple of minutes. Then upload it on youtube. Your youtube channel should be regularly updated so that it will be more popular and so that you will get at least a thousand views on each video. You should upload videos at least every week. Do this until you get an e-mail from Youtube. You will get an e-mail from youtube when a video of yours become popular. If you do not get an e-mail, you can apply for it. To apply for the partnership program, go to youtube.com and go to the bottom of the page. You will see ” Creators&Partners “. Click on it and everything you need to know is right there. Apply for it and if you are approved, go to Google Adsense. You need to carefully read their terms and conditions because they are very strict about their rules. You might want to ask the important rules in a forum or read some articles online. You will regret it if you don’t. Once you are approved for google Adsense, you should start seeing advertisements on your videos. Now, you just keep up the good work and wait for the money to come in.

If you did not get approved in the partnership program, you will have 2 months before you can apply again. If you are banned in Google Adsense, you are mostly never going to have it reinstated. It is hard to reinstate it. Most common reason why there are so many banned Google Adsense accounts is because they did not follow its rules. That is the only way to earn on Youtube and you lost your chance. Are you going to say goodbye to Youtube now? No… You got lots of subscribers and viewers so just keep up the good work. You could still earn by putting a link on the description box leading to your site or to amazon. Your merchandise should be high quality so that many will buy from you.

10) Sell Photos

If you enjoy taking pictures, why don’t you try making money from it? You can now spend more time doing what you want without getting scolded for not doing the household chores. A lot of people have earned using this method and you can too.

The best thing about this method is that it is easy to do. You just need to have a concept and be creative.

There are only a few things that you need to understand. First, your photos are called stocks. Second, the minute that you take a picture you immediately gain its copyright. Third, you can earn money by selling the photo. You will not actually sell it. You will just give your buyer a license. A license that acts like a permit wherein the holder gets to copy the photo. This means that you can sell the photo over and over again without actually losing it. You could lose the rights to it if you agreed to sell your rights to the photo.

The list below contains marketplaces for photos:

  • iStockphoto
  • Fotolia
  • Shutterstock
  • Deposit Photos
  • BigStock
  • Pixmax
  • Corbis Images
  • Stockfresh
  • Thinkstock
  • Photocase
  • Photos.com
  • Stocked Photos
  • Texture Vault

11) Joining revenue sharing sites

Joining revenue sharing sites like Howtoee, HubPages, and Squidoo is a great way to earn money. In revenue sharing sites, you need to write articles for them. They need to be great because it will benefit you the most. You earn on these sites through the advertisements and affiliate programs. You get a share of all the sales but in Howtoee, you get everything. You get money for the article written, the advertisements on your article, affiliate links on later times, and quality back links leading to your blog if you have a blog.

When you post a great and useful article on revenue sharing sites, you earn forever. This is a great way to acquire passive income. This means that even if you are doing nothing, you are still earning. Even if you get old, you are still earning from them. That is why it is great to join these sites.

You also improve your vocabulary, communication and writing skills by joining these.

12) Get paid to read e-mails

If you want to make some extra cash, you can read emails. It might look crazy but there are really sites which pay you to read emails. It is an easy way to make some extra money but it will not be enough to replace your current job. You will probably earn less than a thousand dollars a month at maximum. How much money you will earn depends on how much time and effort you devote to the program. This method is rather imperfect due to many scams. More and more scams are being created every dayThe chances of getting scammed is really high. To prevent being scammed, you should search for many people who really had success with the said program.

The list below contains sites which pay you to read e-mails:

  • Inbox Dollars
  • SendEarnings
  • Points2shop
  • Fushion Cash
  • Cash crate

13) Get paid for gaming

This is a great way to earn money for computer addicts. Now, you have an excuse for being on the computer. If you are thinking on how they earn if they are giving you money, do not worry about that. They earn through advertisements.

The list below contains sites which pay you for gaming:

  • Exodus 3000
  • Second Life
  • Club Bing
  • Play And Win
  • Paid Game Player
  • Clip2Play
  • Bingo Zone
  • Pogo
  • World Winner

14) Sharing Files

This is an easy way to earn money. You just need to upload videos or text documents and whenever someone downloads it, you earn money.

The list below contains sites which pay you for uploading files:

  • DocStoc
  • Ziddu
  • DepositFiles
  • Cash.Uploading
  • EasyShare

15) Get Paid to Search

Searching and earning money from it is a great way to earn money. It is really much of a big win for you. This is one of the easy ways to make money online. Imagine you just searching and browsing the internet and getting paid to do it. It is like a computer addict’s dream. There are many search engines that pay you to search the internet using their search engine.  All you have to do is to register with them and use their search engine to search for whatever you are looking for. The problem with this is that you will earn little for doing little. But even if that is the case, do not even think of complaining to them for the small cash or few results. Remember that you are almost doing nothing and they are giving you free money so be grateful. The reason that you are paid because most of them are just new and they want someone to try them out and spread the word to become more popular.

The list below contains search engines that pay you to search:

  • Swagbucks
  • InteradMedia
  • Scour
  • Blingo
  • Irazoo

Making money online is really possible and anyone can do it. You just need to be dedicated on what you are doing and you should love what you are doing so that you will become successful.

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