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Update Your LinkedIn Profile and See Traffic Improve on Your Blog

Whether it is about selling, buying, or looking for some kind of employment online, whatever it is, one thing is certain, that we are all looking for organic traffic to find us, our sites, blogs, and get people to use our products and services.

We use all sorts of vehicles to market ourselves; our blogs; websites; and forums. Most of us start with organically optimizing our sites to DIY marketing campaigns, to hiring people to do it for us; to creating and putting up videos, to undertaking paid ad campaigns. In short, we leave no stone unturned to enjoy our share of sun. I forgot to mention the social media amidst all this chaos, that’s one big noise we don’t forget being part of.

There is so much noise out there, so much competition, and so little time to keep up with everything. As we know the rules of the game on the net keep on changing; and we are expected to keep up with and apply only what’s latest and what will work.

Amidst this `new, updated, current’ chanting we conveniently forget about the old classic evergreen methods and boards. One such platform is LinkedIn. How many of us seriously think about exploring the possibilities that may be lying hidden over there? Not that we are not aware that its one place that means business and serious networking.

I happened to find LinkedIn results in my searches a few months ago and since then I have been after the medium; observing it from every possible angle; from far and near. Its awesome and has grown over the years; and when I say grown I don’t mean number of users; I mean the kind of content that I am finding on it was not there until a few years ago; the kind of conversation and discussions that are happening over there have to be seen to be believed.

The big question is if so many people are out there sharing their needs and expertise so honestly and openly why can’t we identify our costumers and direct them to our site? Yes we can, provided we do not take LinkedIn lightly and accept that it works.

I am sure most of us reading this page have an account in LinkedIn where half-heartedly crafted resume may be lying unattended for a while. This shows how serious we are about the medium. However it’s never too late for a positive change. Rectifying a mistake takes very little time, its only realisation that takes long to arrive.

Anyway so here we are fixing the flaws – first of all re-work on your resume and make it sound and read better; you should feel good about yourself after reading it.

Once you are done with it, start networking with the right kind of people. On the side start becoming part of relevant groups. You should also make it a habit of updating your account and status frequently.

If you are feeling in control you should also start your own target group. This is a critical step that helps you build a network of people within the platform. You can find innovating ways to network with people and add new, plus keep in touch with everyone by sending them helpful links regularly.

This gives an impression that you are an active professional on a look out for and sharing interesting stuff. Even if people don’t read everything you send they will know who you are; make sure you project a no-nonsense image and send only relevant high quality stuff.

In your profile when it comes to mentioning our site or blog always use an optimized text for it; it’s better than going generic and therefore bland or repetitive. If its call to action anchors text it should read well and sound compelling. Its called customizing your links. Don’t forget to add blog plug-in to your profile which will help your latest articles or additions to show on them. This link will give one more reason for people in your group to visit your site or blog.

God knows for how long and since when you might be ignoring LinkedIn, please wake up and do something about it and see how things change for you. I have got my biggest connections and most authentic business projects via LinkedIn.

People who approached me by seeing my profile on LinkedIn were so focused on getting their work done, that there was hardly any exchange of communication required on either of our parts. Even when my profile was imperfect people approached me, and when several of them in a row did it got me thinking and I went all out to explore the platform. It’s a great way to build your profile, business, confidence, and reputation.

Creating Videos that Work and Impact Visitors Mind

 Are You Creating Your Videos Right?

Videos have become an integral part of the new generation internet marketing strategy. They not only help to draw more visitors to the blog or site; but also help to hold them; in this post we will learn to play the game right.

Why Some Videos Work & Others Don’t: Because people behind them may not be focused; may not know how to make an effective video; or may be casual about it and doing it just because they see hundred others around doing it, and not looking at it as their business requirement and something that can bring them traffic and conversions. Their intentions and objectives may be all wrong and out of place.

First thing to consider if you want to start right, then consider hiring professionals to make videos for you; including hiring a Voice Over artists’ services. Final product should be a technically sound video that succeeds in getting the message across effectively and clearly.

Being on the net for long and having applied `tried and tested’ as well as `out of the box’ techniques to promote my own and my client’s businesses online, I have known one thing – the real skill lies in making the technique work in the mind of our costumer. Techniques if you ask me are mere skills that can be acquired by any willing learner. To turn these techniques into magic you got to be a little more understanding of your client’s needs.

Let us simplify it a little more; let us take our core discussion forward; videos as we know are an important internet marketing tool.

Now, there are two elements that go into making of a video which make the final product that will finally bring traffic to your blog – first aspect is technically putting together of the video, which includes mixing voiceover, visuals and scripts with the help of a software; second is getting inside the mind of your potential client with the help of message and hitting it to make an impact.

While first aspect involves techniques, software, and skills; second aspect is about understanding human mind and its need, and thereby creating a video that will make the costumer stop and take notice; listen; and consider visiting the site post watching it.

If you understand this – you can’t Not Succeed. While technique is the job of person who will create the Video, we will discuss about second aspect, how to create a message that is effective and makes a mark in the psyche of its target audience.

Step –I Understand needs and problems of your client: When you create a video for your blog/ product, know what your client is looking for; what problems is he facing; and based on it, offer solutions.

Step – II Pay More Attention to Scripts: While you create Video, pay more attention to the script than visuals. When someone plays the video he/she is paying more attention to the script, visuals are hardly important. This means nothing works like a good script.

You are Best Person to Create a Rough Draft of Script: Don’t accept script that video people have crafted for you. Understand that it’s your business and nobody understands it better than you do. Offer to work on script yourself. Professionals can fine-tune and optimize script later.

Understand Problems of Your Client: If you want to write the script yourself but feel lost, do the following: get answers to these questions from your clients: what’s missing on the page; why wouldn’t they place a purchase order; are they worried about the product in anyway; are they sceptical or confused? If yes, over what; and finally, how can you help? Answers will give you an insight into why costumer is hesitant to buy.

Start Developing Script: Now start developing the script, ensuring customer’s problems are addressed and resolved. The script need not take beyond 2 minutes of visitor’s time. Three is the outer limit.

Opening Slide: Your opening slide as a rule should speak about what your company is about; then subtly start discussing problems an inconveniences that client faces, and tell them how your product can help them to overcome them and how people using it already are benefiting from it.

Language and Tone: Use the same language and refer to the same phrases in your script that people did while conveying their problems to you; tell them this is why you created the product. This will help you to strike a rapport with them; they will identify with you instantly.

Highlight Features of your product; tell them to buy or sign up, assuring them that you will be around if they need help and aren’t one of those fly-by-night guys.

Invite Discussions & Present Happy Users of Product: Invite them to discuss further if they so desire. To end the script use testimonials, proof that people are using it and think it’s a product worth its salt, pain, and price.

Now you understand why I think that video guys’ job is technique oriented? They may very well know how to put things to together; however they may not understand your business or clients or their problems like you do. They will never be able to write a script like you can, they will never be able to talk to people and get insight like you can; plus they may not be willing to give the time that you can as its your business.

So while you hire the firm to make video for you tell them you’d like to help and won’t interfering with their work. Create a video that will work its way through people’s psyche. Something that people can relate to or identify with, and see how it makes your business rock.

If you will make a Video following the above rule, it is bound to work.

How to Promote Your Business with

Little business proprietors often protest against the old method of marketing cannot work any longer (that might or may not be very true) as well as presently there are no latest cost-effective methods to bring people to their shops as well as web sites.

This is totally non-sense. They have never been less costly or better to generate visitors to your own store location or even online property and this particular is actually the proof.

There is a web site known as (I’m not associated by any means with it) which allows regular folks much like me to publish reviews for organizations – from classic shops to zoos as well as almost everything in between.

So if I have already been to ones business I can easily log in to my Yelp account along with looking at it regarding everyone to view it (within the last one fourth of 2011 66 million individuals have visited Yelp).

I do not have to question you for agreement to create about your organization and when I will be unsatisfied with it I’ll allow the entire world be aware of it.

The contrary is additionally correct – if I am pleased as well as individuals that are wondering whether or not to patronize your organization or otherwise read my good review probabilities are they will need to invest their cash with you.

Do you observe how effective it is? It’s just like a megaphone – one individual can construct or ruin your status in some minutes.

How it is feasible?

Google really likes Yelp and when you input a business name within the search engine you will observe together with the title as well as address of one’s business reviews along with positioning a few of them extracted from Yelp.

If I will be searching for a pizza restaurant close to where I do the job because it’s the afternoon meal time as well as I am hungry I’ll be shown five-six places with various ratings. I’ll undoubtedly visit the one with the majority of positive ratings and will not even worry to take a look at normally the one with unfavorable reviews along with low ratings.

Yelp includes a cellular phone application that can be down loaded for free of charge. If I am within an location I’m not sure I want to start the application and also it may display me various business near exactly where I ‘m, dependent on exactly what I am searching for.

Or I could look up the actual name of the cafe I am going to eat and also observe what individuals point out about it. Depending on that I could make a decision in a moment it or not I need to patronize this particular spot.

I am discussing primarily regarding eating places but at one can read opinions as well as review oneself any sort of business.

It seems like business masters tend to be at a mercy of their own clients right now as well as they may be right… somewhat.

Partially because rather of just looking at what their own clients write about them these people can positively take part in the dialog.

The first stage is to declare their listing

If you might be a small business operator you will need to visit to as well as click the red-colored option that states Generate Ones Free Account Right now.

The upcoming step is usually to type in the title of your business as well as claim it (one need to generate an account). And then you can communicate with individuals who have analyzed your business.

Say, the vast majority of reviews tend to be negative. Rather of getting protective you might use the suggestions to generate a service or product which people would really like.

And then one can request them again to ones store or even a practice to observe the change regarding them.

When the reviews for your own business are mainly good you could still get in touch with the people who have analyzed it and also give all of them a motivation to come back again as well as bring their own friends along with them.

Give them offer that nobody can get, a great offer they cannot refuse. Whenever they check out ones business asked all of them to write at Yelp regarding their knowledge.

Then their close friends will observe it and also may decide to pay out you a visit too. At a single point it may turn out to be an avalanche which you cannot stop.

So do not waste a moment – visit and also create an account regarding your company.

How Can Infographics Drive Traffic to a Blog?

Info-graphics represent text data in picture or image format. In other words when a message or words are transformed and presented into images, the result is an info-graphic. Well made infographics have the power to beat words. Infographics facilitate understanding; in the sense that sometimes what prose cannot explain with lengthy words; & delving into deep details, a simple info-graphic can – in a matter of minutes! Such is its influence.

These infographics are nothing new; they have always been around and have also always worked. Let me share with you what I feel as to how the process might have evolved.

Infographics Story

As kids we were shown pictures by our parents, teachers etc to visualise or simplify understanding of concepts, then as we grew up a little more we started drawing, then we saw and read them as diagrams; then those of us who went on to study further and earn professional degrees called them by various other names like charts, tables; maps; then as we started working we developed presentations which had texts as well as images; most of them highly support by these infographics.

And then, those amongst us who chose to work on the net and lead the way for others, were the ones who introduced the concept of presenting information in graphic format, and thus promoting the phrase, ‘infographics’.

How Infographics Evolved?

First the net and web was mostly about text. Initially we owned and managed websites and it was mostly about text matter, headlines, footers etc; then slowly we started adding picture files; they were mere visual reliefs in the form of book covers, picture of product we were selling, logos and so on. Then when optimization influenced the search we started optimizing these pictures along with optimizing web text. The final objective was to compile and make as clear & complete information as possible.

Then in due course came blogs, forums, and with that search engines also evolve, trying as hard as they possibly could; to get as close to what real and organic searchers and surfers were looking for.

The aim was to offer exact answers and solutions for searches being done by people on the net. Initially information or solution comprised text alone; then some smart and perceptive people started compiling information that had charts and diagrams along with text for better understanding of the reader. These images used were called infographics.

People, i.e. searchers also took to it very well. They appreciated the web pages or blog posts which had infographics along with text, as compared to web pages and post that had only text for various reasons.

How do Info-graphics Help Blogs?

Before they help blogs, they have t help readers. And that’s what they do. Infographics make it easy for surfers to understand things; to decipher information more clearly, compared to reading through and understanding a complex sentence or concept. Visuals, as we know have been known to simplify the process of understanding; & this has worked on the net too.

Besides helping reader to understand the concept or message in the right sense, infographics save time; the chances of clear understanding of underlying concept or motive are better. Because of all this people like to hold on to such posts for longer than `text only’ posts. Also it has been observed that people recommend and re-visit posts that have info-graphics more frequently.

How Infographics Add Spider-Value to a Blog Post

When people hold on to any post for a longer duration the modern and evolved spider considers it a good sign; and leans in favour of such posts. The time people spend on a blog post is directly proportional to the usefulness of the post.

How Does Info-graphic Influence Marketing Aspect of Blog?

Infographics’ favourable relevance helps the blog-post to get pulled up by SE, and as a result of this it starts getting found by people; and when these people decide to hold on to the post, email to friends, decide to share it via social networking platform etc its credibility and value improves, its reach improves, thus helping the post get marketed better.

Info-graphics make it all possible and worthwhile. Blog owners like to link to and publish posts by others on their own blogs that use infographics. Info graphics make the whole experience of understanding something very interesting. Do you understand what does all this add to? Better marketing of the blog; more people read your post, more people visit your blog and so on.


The above explanation gives us a good idea about how wonderful this option is and how it can be put to good use and how it helps to market our blog post and blog itself better. An info-graphic can create stir, a certain kind of buzz around the post. As a result of this so much happens over a post that has used the power of info-graphics well. People spend more time reading such posts; they share it with friends on social networking sites, people are known to bookmark such posts for future reference; link to such posts from their own blog; forward and email them; and so much more.

Spider is watching

All this improves their reach and spider notices all these activities that are happening over a post. And in turn helps to reach the site far and wide. Improve eyeballs, footfalls – however you want to say it, I want to say one thing Long Live Infographics. Three cheers to you!

Last Google Algorithm Update Is About Maintaining Content Freshness

Google in its constant endeavour to come up with something new and innovative; with a single and ultimate objective of improving experience of its user, has added one more feature to its cap; about which I am certain that if you understand and learn to utilize it, it will be of great benefit to your credentials, blog, business; or whatever that you are trying to promote online.

What’s the Point?

According to the most recent change in the ranking algorithm and the new rule of content freshness, the user while searching for information should get to see the freshest information on the topic.

Freshness Vs. Relevance

However, the above rule also comes with a flipside; it is highly likely that the freshest content that Google manages to index & present before the user may not be the best piece of information about the topic available online, so what if it is latest one and has been added just an hour ago? For all you know what was written ten weeks ago is by far still the most detailed and authoritative post on the subject, then where does the user land up? And the blog; and the spider; and its algorithm?

Fresh Content Strategy works at some places, not at others:

Let’s look at it this way, as long as cricket score or election results are concerned, latest or freshest content does make a lot of sense, but what about content revolving around history and recipes? Do you think they are likely to change over time? Publishing a piece on historical fact or a recipe that has received huge attention of people deserves to go out of running only because it’s been online for a while? Is that really a good enough reason? Certainly not, so what’s the next best thing to do, so as to retain the position.

How to Ensure Google Indexes Your Content For its Freshness Regularly:

In this post we will discuss ways to keep your old-yet-important content looking fresh; and running in the main lane; enjoying attention of people it is targeted at. Let’s look at various ways to do it.

Create and Publish New Pages From Time to Time

The first method to maintain freshness of content is by adding new pages to the blog. You can work on a content strategy and stick to it. You can either decide to publish blog posts once a month or week or do it on an everyday basis. It has been seen that the more posts you create and publish the more traffic you eventually drive to your blog; the more spider will get used to indexing your site; but MORE should never be achieved at the cost of quality.

However if you can manage to develop informative and good quality posts every few days, say thrice a week, then spider will also start considering you on authority on the subject and will value your author profile. When you are creating the kind of posts spider is valuing you for, don’t forget to tweak your profile too.

More Need Not Start Looking Mediocre

More should not turn out mediocre in the end. Unless what you have written and presented is interesting by way of presentation as well as information, it will fail to hold reader and unless it achieves that, spider will not give you extra marks. Also, take care of loading time of your site/blog; because high bounce rate is bad for your blog.

Sometimes it also happens that people cannot spare so much time to create long fresh posts every few days; which experts think is a matter of getting used to and level of dedication you have for promoting your blog. At such a juncture you should consider hiring guest writers who will add new and fresh content to your blog on a regular basis. Likewise you can also encourage avenues for comments on your posts, you should read up information on how to write posts that can trigger high rate of response. Comments also add to fresh content quotient.

Tweak Old Post to Create Genuine Newness by Updating:

Some people also tweak each and every post they have created in the previous year in this year; this helps them to add the latest information to the old post, so it becomes an updated post and the post also gets new content and when spider visits the page if finds something new to add to its cache. This is also not a bad idea but for now long can you re-work on old posts; at some point of time you will have to create fresh posts that you can tweak later, right? So strike a balance, and before that, sit up and think.

Interlinking and Fine-tuning Landing Pages

You should also consider interlinking pages of your own blog; while doing this you can change your landing page a little bit here and there when you are linking it with fresh content page that you have recently created. You should also ensure that your home page changes everyday; if it’s a blog that’s not going to be an issue because your fresh posts will appear on home page and old posts will become part of inside pages. Also change hub pages as often as you can and should.

Identify Pages that Look Less Important from Spider’s Point of View and Work on Them:

Another thing that bloggers can do to add fresh content is pick out pages of your blog that are less important, meaning those pages that get less visitors and are not indexed so regularly by spiders; now make substantial changes to these pages to wake up spiders to look at the refreshed page all over afresh. This makes a huge difference to the traffic of blog; especially compared to spending time over those pages that are doing pretty okay; the secret lies in picking up those odd pages that are lying low and start work on them.

Do Everything in Your Power to Hold Your Visitor

I have already mentioned in somewhere in the post that I’d like to take further; about visitors spending time on your blog; well do as much as you can to ensure you give them enough reasons to help them stay; it may take visual reliefs, i.e. images; optimized videos; good layout of content, i.e. considering dividing and categorising content; or drawing visitor’s attention thru an attention grabbing headline; compelling copy; info-graphics; Facebook plug-ins, and so on.

Link to Other Blogs Without Feeling Insecure; Instead Learn to Feel Confidence Of Your Own Blog:

As always most important tip saved for the road, while creating and publishing content never be hesitant to link to another blog to explain something. Don’t feel insecure and consider sending the visitor away by doing it; on the contrary by doing this you are giving him a feeling that if he stays with you, you will introduce him to many more such sites and topics written by authorities.

Use Social Media at Its Best

Not many people know that social media can not only be entertaining but beneficial as well. On the top of the music sharing, there are many people interested in valuable information and a brand can be built on the internet using social media sites. It is however, true that many marketers abuse and misuse these platforms, but some others get them right and benefit from the free exposure for free. The below introduction is provided for people just starting with online promotion through social media and would like to increase their online visibility.


Facebook pages can become popular and creating one of them is simple. Creating a page is the first step, but if the page is not integrated in the site, it is not worth much. The point of having a business page on the site is to improve communication with potential customers and allow them to sign up through the site. There are many tutorials published online, even on the Facebook Developers Page. There are three different options: build apps, build for mobile and build for websites. There is a simple code that can be inserted in the site to allow users to log in with their Facebook account and Like Button code to be placed in the sidebar. There is also a HTML resource center for webmasters to help them customize the features offered by the site.


The social media site Twitter is not only the playground of celebrities and teenagers. It offers great business solutions and the simple search facilities within the site. Some authors say that a business must have a Twitter account for social media success. There are some simple steps to follow when signing up as a business, though. Selecting the username has more importance than some people would think. It either needs to be the name of the business, if it is an established brand or a keyword rich name. Likewise, the description of the profile needs to have the main keywords in it, in order to allow other users to find it. Next, it is also important to pay attention to the design of the page. There are some default themes on Twitter to choose from, but a custom background with the logo can also be designed. The guideline with Twitter (just like every other social media site) is that content posted needs to be relevant and over-promotion needs to be avoided.


MySpace is not dead, despite the fact that some people have written it down. It still has many new members every day, and it is extremely easy to advertise using videos or other content. The best thing is that it allows users to provide business information and even URL-s in the profile and their posts, too. The “About Me” section should be used to provide an overview of the company and its services, while the “Who do I want to meet” should describe potential customers. The interests provided should be relevant to the profile of the business. One of the most powerful features of MySpace is still the blog section, and if enough people follow the posts, it can be made popular and attract new customers through the sharing features of the site. The business page layout should also feature the company logo and slogan.


LinkedIn is considered to be one of the most professional-oriented social media sites on the internet. It is very simple to create a company profile, set up users and employees, post jobs and brag about achievements. Networking is easy, and finding people or associates in the same business area is made simple by the site. A showcase of services or products can also be published, and there are several detailed tutorials published at to help people with the process.

How to Design a Travel Website

Believing it or not, the design of any website (no matter its subject) will have a direct impact in the way visitors perceive the website and what they think about it. What is the first thing a visitor will see as soon as he enters your website? Exactly, he sees the images, the background, the photos, in other words, he sees the design of the website. When you meet someone the first impression that person caused in you will be very important and the same happens with websites. The first impression that your website causes in the visitors will be very important and the unique tool that you have to cause a good impression with your website is the website’s design. A good design has the power to keep the visitor interested in the website from the first glace; and when the visitor is interested he will take some time to read the content.

Naturally, the content is very important but the design will be essential, a good design will invite visitors to read the content; a bad design will do the opposite. Let’s pick an example so you can have a better insight about all the importance of a website’s design. Imagine Facebook, YouTube and other famous websites with a poor design. Who would visit them? With lack of design, all these websites will become uninteresting. Wouldn’t they? Of course they would, their visitor’s rates will decrease at an alarming speed. More and more people who want to have an online presence are becoming aware of the vital importance of website’s design and how that can help them.

Here are some tips of website design related to a travel’s website.

  • What is your objective?

The first thing you must do in this case is asking yourself about what your objective is, providing information about places to travel, open an online travel agency, etc. These are the sort of problems you must ask yourself. After your objective is fully planned you can build the content and then you will move to the design.

  • Choosing The Theme

At this point you already have all the content ready, it is time to select a theme for your website. In this particular example you want to open a website about different places to travel; it is imperative that your selection is related to the content and the main purpose of your website. Give preference to light colors (blue, yellow, green) it is not advisable to use dark colors for a travel website (remember, you are not building a website about funeral services).

  • Photos

The photos you are going to use in your website are very important; there is no need to say that the photos must be related to the topic of your website. You can use photos of key monuments that are well-known by most of the visitors or you can use appealing photos of magnificent places. The main purpose of the photos is complementing the content.

  • Videos

Static images can be very beautiful but videos are much more interesting because they have movement and they can give the visitor a better insight of the place. You can post videos about hotels, places to visit, tours, etc. If the videos are made by you it will be a plus; anyway you can edit the videos to assure a better quality and assure that visitors do not get bored; avoid by all means long videos (less than 5 minutes are more than enough).

  • Intro

The intro for your website can be a video, a gif or an animation; what really matters in your intro is presenting the users with a brief summary of what they will be able to see in the website. Make sure your intro is attractive and interesting, make sure your intro is made with the top quality and explains the visitor the reason your website is there. Add your personal touch to your intro, dedicate the necessary time to turn you intro extremely effective and you can be sure it will attract more and more visits to your website.

  • Trigger Images

These images have the objective to trigger interest on your visitors; it can be multiple images all in one unique .gif image; the images must be very beautiful, attractive and trigger the desire to travel in your visitors.

  • Widgets

Widgets (if well selected) can be a great extra that you might want to add to your website; they can improve your website’s design, provide useful information and give your website a more professional look. Be very careful when you are selecting widgets, make sure they are useful, make sure they are related to your website topic, make sure they complement your website and make sure they are well-designed. Many webmasters tend to put widgets all over the website and that is not the right way to act; two or three widgets are enough, it is your website, not the Widget’s website.

  • Organize

Keep your page organized; all the images must be ordered, everything must be in its correct place; bad organization can transmit lack of professionalism to your visitors. Make sure your website looks perfectly organized.

  • Text!

When talking about website design, most people think about images, videos, photos, colors, backgrounds but a good website design will involve the text too. Most of your content will be expressed by text, make sure it is not difficult to read, make sure the text has the proper paragraph structuration; make sure all the text has the same font type and the same font size (naturally titles may have a bigger font but never a different font). By doing this the text will contribute for a more professional and cleaner design.

These tips about how to create a travel-related website design can be used to create other websites with different topics you just have to apply this knowledge to your topic. Now you are perfectly aware of all the power of an excellent design. You can now design your website whenever you want.

How to Do Internet Programming with SocketWrench .NET

Talking about Internet programming, firstly we have to know that what Internet Programming is. So, here is some introduction to Internet Programming. All the devices and the application that works on internet communicate in one language Transmission Control Protocol or Internet protocol. As a developer, if you want to add internet functionality in your own made software then you should have a good knowledge of TCP and IP. SocketWrench is a general purpose component of TCP/IP which is regularly used. It is also the part of collection of large components of socket tool family. Socket tools help us in many interesting things like uploading files, sending emails, downloading files etc. At the same place, SocketWrenck makes its own custom client and server application. Socket tools then works and enables high level internet functionality in your software. Thus, it helps in simplifying application development. The best part of SocketWrench is that it does all this in very less number of lines of codes.

Protocol Standards

If we are talking about the Internet Programming, then the protocols establishes a “Rule of the Road” which is followed by each and every system in the network, so that all can communicate between each other without having any problem. Talking about the protocols, generally there are two kinds of protocols. First one is which consist of networking protocols. It deals with how two or more computers system communicates with each other. These are also known as lower level protocols. For example, of network protocols are TCP and UDP. The second one deal with how these application exchanges information and how does it perform certain task. These are known as higher level protocols such as HTTP and FTP. Most of the Internet protocols including which we discussed before are printed in a technical document named Request of Comments (RFCs).

The Transmission control Protocol (TCP)

If two computers exchange information on a network there are several components that are actually been placed before the data or information can actually been exchanged. There should be a network interface card (NIC) and a communication port, which is used in dial up networking connections. Apart from these physical connections, there are some protocols that define the parameters on which the whole process takes place. The most widely used protocol today is TCP/IP. The IP of a system looks something like Some part of this address is used to find the network in which the particular system is and also the other systems.

The exchange of information is done mostly in a three way hand shake. This is done between client and a server. The client is totally responsible for initializing the connection between both. The first step is that the client sends a synchronization packet to server. This Packet contains the sequence number of client. In the next step the server sends an acknowledgement and synchronization packet. This packet also contains a sequence number in return. Finally in the third step the client sends the final acknowledgement to the server establishing the connection between the two. Once the connection is been set the transfer of information between both of them can be done easily.

The user Datagram Protocol

Unlike TCP it does not need to setup a connection with any other program in order to exchange information. In User Datagram Protocol data is actually exchanged in discrete units, which are called datagram. UDP is sometimes unreliable protocol because in UDP you done have any way out to find out whether the datagram is arrived to its destination or not. The only fields where UDP have an upper hand over TCP are speed and packet overhead. TCP is reliable in common use but UDP should be the first choice when it comes to fast transmission. For Example UDP is used in audio and video streaming.


When the exchange of information and data transfer takes places it have several important places to inform in the path. The first place is IP address of the remote host. This address is expressed in numerical value in dot notations or by logical name called hostname. These hostnames are separated in several pieces according to their time period, called domain. It is a hierarchical structure in which a top domain sets up the organization to which the whole network belongs. The sub domain does the specific work.

Client Server application

As mentioned previously, TCP works on a client server model. It means that when two programs exchange data, one of them should assume the role of client and other one should assume itself as server. In this case, the client performs the initialization of connection to server which is called active opens. Whereas, the server application listens to the incoming call which is called passive open. By accepting the connection they create a virtual circuit, which logically does the task of data transfer and exchange of in formations. When the server no longer wishes to respond the connection, it closes the passive socket.

Debugging Application

One of the major problem that almost every developer faces is that it been distributed to end users. It is also difficult to track down errors because of the presence of so many variables. To deal with such difficulties the SocketWrench discovered a solution. They have made the ability to log the Window Socket API function Calls. Loggings up of Window Socket API function call basically have three properties in it. Trace, Trace file and Trace Flags. The Trace property simply enables or disables the function tracing feature. The Trace File keeps the specific trace log file in which the function and its parameters are written. Trace Flags deals with what kind of logging will be performed by the controls.

This is how the Internet Programming works with SocketWrench .NET. All the mentioned protocols are really the most important part in setting up of the network. Not following any of the protocol can result in many kinds of disturbance like improper exchange of information in the network.

How to Ensure What You’ve Created is a Perfect Guest Post

To create a guest post that will click with the audience and get read and forwarded, the first thing you have to keep in mind is to have a content strategy in place. You have to set special time aside for it. Writing guest post is no child’s play and on the top of it you have you blogs to keep up with, write, market etc; it’s all too much.

There are two ways to go about working your way through guest posts; identify a few high traffic blogs and write for them on a regular basis; the outcome of this strategy will be slow and steady to come by.

Or you can adopt another strategy; you can openly invite people via forums and social networking sites to approach you, and they will get an all original 100% unique blog post that they can freely use on their blog. You will be surprised at the number of people who will respond to you, as everyone out there is looking for quality content.

This is why content strategy is very crucial; but not let the phrase allow you to develop cold feet. Let me tell you that building a content strategy is not as complicated as it is made to sound sometimes. In simple language it means the following:

Language should be easy to understand, even when you are writing about an advanced, complex topic: Learn to make your guest posts easy to understand and follow. A good guest post will be simple to read and understand; simple composition of sentences; sans any exaggeration.

Remember the strategies you are trying to explain via your guest post may be complex and advanced but don’t add to the trial of the reader by making it even more complicated by using difficult language, difficult words and phrases, extra long sentences and so on.

Interlink often to put the reader at ease:While writing a complex or advanced post; do facilitate information by interlinking your post with other links on your own blog or elsewhere to help readers understanding meaning of important phrases & concepts that you have referred to in your post. Readers feel greatly relieved and relaxed when they know that for a better understanding, help is available in the same article.

Create environment for conversation: While reading guest post the reader should be pulled into a conversation and he should feel like contributing; you should ask questions in the guest post that will make the reader think. It’s a great way to take him into the fold and develop a connection.

Try to project your image as that of an authority in the field: At the same time reader who is going through your post should get an impression that you are an authority in the subject and can help him developing a solution to the problems he might be facing in his work.

If you can generate this feeling or comfort level for your reader, forward is the only way for you. Then next, make the most of the headline tag to create an impact and connect.

Byline Basics: When you write a guest post your byline should not go beyond who you are, what you do, how you can help, & what is the reader suppose / expected to do to be advantaged.

Landing Page Basics: The landing page you create for the Guest Post link should extend the same information in more detail that the guest was reading and trying to benefit from in the guest article. Suppose the guest post is about editing, the landing page link should talk about something related with editing and not designing website or SEM etc.

Assuming that as the reader is going through your guest post, lands on your web page, then the information regarding `what’s the action expected of him so that you can help’ should be included in the first fold without aggression. Apart from an aspiring headline and copy that clicks with the audience, an optimized video is also advised.

No asking too Much Info: Remember if you’d ask for too much information about the client you will put him off. Since this is the first time client will use your services, it should not be at the cost of his time or too much attention span, too much giving away of info and so on…

Let Your Blog Look Good: A good design is a good design is a good design; period. Nothing can replace it. How much ever we may all think content is the king, kith, and kin; or that content sells; content holds reader to the blog; content, content, content; but try putting up the same content in a mediocre font, on a shabbily made blog and let me see how many visitors hold on to it? That’s the power of a well designed blog.

Your Landing Page Should reflect your Social Standing on the Net: Another important thing is when reader reaches your landing page; he should see enough proof on that page that you are a socially accepted writer and authority. This means let the landing page have details like newsletter subscriber data, testimonials of your clients, and your followers on social media and so on. This gives the reader a feeling that he is associating himself with the right person.

Do Not Give Up: The last advice is go on creating guest posts, some will click with the audience, some will draw flak, some will be rejected, but go on testing your skills until you see one of it going viral. And when it does, celebrate! It’s no mean feat. Even if it gets read and people take time out to react, it’s a great achievement. But don’t stop trying. That’s the key.

How to Ensure High Traffic Blogs Accept & Publish Your Guest Post

Enough has been written about the impact a guest post can create on traffic of blog. Also enough has been written about how to write one. Guest posting, if done rightly, can add terrific value to your product, profile, website, blog etc.

People, who are writing guest posts, do a great job by creating a real good post with information; but the practical problem for them is that they do not know how to get it published on right kind of high traffic blog in their niche. Their approach is flat, their mail requesting the owner of blog to allow them to send a guest post, goes un noticed & what not..

However these bloggers do know that it’s the most definite way to drive traffic to a blog, create buzz, and a thing that can add credibility to his/her profile. And also that such an impact can be achieved by creating a guest post that can click with the audience; but as they get there they realize that having it published on a popular blog is an uphill task, & is not as simple as it is made to sound. It’s a battle in the waiting that needs to be fought; this is AFTER creating a super quality post. Imagine!

Creating a high impact guest post is a work of patience, dedication, focus and a lot of hard work; where to publish them is yet another. In this article we are going to explore various possibilities that can help you get your guest post published.

Finding high traffic blogs in your niche may not be difficult, but to find and strike `a connect’ with the blog owners is where lies the key to success. And this is a point where most aspiring guest post writers get stuck.

Well, let’s start then. The best way to do it is, connect with these blog owners via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

All these platforms offer unique avenues that can help you strike rapport with people you like, to get there, you have to first familiarize yourself with these networks and then work your way through it. If you can get a hang of how they can be put to work, they are a real blessing.

(i) When it comes to striking a connection with a twitter user you are interested in, tweet his work, and while doing it use his Twitter handle so that he knows what you are up to.

(ii) From there head straight to his/her blog and post a comment worth its salt; something sensible, reflecting the depth of knowledge you possess, without making it sound overbearing.

(iii) Another very unique, effective, and natural way to get attention of the blogger is to have you introduced by a person who is already a guest blogger with him/her. If this clicks, it will help you get closer to your goals much quicker.

But to get here you will be required to take one step more, you will have to take effort to get to know the guest blogger; who will introduce you to the main blog owner where he has got guest post published, you can also take tips on how he does it or struck it with them.

Remember, the things he will share (if he does) are going to be golden nuggets – they will be most unique, and practical insights that the guest blogger would have learnt from experience and something he may never consider writing about; which means no amount of reading online can teach you the things you can extract from people who’ve done it all. So double benefit there if you are lucky. The guest blogger helps you with an introduction as well as suggestions. Great!

(iv) Another option that will not let you down is if you can meet the blog owners personally; and if you happen to get that opportunity, go ahead and strike a conversation, attend their seminar, attend their talk show, try to bring up a discussion that will interest him without making it sound like flattery. Everyone likes being appreciated but guys who have advanced in their careers and are on their way will draw genuine appreciation from flattery. So be careful but take chance.

Once you achieve this handle it gracefully. Don’t let him down; neither the blog owner who has agreed to publish your post, nor the guy who introduced you. Keep your promise, be of help, and act upon your commitment if any. These are relationships you have to nurture forever; and that needs efforts.