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15 Ways to Make More Money with

Fiverr is becoming a famous way to make money online. You can earn money by selling services called gigs. There are a lot of fun gigs in Fiverr like ” I will sing a sad happy birthday ” or ” I will flirt with you on Facebook to make your girlfriend jealous “. These fun gigs sell a lot on Fiverr. There are also gigs in Fiverr which are useful like writing articles and giving backlinks. The current top gig in Fiverr offers 2,500 followers and tweet to 1,000,000 people under 24 hours. There is no doubt that it is the top gig in Fiverr.

Every gig is worth $5 in Fiverr. All of your gigs are sold for $5 but you only get $4 from it. Fiverr gets the $1 as payment for connecting you and your buyer. But you do not get the whole percentage of the $4 from your gig. You only get$3.92 because Paypal gets the $0.08. $3.92 looks very small but there are a lot of people who earn a lot on Fiverr. One of the most famous Fiverr success stories is about a girl who made $10,000 with Fiverr. She says that she gets an average of 5-15 orders a day each costing about $10 – $20 wherein she gets $8 – $16. If you calculate that, 5×8= $40. That is her minimum daily income. If you multiply her daily income by the number of days she works in a month, 40×30=$1,200, that is her minimum monthly income. If we calculate her maximum daily income and maximum monthly income. She earns $240 daily and $7200 monthly. That is so big. Think of the possibilities!

Earlier I said that each of her service costs $10 – $20. You must be wondering how that happens when everything is worth $5. The reason she can do that is because she sells extra gigs. Extra gigs are add-ons to your gigs and they can range from $5 – more than $50. When you are new to Fiverr, you cannot sell extra gigs yet. You need to reach level 1 first before you can sell them. You can get to level 1 by selling 10 gigs and getting 10 positive feedback. There are four levels in Fiverr. They are: no level, level 1, level 2, and top rated seller. As you reach higher levels, you get more benefits from Fiverr, you get a better reputation, and you get more buyers. If you are a buyer you will buy a gig from a top rated seller right?

Fiverr looks promising but it is hard to be successful there because of the competition. You need to be a real expert on what you offer or your gigs should be unique so that you can earn a decent amount of money on Fiverr. I myself have already tried Fiverr and had no luck. I tried doing translating, transcribing, writing articles, and giving traffic but I had no customers in five days. I only got 19 views in those five days and that shows how big the competition is in Fiverr but if you have been able to slip past that status, there is a big chance that you will earn a lot of money on Fiverr.

The list below contains some great gig ideas:

1. Logo Designing

If you are great at designing logos, you can offer that on Fiverr. There are lots of buyers out there who want logos for their products, websites, and businesses. The current top gig in this category is ” idesigner`s gig “. She designs and redesigns professional logos in any format under 24 hours. She works full time on Fiverr. She can handle up to 70 orders per day and currently has 35 orders in queue as I am writing this.

2. Doing Testimonials

This is very popular on Fiverr and even though there is a lot of competition, many sellers still have lots of buyers because there are lots of people who want these testimonials for their website, products, and businesses. They are in demand on Fiverr. The current top gig in this category is ” tuneman`s gig “. He is a broadcasting veteran, has recorded over 2,500 commercials, has quality equipment, and offers a 60 second testimonial for $5 in 5 days. He also offers it in less than 24 hours but with an additional $5.

3. Giving Followers

This is a relatively easy thing to do but it is very high in demand. I am not sure how they do this but I have read that they use a program to do the job. The current top gig in this category is ” bestoftwitter`s gig “. She sends 2,500 followers, sends a tweet to 1,000,000 people, retweets your tweet, and she offers it for $5 to be done under 24 hours. She claims it to be the biggest Fiverr gig ever which is possibly true. If we were celebrities, this would be so easy to beat but unluckily, we are just ordinary people. We don`t know which way to go. I am just kidding. You just need to have to find a great program which enables you to do all of that with just one click. If you are able to do that, you are in your way to success.

4. Transcribing Audio/Video

Transcribing is writing down all the words being spoken in an audio or video and taking out the unnecessary words like ” um ” and ” uh “. People buy services like this for deaf people. Deaf people can gain knowledge from the video without even watching the video. They just need to read the transcription. This is also bought for higher Google page ranking. Google cannot read videos, only words.

The current top gig in this category is ” transexpert`s gig “. She transcribes 10 minute audios or videos in 5 days. She also offers giving free samples. Her offer is easy to beat but considering the fact that transcribing a 10 minute audio or video takes up a lot of time, it would be a pain to offer transcribing videos or audios of greater length. Plus, you only get $3.92.

5. Writing articles

This is a category with lots of sellers but few buyers. You can offer this kind of service on Fiverr but I think that you will have more luck on other marketplaces. You can also offer your service to sites like Howtoee so that you receive a residual income and not a one time income. Another reason why I do not personally recommend offering this service is that this kind of gig usually has a time limit of 2 – 3 days. Imagine getting 15 orders a day, everyday. Think you can handle that? And compare the work and stress levels of this gig to giving followers. It would be pretty unfair to you. But f you think that you will succeed like the other writers in Fiverr, you can still try. The current top gig in this category is ” simplyjo`s gig “. She writes articles up to 500 words about any niche in 2 days for $5.

6. Proof Reading

This is one of the easy gigs you can offer on Fiverr but because it is so easy, there aren`t so ¬†many buyers compared to other gigs because they can do it by themselves. The current top gig in this category is ” eboler`s gig “. The seller offers to proof read any article up to 1,000 words under 24 hours for $5. You can easily beat his offer by offering to proof read up to 1,200 words or even 1,500 words but the hard thing to beat is his records. The seller scored 99 percent in both English and reading comprehension plus, passed several writing – intensive courses in a state university.

7. Translation Services

This is another very easy gig that you can offer. If you are fluent in other languages besides English, this is a very easy way to earn $3.92 with a few minutes of work. The current top gig in this category is ” hands974`s gig “. The seller offers translating only 250 words from English to French. The seller claims it to be the best in its category but I found another gig translating 1000 words from English to Spanish and vice versa for the same price. ” hands974`s gig ” can be easily beaten by any French person. When you go offer this kind of gig, pick the hard languages like Chinese which you are already an expert on so that you get more buyers. You should also pick famous languages because I tried doing this with Tagalog which is not a very famous language. In the end, I only got 19 gig views and no orders.

8. Singing Happy Birthday

This is one of the most bizarre in demand gigs on Fiverr if not the most bizarre gig on FIverr. You just need to sing Happy Birthday in a very creative and unique way so that you get notices in the large crowd of sellers offering the same service. The current top gig int his category id ” cosbyol`s gig “. He offers Kermit The Frog singing Happy Birthday for almost 3 minutes under 4 days for only $5. The video will be uploaded in youtube. Some other top selling Happy Birthday gigs are: singing Happy Birthday wearing only a thong, wearing only a sexy borat mankind, and singing a sexy Happy Birthday or anything you want for $5.

9. Advertising

This is also in demand in FIverr. You just write the name of the buyer`s website, product, or business somewhere and record it or take a picture of it. Some creative advertising gigs I found in Fiverr are: speed painting your log, logo on a car traveling around a city, a dog balancing the buyer`s logo, logo coming out of a toilet, and logo & message appearing in a paper that is crumpled and then uncrumpled.

10. Facebook Likes

This is another easy gig which I never knew how to do. The current top gig in this category is ” jenny4u`s gig “. She offers to give 500 Facebook likes and share your page to her 4,500 active Facebook friends for $5.

10. Drawing

If you love drawing, why don`t you do it while making money? Luckily, when you offer this kind of gig, you do not need a good reputation or a high level. You only need to show some of your great works and buyers will come. The current top gig in this category is ” mabelma`s gig “. The seller has a portfolio online ready for public viewing and she offers to draw anything for $5 under 7 days. It might be very time consuming to draw something good for only $5 but remember that this is good practice for your drawing skills and you will never know if a buyer of yours will happen to be in a big company and will offer you a permanent job.

11. Photoshop

This is easy if you are already a bit of an expert on photoshop. The current top gig in this category is ” fantabanner`s gig “. The seller has 15 years of experience and offers editing images, photo retouching for $5 under 24 hours.

12. Doing Voice Overs

The current top gig in this category is ” markc1542`s gig “.He has 30 years of experience, has voiced T.V. and radio commercials, internet programs, special projects, and youtube videos. He offers a 60 second professional voice over for $5 under 2 days. Other top gigs in this category are ” linneas88`s gig ” which offers a voice over consisting of 180 words by a professional actress and ” tuneman`s gig ” which offers a 60 second voice over by a broadcasting veteran who have recorded over 2,500 commercials with quality equipment.

13. Psychic Reading

The current to gig in this category is ” blondey`s gig “. She offers to give a very accurate psychic pendulum reading up to 6 questions for $5 under 4 days.

14. Fixing WordPress Problems

This is an in demand gig on Fiverr. Almost all blogs and websites are built on wordpress and everyone knows that many things can go wrong with it. That is where you come in. If you are an expert on wordpress, this is so easy but there are lots of problems in wordpress which could happen and it could be time consuming to find the solution for one problem. Plus, if you do not know what to answer when your client asks, He or she might get mad and you will be put under a lot of stress. The current top gig in this category is ” wordpress_seo`s gig “. The seller hasmore than ¬†5 years of experience and offers to fix your wordpress problems under 24 hours for $5.

15. Selling Handmade Dolls

If you can do handmade dolls, you can sell them here. The best thing about this gig is that you have very small competition. You currently have only 1 competitor. If you have made a very nice looking doll, there might be lots of buyers who will be interested in your dolls. I personally like the top gig in this category. The top gig in this category is ” internetlady`s gig “. She offers to deliver 3 unique great looking dolls for $5. They are around 7-9 inches in height and they are really great looking. If you want to give it as a gift to your niece, give it as a gift for christmas gift exchanges, or to display on your room, her gig is great. This is the one and only gig which I a ever going to buy in Fiverr and I am going to give it to my sisters.

The strategy on Fiverr is to sell gigs which are easy to do, require small amount of time to execute, and are in demand. A great example of this is giving followers. The only thing you need to do is to click and start the program that you have which does all the work for you. That is a very easy $3.92 for you. Also, you need to remember that you are only given $3.92 so you need to offer a gig which is only worth that much.

To get more buyers for your Fiverr gigs here is a short list:

  1. You should be very clear in the description of your gig. Being very transparent and being very honest on what your gig can offer and what it can`t attracts more buyers.
  2. You should also put a video on your gig. If you think that it is not applicable to your kind of service, you are wrong. You can make a video wherein you say what you offer. Just by doing a video for your gig, you have already doubled or tripled your chances of getting buyers.
  3. Your gig`s title should be very catchy and very convincing. They won`t see your description or video unless they are attracted by your title.
  4. Promote your Fiverr gig through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Optimize your tags.
  6. Be unique. Do gigs in very creative ways.
  7. Add bonuses on your gig until you get regular customers or at least one customer everyday.
  8. Have many gigs. This is an important one because if only one of your gigs get buyers, they will surely visit your other gigs.
  9. If you are already having buyers, always deliver on time and give what you have promised or said in the gig`s description.
  10. Post your gig`s link to forums or blogs.

Fiverr is a great way to make money online but do not rely on it too much. You need to have a Plan B. You can go to other sites like it or find other ways of making money online or offline. You will never know when Fiverr will become unstable.