7 Tips for a Successful Blogging

Published on April 7th, 2013 by | Category: Blogging

Whatever the purpose of your blog, the primary reason why you build up your blog is to communicate. Right? That technically means that you want to express something, whether it is about advertising or just plain and informative articles about lifestyle, technology, relationship and others. In that way, you aim to get feedback to the readers.

With so much competition today, it is a mystery to many bloggers how a certain blog stand out. There are lot of tactics and gigs that is implemented in order to increase the traffic on a blog. Below are some tips for a successful blogging.

Know your readers:

It is best to define who your blog readers are and decide what kind of topic and information they are looking for. In that way, you can answer best their intentions.

Be clear and concise:

Readers doesn’t like writings which is long and full of flowery words. I mean, just stick to the point and be direct. Some bloggers think that to have impact, words that are used should sound intelligent. You know what makes this idea wrong? Too much words makes the readers confuse and hides the true message in your article. To have impact, ideas should be concise, straight forward and short but well laid out. This gives bigger percentage in catching readers attention.

Refresh and provide value:

In most cases, readers want to have something new. They don’t want something that they already knew or something that is so common. Make sure that the information about a product, a service or anything related to the post provides excellent and updated value to your visitors. Remember, the ultimate reason is to improve your readers life.


Do not be afraid to share stories about success and failures, talking friendly to your readers builds loyalty and in one way or another engage readers to your blog. It is nice to give own opinions about business decisions, conquering difficulties, achievement and fears. When sharing stories, make sure that there is something that will be learn from it. Don’t just share stories or make stories in order to share, when you value your readers they will value you back.

Acknowledge feedback:

When a reader leaves a question or a comment whether good or bad, it is important to acknowledge what was said. Bloggers know that they can’t please everybody. It is always natural to receive unpleasant comments about an article but the thought is, you must accept their disappointing ideas and provide feedback to it. In that way, you are perceive as an open-minded person; thank readers and let them know that they are highly appreciate for giving time in reading your blog.

Don’t be afraid:

Have the courage to mention competitors name. Making blog posts and citing the original source doesn’t mean totally promoting their site or blog. Yeah, you are right in a way but do not just focus on that part. The success relies on the innovation and uniqueness! You are showing them that your blog isn’t the same at all.

Research and let them know its true:

Research does not only revolve around the internet, bloggers also need to interview in order to build credibility. You gain others trust by making sure that what you have put in there is true- testimonials. Your blog post should contain honesty and integrity. Issues about stocks, marketing strategy success should have a solid foundation to keep readers on your blog.

Customize templates:

The first thing that a reader can access or see is the template of the blog then, you only have few seconds to catch their attention. Anything like nice picture or image keeps them on the blog and therefore, generates parked revenues.

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