Are you Bilingual? Earn From Home as an Online Translator

Published on April 23rd, 2013 by | Category: Business Opportunities

Bilingual people are in great demand as translators. If you are one, don’t waste your skill – fine tune it- upgrade it! Because once you are past a few initial projects (first few are indeed difficult to come by), you will be on your way to achieving newer heights of success. Obviously you will be earning better money; working with better companies, offering you employment on clear cut terms, and better work culture.

Actually if you are bilingual – i.e. if you are proficient in two different languages you can also consider working in call centre or virtual call centres, or can even consider taking to teaching online. The possibilities are wide open for people with multiple linguistic expertises.

If you decide to become a translator you will have to know typing on the computer. You will also have to decide what kind of translation you want to specialise in. Would it be IT translation, technical translation for industrial products etc, academic papers’ translation, web content translation or whatever, whichever type of translation that you would you like to go with. You can become a translator or can also become a translation reviewer, if you are experienced and have other skills required for the job, like being familiar with colloquial language and nuances of that country or region etc to make and edit translation sound like it was originally created in that language without missing out on any point.

As a translator you can work full time – part time, on contract as a freelancer; you can be in a regular online employment attending online office of 8 hours everyday or can even join a local office. How you want to work is up to you; demand for this job is on the rise; because users are increasing and every country is looking to make the World Wide Web their own place.

For you to become a translator online the employer hiring your services will require you to have specialised education with those languages reflecting amongst your main subjects. Even if not post or higher graduation, your employer will definitely look for some college education in the people they are considering to recruit. Plus if you can show some experience, it will really prove to be of great help; especially if you are focusing on joining good and reputed companies.

There are many translation agencies that offer online work or they are open to hiring online translator-employees. And each of these agencies specialise in work related to specific languages and countries. They all have their own set of rules related to work, remuneration, and employment that employees and freelancers are expected to abide by. So before you apply for work in any such agency don’t forget to have a look at the languages they are offering work against.

If you have language expertise and are open to working outside home you can even join Travel Company; where you don’t only earn good money and meet interesting people, possibilities of travelling to far away places is also an added advantage. You can also become an interpreter and travel various countries with your clients on their business trips. So, from books and web translation to travelling as an interpreter – the platform offers exciting opportunities.

How to Do It: Look for translation agencies that hire online employees based on your language skills
Qualification: Degree or some college education and mastery over languages
Skills: typing, colloquial familiarity
Equipments: computer, access to internet, headset and phone if you want to work in virtual call centre
Who can’t do – people without language skills
Traditional Education: Degree, certificate in foreign language

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