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Get Ready to Work Hard When You Want to Run an Online Business

Running an online business is not something too complicated or mysterious. There are so many things you can do online. This door has never been closed to those who want to have an online business and a work at home job. In spite of this, why there are so many who love to run an online business, but they have not done it yet? Or why so many others start an online business, but they never make any money, they give up and stop working? Is it because there is no enough information over the Internet about running an online business, or the problem is something else?

The problem is that most people don’t have enough courage to start something new, or if they do, they don’t have enough enthusiasm and will to keep on working and take it off of the ground. That is the problem.

They either don’t dare to start, or if they do, they don’t keep on working. So the business will not get anywhere at all.

In any business, the first and most important thing is the hard-working it needs, at least for the beginning. A new website has no traffic, because nobody knows it, and it is not indexed and ranked by any search engine. It is you who have to work to introduce it to people. You have to optimize it and develop its link popularity, so that it receives traffic from the search engines. If you leave it, it will never get any traffic. Nobody will subscribe for your mailing list, nobody clicks on the links, and so you will make no money.

So if you are serious to run an online business, then you have to get ready to spend some time on it to make it work.

The first step is that you read the below article and decide what kind of online business you want to run: How to Start Your Online Business

The First Steps to Sell Your Products or Services Online

I published an article here on July 15th. It was about running an online business. In that article, I talked about the different conditions one can have to run an online business. One of the conditions is when you have a product to see online. In this article, I am going to assume that you already have a product or service that can be promoted and sold online. What are the first steps you have to take to sell your product or service online?

The first question is that can you promote any kind of product online?

The answer is yes. It doesn’t matter what kind of products you have. You can promote them online. The Internet helps you find customers. In fact, it helps the customers find you.

You can be a writer who has written some books. You can either sell the hard copy or create digital copies of your books and sell them through the Internet. You can be a car dealer, a real estate agent, a singer, a tailor, a… . Whatever your product or service is, it can be offered online too.

Therefore, I don’t care what product you have. I tell you how to promote it online.

There are two kinds of products and services. One group is the products or services that have to be offered locally. For example, you are a real estate agent in Chicago. Your service can only be offered to that city. The second group is the products or services that can be offered worldwide. For example, you are a SEO (search engine optimizer), you are a writer and you have some e-books that can be sold and downloaded online.

There are several common things between these two groups that you have to do to promote them online. However, there are several extra things that you have to do when your product or service is offered locally.

I will have some separate articles for those who have a local product or service. In this article, we talk a little about the common things that you have to do for both groups.

Here is the first steps you have to take to start selling your products online:

1. Create a Website:

The first and most important thing you have to do to promote your product online, is designing a website. You have to register a domain first and buy a hosting. You can register a domain for $10 and a hosting package for $50 per years. That is enough for the beginning. As your website will not have a lot of traffic at the beginning or the first year, then a primary hosting package is enough. Later, when your website grows and attracts a lot of traffic, you can even have a dedicated server for your site.

Some people pay a lot of money to web designers and developers. This is wrong. You don’t have to spend a dime on this. After registering the domain and buying the hosting, you can launch the website in less than few minutes. Nowadays, all hosting packages come with ready-made platforms like WordPress, that can be installed from your hosting control panel, within a few minutes. These platforms come with several free themes or templates that can be activated after the installation.

It is as easy as that. You can run your site within few minutes.

After launching your site, you have to promote it and build the traffic. A zero kilometer site has no traffic, because nobody knows it and it is not ranked in any search engine. These are the things you have to do after creating your site:

  1. Add content to your site. You have to create several pages talking about your product, its features, pricing, and… . The content has to be unique. I mean you can not copy the texts from the other sites and paste it to your site, otherwise your site will never get ranked on the search engines. You can have a blog in your site, and publish articles about your products and services. The whole site can be a blog by itself too. When you install the WordPress platform on your site, you will have a weblog or blog indeed.
  2. Optimize your website pages for the search engines. You have to know the related keywords and key phrases related to your products or services, and then you optimize your website or weblog pages and articles for those key phrases. This helps your site to get ranked and receive free organic traffic from the search engines. Be careful not to over-optimize your site, otherwise it will be penalized or even banned by the search engines like Google.

2. Create a FaceBook Page:

Social media marketing is very important. You can receive a lot of free traffic from the social media sites like FaceBook. You can create a “page” for your site or product, and ask people to “like” it. Then you can post to your page and inform people about your products, weblog recent posts and… .

3. Create a YouTube Channel:

YouTube is the most famous social media site with some special and different features. Yes, YouTube is indeed a social media site, not a video directory. You can receive a lot of free traffic from YouTube too. You should create a channel in YouTube, create videos, and upload them to your channel. You can optimize the video page, so that it will receive from the search engines and also the YouTube search itself.

4. Run an Affiliate Program for Your Product or Service:

You can pay commissions to those who refer people to your site and generate sales. This is not too hard to do at all. If you have a digital product, you can run your affiliate program through ClickBank in less than a day. ClickBank will take care of everything, the pay checks, commission and… and you only collect your money.

Running an affiliate program helps your product or website to be promoted by hundreds or thousands of bloggers and webmasters.

5. Free Advertising:

  1. Guest Blogging:

    Currently, this is one of the best and most effective free advertising method. Whatever your product or service is, you should find some niche blogs, communicate and come to an agreement with the owner to publish some articles. You can place a link to your site/blog from your article, and so, you will receive a lot of free traffic, as well as one way links that are important for your blog search engine ranking. Of course, it seems those links are not as effective as they were used to be for your search engine ranking, but guest blogging is still a good way to promote your site/blog for free.

  2. Article Advertising:

    There are too many article directories. You can write articles and submit them to those article directories. You will link to your site/blog from your articles, so that you will receive clicks from your articles. You can choose a few of the most popular article directories that can drive traffic to your site/blog. Don’t waste your time with the other directories.You have to write unique articles that are properly optimized for the related key phrases, so that they get ranked by the search engines.

There are some other free advertising methods, but the above two methods are the best.

6. Paid Advertising:

There are several paid advertising methods that you can use:

  1. Pay Per Click Advertising:
    You can use this method to promote your site and product. Google Adwords is the most famous pay per click advertising method. However, it is too expensive. Before using the pay per click advertising, you have to make sure that it will be profitable for you. You can spend thousands of dollars on pay per click advertising without having any sales. So be careful.You can use the other pay per click advertising services like FaceBook. It is much cheaper, but it is not as targeted as Google Adwords, which means its conversion rate (the number of visitors that turn to customers) is very low.
  2. Paid Directory Submission:
    It was used to work in the past, but not anymore. So don’t waste your money on it.
  3. Banner and Text Link Advertising:
    This one is a good advertising method, however you have to find a suitable website, blog, or discussion board to advertise. You can not do it on any website. It has to be from the same niche. For example, if you are a programmer, and so your product is a PHP script, or a software, then you should advertise on programming related sites, blogs, and discussion boards.
  4. Press Release:
    That is another why that not only generates links to your site/blog which is important for your search engine ranking, it can also generate traffic too. I have tried this method long time ago, but I believe it is not that effective anymore.

That was some general tips about taking the first steps to promote and sell your products and services online. So take the first step now, and register a domain and buy a hosting package for your site. This is the most important step.

Tips About Friendship at Work

Friendship Among Co-Workers

Friendly relations among the employees of a company—from the highest to the lowest ranks—sustain morale and make each workday pleasant. But most authorities agree that while an amicable relationship with co-workers is ideal, it is wiser not to let office friendships develop into intimate ones.

When a Close Friendship Develops

Over a period of time it is more than likely that you may build up a close friendship with a fellow worker. When someone’s companionship is important to you, you will naturally want to see that person outside of working hours. When this occurs, make a conscious effort not to spend time at the office discussing with your friend the things you did the night before and the plans you have for next week. Maintain an impersonal relationship in the office.

If Romance Blossoms

Should a close friendship become romance, discretion is even more important. A couple in love who work in the same office can easily become the office joke if they don’t discipline themselves. After all, the romance may founder, and should that happen, you’ll be all the happier that everyone didn’t know about it.

Friendship on the Executive Level

As with lower-echelon employees, it is considered discreet for executives in the same company to avoid close friendships with each other. It is believed that in certain instances such friendships between executives can adversely affect their business judgements and decisions.

Social Gatherings of Company Personnel

Sociability among co-workers

The temptation to invite a few people from the office to your home can be a strong one. Perhaps a group of you have a good time together during the lunch hour, or possibly one of the girls is so humorous—making everyone in the office laugh—that you think she’d be lots of fun at a party.

When you gather them all together away from the office, how ever, the result can be deadly—no fun, no laughs, just a dull evening. Also, there’s the possibility of discovering that one or two of your fellow workers are less attractive after they’ve had a drink or two, and incidents can occur that result in strained feelings.

Even if none of these things happen, a small social group within a large office inevitably isolates itself from the rest of the staff. Its members become cliquish, with their own jokes and topics of conversation. The effect on the general office morale is anything but good.

Sociability between senior and junior executives

An invitation to lunch, an occasional drink together after hours, a game of golf once in a while, usually constitute the somewhat impersonal social relations between senior and junior executives. However, a senior executive will from time to time invite a few of the younger or newer men in the firm to his home so he can get to know them better and meet their wives if he hasn’t already done so.

Extending strictly social invitations is the prerogative of the senior officer, and under no circumstances should a junior executive be first to do the inviting.

Should a high-ranking executive entertain you and your wife, it is a polite gesture for you to reciprocate but it is not necessary that you do so. When a junior executive does entertain his superiors, he does so as naturally as possible. Whether he plans a formal or informal dinner party doesn’t matter. What does matter, though, is that he does not try something his household cannot handle. For instance, when Mr. and Mrs. Junior Executive have no household help, it would be foolish for them to try to entertain in the same formal manner as someone with a chef or a cook and a waitress. A simple meal, well prepared, and served either buffet style or at the dining room table, is in much better taste than a pretentious one that doesn’t turn out right because it’s too much for one person to handle.

Plan a company dinner you can manage with ease. Do things as nicely as you can. The really important thing is that a host and hostess be gracious and, without appearing anxious, do everything possible to make sure everyone enjoys himself.

Sociability between executives and employees

Employees should be their most pleasant selves when invited to visit executives of the company. But no matter how friendly a party gets, remember next thy at the office not to act in an over-familiar way. You might be on strictly formal terms with your superior at the office but the party may have been so gay and chummy that he was calling you by your first name and urging you to call him by his (something you wouldn’t normally do). Don’t keep it up the next day at work; go back to addressing him as you always have.

If you are a secretary visiting your executive’s home, be particularly careful not to adopt an intimate tone when speaking about him to his wife. Equally unacceptable is talking about him as though he were a naughty little boy whose every action at the office has to have your approval.

Is Money The Most Important Thing in Life?

What a question, no? People who are realistic in life would definitely say yes, while others would stand by no, perhaps saying that happiness is instead the most important thing in life. But if you do not have a stand and are sitting on the fence, here is a post that will weigh the pros and cons about the proposition (money is the most important thing in life) and the opposition (money is not the most important thing in life). This ‘debate’ is made up of the proposition and opposition, which is bold and not styled respectively. Here goes a little mini, online ‘debate’ between . . . well, one person!

Proposition: Money is the most important thing in life.

Opposition: Money is not the most important thing in life. Instead, happiness is the most important thing in life.

Proposition: There is a lot of discrimination against poor people and this may cause the poor people to feel stressed and frustrated, resulting in suicide. People do not want to be friends with them and they will feel bad about themselves.

Opposition: Money cannot buy love or friends. Love and friends require time, and while, if you think on the bright side, perhaps money can buy friends, the friends will not be genuine and will instead like you for your money and not your personality. If you use money to buy love, you will hurt the person who was misled and the person will hate money for making his or her life miserable.

Proposition: You can buy love and friends. Love and friendship takes time to blossom, and more time together will make it blossom faster.

Opposition: A person will only like you for your personality to love you or be your friend. Why spend the money if all you need is your personality and, according to your point, more time together?

Proposition: Without money, you cannot buy a house and will be homeless, which will make you unhappy and miserable.

Opposition: That may be true, but while money can buy a house, it cannot buy a home filled with family warmth and love. That is something money cannot buy no matter what.

Proposition: Money can buy things you want and like, which makes you happy.

Opposition: Those are things you want and like, not what you need.

Proposition: Money can buy our daily necessities that will keep us alive, like water and food. Happiness cannot.

Opposition: Even if you are full and not starving, if you are not happy that does not mean anything. If you are starving but happy, you will be contented to die or have more will to live because happiness is keeping you alive.

Proposition: When you pass away, money can give you a grand funeral and make sure your legacy is preserved.

Opposition: The grand funeral will still make people sad, no matter how much money was spent on it. Instead, if the people around you are still living on and happy that you have gone to a better place, you will feel better. At the same time, you can’t bring your money to the grave.

Proposition: If you want to build your talent – perhaps something musical – you need money to buy the instruments, hire an agent and rent a recording studio to record your singing if you are a singer.

Opposition: Even if you have all the money to buy the instruments, hire an agent and rent a recording studio, if your music is not good, it is pointless. If you have talent, however, you have a higher chance of getting the instruments, agent and recording studio at no cost because agents would take care of things for you as they want to sign you.

Proposition: That may be true, but to show the agent your talent, you will need an instrument, which costs money.

Opposition: You can borrow the instrument from your friend if your friend has the instrument you want. If they do not, music shops often allow you to use the instruments, mainly for testing but it could be for practising too. If there is a will, there is a way.

If you agree or disagree with any points made in this little ‘debate’, please tell me about it in the comments section! It would be nice to see what my readers think of this ‘debate’ and whether they think that money is the most important thing in life, or otherwise, what is the most important thing in life.

At the same time, if you are still sitting on the fence, no worries. Sometimes, the pros of having money will drag you towards the side of the proposition, but feelings and thoughts tug you towards the opposition. I am the same way – just smack in the middle – so do not worry if you are like me! Oh, and by the way, this is an excellent conversation starter for anyone, from family to friends to colleagues. Do tell me about conversations you have started with this question – if any. I love reading responses from others!

How to Make Money through Internet Programming?

Is it possible for internet programmers to make money online? If yes, then how? It won’t have been possible to answer the same million dollar question a few years back, when a formally earned qualification in the field of software engineering/web development used to matter as much as the experience earned through summer jobs and internships. Ever since the job hiring companies and clients have recognized the potential of the programmers who have gained most of their experience through freelancing and realized that even not very qualified developers could deliver the same quality of work as the professionals they are inclined to hire based on a well set eligibility criteria, the trend has changed.

Last few years, as outsourcing of projects to programmers online has got somewhat famous due to success of many projects undertaken the same way, more and more platforms such as GetaCoder and Elance have been developed to meet the needs of both the programmers/developers and companies needing their services. The new world of opportunities that has been formed promises to provide a lot of possibilities for programmers to generate a decent enough revenue to make a decent enough living. This article explores some of those possibilities, throws some light on their pros and suggests ways you could make best of each of them.

A lot of websites have been developed to provide the internet programmers with freelancing. You need to find the one that you like the most, go through their tutorials for the beginners, choose the plan that meets your needs the most and start working on your profile and portfolio. While you would be doing that, you would be surprised to find out that a lot of people are depending on these freelancing platforms these days. Among few of the reasons freelance programming/development has received so warm a welcome as soon as it got introduced is that it allows the programmer with the flexibility to work whenever and wherever he wishes to. There are others, like instead of working on boring stuff you are bound to work on while you are an employee at a web development company, you can work on the stuff of your interest. The probability of finding a job that matches your expertise and getting hired is really high with the opportunity to reach people from all over the world looking for the web development services.

Among the popular portals that allow you to bid on different projects and find jobs based on your skill set and reviews earned from your previously undertaken projects are,, and

One another possibility you could explore is to develop your personal website. That shouldn’t be difficult for you since you are a web development hobbyist, you know a lot about internet programming and would surely like to brag about it. Developing a website is going to be fun as well as a way to let people know about your programming skills, expertise and experience. Just sign up on, choose a decent theme, share your portfolios and start posting the articles related to web development, WordPress and internet programming etc. This way, you surely are going to draw attention of other programmers and people that are interested in your services. Reply to the comments consistently and make sure that no query that gets posted goes unanswered. In days, you are not only going to build up trust, you are also going to receive a decent number of job invitations and thus, earn a decent amount of income.

Now, the question arises, how’s this opportunity any different than the freelance programming? While freelancing, you have to go through the drill of finding the job and preparing a proposal while keeping in mind the price set by the client but in this case, while you don’t need to worry about the proposal, you get to fix the earning you could make from the project yourself. You could also make a good income providing online consultations to those interested in exploring the field of web development and programming. One very promising source of income for those delivering quality content on their blogs/websites is that of Google AdSense, you would have the opportunity to try that option as well once the desired amount of traffic is reached.

If you know how to develop games or write fashionable and up-to-date Android apps, you can make some real cash by selling them at online app stores such as Google App Store, Chrome App Store or Make sure that you come up with innovative ideas, well programmed apps will surely bring enough bucks to motivate you to make your own ASP.Net based game website.

Besides earning money through developing your websites or applications and advertising them on different stores and platforms, you can make some easy cash through participation in online programming contests. While allowing you to compete with the other members who have signed up for the competition, sites like provide you with the opportunity to learn from other participants by making it possible for you to see the codes written by them.

Just download the TopCoder Arena from their site, install it, login and select the room. Once you have done that, you will be asked to type your code. The software environment has been developed in such a way that while allowing the programmers submit their code and subsequently submit the modified versions, it also provides them with the tools required for compiling and debugging of the code.

Let’s say you have decided to build a web development company, now since it’s not going to be that easy without the right amount of funds, hardworking, dedicated and trustable work force and risk management etc. it’s going to take some time, how are you going to make sure that you keep earning during that period of transition if freelancing and developing a personal website does not bring enough income. Business listing directories such as,, and allow you to list your profile as “HTML expert” or “PHP/Java programmer”, making it easy for you to get invitations from clients. Don’t forget to include your skills and demands while you prepare your advertisement post.

These are the tips that I knew to have worked for many of us programmers, you may find some of your own but the matter of how much money could you make from them depends much on how wisely you are going to use these methods.

What Does It Take to Have a Successful Online Business

Have a successful online business needs a combination of several different requirements. It is not only about the techniques, tools and having enough capital to run the business. You can have everything one needs to run and promote an online business, but still you can be unsuccessful. Indeed, what most people consider as the necessary requirements to run an online business, are the less important things. There is one thing which is the most important. It is the enthusiasm and will to run and promote the business.

On 2002, I joined the most famous affiliate program at that time, SFI, or Six Figure Income. I was too enthusiastic and hard working. I developed too many sites for different keywords, promoted them and all of them got ranked on the first pages of the different search engines that were important at the time; Yahoo, Altavista, and later Google.

I succeeded to refer about 25,000 to the program. I had already developed a system that each of my referrals could use to duplicate what I had done. I designed websites for many of them and thought them to promote their sites. You think how many of them could achieve what I had become able to achieve?

None of them.

Only few of them promote their sites for a while and could refer some others to the program. However, even those few people stopped working after a while. Why?

They were not enthusiastic about what they were doing. They thought a business should succeed overnight and start making a lot of money after a short while. When they saw that they had to keep on working, they got disappointed and gave up. Whereas if they had kept on working like what I did, now they had a business that made money, and also a lot of knowledge and experience. They gave up so easily.

Being successful is all about working too hard to reach the goals. You can create everything from nothing when you are hard working, serious and enthusiastic. You will not get anywhere when you don’t bother to work, even if the world supports you.

What was the last time you decided to work very hard to achieve something important in your life?

Are you serious enough to make a difference in the others’ and also your own life? If the answer is yes, then have you worked hard toward this goal, or you just think about it and you don’t bother to move?

Focus one something, work on it very hard, and reach it. If I could do it, you can do it too.

How to Fix Your iPhone’s Battery Life Problem?

One of the main problems being faced by IPhone users is that of small battery life. Well, should we expect the IPhone to offer battery life comparable with the ordinary cell phone’s battery life? Those who have paid for it would say: Either they should have fixed all such issues or they shouldn’t have charged that high for it. Remember that everything has a cost. It might be the possibility that with what IPhone has to offer to its customers and with the tech we have now, it’s not possible to offer that much battery life.
There are ways to fix this problem to some extent, ways we would be talking about in short time. While some of them would be requiring turning off some features and applications, others wouldn’t be requiring any such compromise.

Tip # 1: Use IPhone’s Auto-brightness feature

IPhone’s display is one of the few things that consume most of its battery. The Auto-brightness feature ensures that the display is not consuming more power than is required, by adjusting the screen brightness to the light it’s being exposed to.
All IPhones come with ambient light sensors. These sensors react to the ambient light intensity and adjust the brightness of the screen in response to what they sense.If it’s darker around, your IPhone would react by setting the brightness to a lower intensity; this would not only help conserving the power but would also help making it easier for you to look at the screen by reducing the eye strain.

Tip # 2: Don’t leave your IPhone’s Bluetooth turned ON

Both transmitting and receiving data via Bluetooth consumes power. Turn it ON when you need to do so, keeping it turned ON at all times would only lower the battery life of your IPhone. To turn OFF the Bluetooth would require you to open “Settings”, find Bluetooth in “General” and move it’s slider to “OFF”.

Tip # 3: Turn OFF your IPhone’s 3G

To get the quicker data speeds and higher quality calls using your IPhone’s 3G requires power. Here’s a trade-off to make: Longer battery life on the cost of getting used to slower-than-3G EDGE network. To disable your IPhone’s 3G, open “Settings”, find “Network” in “General” and slide the “Enable 3G” slider to “OFF”. That’s it.

Tip # 4: Turn OFF your IPhone’s Wi-Fi

Your IPhone’s Wi-Fi is one of those major battery drainers that are responsible for its fast battery depletion. It may be allowing you to browse faster than you could with your IPhone’s 3G but keeping it turned ON in search of an open hotspot is not something that’s recommended. Turn OFF your IPhone’s Wi-Fi until you really have found an open hotspot and unless you really need to make use of it.
To turn your Wi-Fi OFF, go to “Settings” and slide the Wi-Fi slider to “OFF”.

Tip # 5: Use Auto-Lock for your IPhone’s screen

It does not take a technician’s understanding to get the hold of the fact that leaving your IPhone’s screen shining brightly is one of those factors responsible for lowering its battery life. Make use of the Auto-Lock feature of your IPhone; adjust the time you would like your IPhone to wait before Auto-Locking the screen and you are set. Set this timer to as less time as possible, this would make sure that you are saving as much battery as is possible without making any compromise with the use. Making the most of this feature would not only help elongate your IPhone’s battery life but would also save you the trouble that may be caused by accidental screen touch.

Tip # 6: Turn OFF your IPhone’s location services

One of the things that make your IPhone real fun is its built-in GPS; it not only helps you locate yourself but also makes it easier for you to get directions while driving. With the help of some applications, your IPhone’s location services also help you locate eating and meeting places in your area, like restaurants, bars and hang-outs. While being so much fun, these location services are one of those few that make up the list of real IPhone battery drainers.
Turn “Location Services” OFF when you are not using them. To turn them OFF, go to the “Settings”, find “Location Services” in the “General” sub menu and slide the slider to “OFF”.

Tip # 7: Turn data push OFF

Keeping this feature turned ON means allowing your IPhone to access wireless networks, automatically suck e-mail, other data you might be interested in and costing you your IPhone’s battery life. To reduce the number of times your IPhone connects to the network and thus elongate your IPhone’s battery life, turn data push OFF.
Go to the “Settings”, in the “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” sub menu, slide “Fetch New Data” bar to “OFF”.

Tip # 8: Turn OFF your IPhone’s equalizer

Your IPhone’s equalizer feature enhances your audio’s quality by adjusting its Bass, Treble and other such characteristics, the bitter fact attached to it is that it’s also one of those things that lower the battery life of your smart phone. By turning OFF the equalizer, you would not only elongate your IPhone’s battery life but would also elongate the time you could enjoy listening to your collection without being distracted by a “battery low!!!” warning.
To turn OFF your IPhone’s equalizer, go to the “Settings”, find “EQ” in the “IPod” sub menu and turn it OFF. That’s it.

Tip # 9: Get more battery

In case, all these tips do not work for you, make sure that you equip yourself with a battery backup. There are many 3rd parties out there like “Mophie” and “Kensington” that offer extended life batteries for your IPhone; the good part is that while they are offering really effective solutions, the price is not that high. Mophie’s Juice Pack Pro would cost you mere $129; look at the features it is offering and you would say it’s really worth it. It has got an impact resistant design with a battery capacity of 2500mAh, a standby switch allows you to choose when to charge while 4 LEDs at the bottom allow you to keep track of how much power is left in your Juice Pack Pro.