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How to Sell Photos Online

If you are among those who love photography, then you can make money through it too. Digital photography has made it too easy. You can take tens of shots every day without spending a single cent.

To take and sell photos online you do not have to be a professional photographer. All you need is a good digital camera which can be bought for less than $1000 these days, and some energy and talent. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a professional and expensive digital camera.

Another good news is that everybody can sell photos online and there is no limit. If you can take photos, you can sell them online, no matter how old you are, how much experience you have and what your background is.

There are two general ways to sell photos online:

1. You can create your own website, upload your photos and sell them. This is a little technical and you should be able to register a domain, buy a hosting and create and design a website. If you don’t know how to design a website, you have to pay for it which is somehow a little expensive. However, if you use the free and open source programs like WordPress, you can create a website within minutes. You can buy a proper WordPress theme for your WordPress blog for less than $100, or use a free photo gallery theme. You will need some plugins to make Your WordPress photo gallery work. All of these tools can be downloaded for free. However, you still need some experiences in setting up and running all of these, otherwise you will have to pay someone to do it for you.

These are the things that you have to do to run your photography site:

  1. Register a domain and buy a web hosting:
  2.  Download WordPress:
  3. Google for a proper WordPress photo gallery theme: Click Here
  4. Install the WordPress and theme on your site.
  5. Equip your site with a proper online shopping system. This also can be done using the WordPress plugins that are available to download.
  6. Upload your photos and start selling them.

As you see it is not easy for someone who doesn’t have enough skill and experience to run such a website. But if you know how to do it and you are skilled enough in it, it is strongly recommended to do it and have your own website to sell your photos.

You can SEO optimize the photos and image files and receive free traffic from the search engines. That is a big help to promote and sell your photos.

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2. Even if you want to sell your photos through your own website and you are able to run, manage and promote such a website, still you have to join the websites that work as the portals that photographers join, upload and sell their photos. These websites usually have a lot of traffic which helps you sell your photos without spending any money. iStockPhoto is almost the most famous one. Just take a look and see how the photos are listed there and how people can join and download them:

If you like to sell your photos, you have to sign up for an account with  iStockPhoto and publish your photos as a contributor. First you will have to take a small online course and pass the test. Then you will have to upload 3 of your photos. If approved, you can start publishing and sharing your photos.

You may ask how much money you can make selling your photos at iStockPhoto. That is a good question. They say each download is about $2 in average. Therefore, if you generate 2000 downloads per month, you can make $2000. You have to publish thousands of photos in order to make a substantial amount of money every month. Again, they say each photo can make about 50 to 75 cents per month in average. It means if you publish 1000 photos on iStockPhoto, you will make $500-750 per month. Of course this is just in average. Depend on the subject and quality of your photos, you can make much more or less than this.

In addition to iStockPhoto, there are so many other stock photography websites. You can publish your photos with them too and make more money.

Are you ready to start working? Just take action and start 🙂