2 Main Things You Need to Travel As a Businessperson

Published on August 24th, 2014 by | Category: Management

Anyone planning a trip for a businessman should prepare two main things for him to take from the office: Information and Supplies.

1. Information:

A file of information for the trip. If you are the traveller’s secretary or assistant, you can help him by preparing an information folder for each appointment. Each folder should contain:

  • A list of the names and positions of the people he plans to see during that particular visit, and his reason for seeing them.
  • All correspondence or memos that deal directly with the appointment, plus any papers that might be useful as background or supporting ammunition during his meeting.
  • A list of people he might try to see if he has the time, just to keep up old acquaintances.

Arrange these folders in order of appointments, so that he can consult each in turn beforehand. It is best to play safe and include every paper the traveller could possibly want; a record is of no use to him in the files when he is miles away in a customer’s office.

2. Supplies He Will Need to Get Things Done

There are many little things a busy man needs when he is on a business trip. For example, he may find it a nuisance to correspond with his office unless he has own supply of stationery and stamps with him. Or if he must prepare reports as he goes, but forgets to take report forms, his work is made more difficult. If you arrange trips, here is where you can provide that “something extra” in considerate planning.

The best way to make sure that none of the essentials will be forgotten is to write up a list and then assemble everything, checking off each item as you get it. An example of a well-prepared check list is given below. Naturally, you will probably add or remove items, depending on your traveller’s needs.

  1. Stationery of all kinds
  2. Pens and pencils
  3. Envelopes, airmail & plain
  4. Erasers
  5. Envelopes addressed to the company
  6. Clips
  7. Large manila envelopes
  8. Scissors
  9. Memo paper
  10. Rubber bands
  11. Stenographer’s pad
  12. Blotters
  13. Legal pads
  14. Scotch tape
  15. Carbon paper
  16. Calendar
  17. Address book
  18. Mail schedules
  19. Legal folders
  20. Pins
  21. Business cards
  22. Bottle opener
  23. Dictation equipment
  24. Ruler
  25. Mailing folders or boxes for dictation belts or tapes
  26. Band aids
  27. Cash
  28. Aviation guide
  29. Personal checkbook
  30. Timetable
  31. Office account checks
  32. Paste
  33. Expense forms
  34. Stamp pad & stamps
  35. Other office forms
  36. Postage stamps

A business trip can be tiring and discouraging, or it can be comfortable and rewarding. Much depends on the planning and preparation that go into it. You can make a contribution to the success of a business trip if you plan it thoroughly, with the traveller’s needs in mind.

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