Are You Using These ‘Good Links’ Strategies To Promote Your Blog?

Published on April 8th, 2013 by | Category: Blogging

Some people get their sites & blogs up and running; but they wonder as to why it does not make them any money. In one simple sentence the answer is, “because these webmasters and blog owners have not been able to generate enough good links for themselves”.

A good link is generated when: (a) an active, organic, ethical, high quality website or blog owner (b) decides to acknowledge worthiness of another site or blog (c) in his own or related niche; by accommodating its live link on his site /blog.

There are several reasons why people will accommodate your live links on their site site/blog. Your blog may have unique information; it may cover unique topics; it may attract unique audience; you may be an authority in your niche; your blog may have a huge following or community; you have a top spot on SE for your chosen keywords and phrases; or anything else that is likely to add value to the site/blog that links to yours.

Till about seven years ago, link exchange was a far simpler strategy; we simply chased number; the more back-links we generated; the more popular our site became; and its SE rankings improved accordingly.

Turn to 2012, popularity and ranking algorithms have undergone a sea change; so much so that indexing has been baptised! They are calling it Pandas and Penguins now! So much so that we are witnessing sites with almost 7000 back-links lose its position to a site having around 60 back-links is old news! Such is life…

So, you can imagine the way searches have evolved in the past decade. The number is replaced by quality; and quality standards have changed too and HOW!

Initially quality of website or blog was reflected in the content it published; interlinking structure it followed; SEO etc. Turn to 2010 and onwards – a good quality blog or site besides consistently publishing good content, also boasts of healthy following and good reputation on various social media channels; they are taking a step further and going to the extent of creating and uploading optimized videos for better user experience.

I am waiting for the day when while checking out recipes we will be able to smell wine and pizzas online. For most of us, Internet has already far exceeded our expectations.

The more a blog /site works towards giving a good experience to the reader; albeit by remaining in within rules set by search engines; the more it will succeed in getting linked to high quality blogs and sites and in turn be found by searchers.

For generating good links for your website or blog you should get into the habit of working both ways. On one hand you should make your blog such that people would want to link to you; this will help to improve visibility of your blog without you having to do anything externally; on the other, be on a lookout for blogs and sites where you would like to see your live links; when a high traffic blog will place your link, you will get pulled up in SE faster.

People will link to you for the same reasons that you’d link to them. I.e. informative content presented well; ethical strategies; good feel & following; and more.

While carrying out these good linking campaigns you should keep one thing in mind – that you have no control over people who link to you; but you can choose the blogs you want to see your links on.

Let’s cut all this noise – and just focus on two aspects; (i) lets make our blog as informative; interesting; unique, innovative, and link worthy as possible, and (ii) Let’s look for ways to place our links on blogs with similar or better virtues. Remember ONE good link has the power to outperform FIFTY mediocre links. Either be that link or power or fine one to link to.

First goal can be achieved if we can publish content that meets or exceeds our audience’ expectations. For example, when your visitor is looking for content, you can also offer them to watch the video as an extended option; or draw his/her attention towards a podcasts, or webinar you are holding; or to a comment made by a famous strategist/ your customer – reacting /appreciating your post/ product/service. Let all these show up as natural links; they need not scream.

Similarly for getting linked on a high quality traffic blog in your niche, contact and request its owner to publish a guest post you’ve created; with your live link; or simply make a genuine, valuable contribution by adding comment below a post; after checking the no-follow link status.

While writing guest post content, comment; or while publishing regular content on your blog; keep one very important point in mind – be sure that whatever it be that you are writing about, it should succeed in breaking the routine emotional pattern in the reader’s brain.

Reader’s mind, with time gets accustomed to certain patterns; for example after reading a subhead line, he more or less knows what to expect; you have to break this pattern; offer him more, beyond, like a new angle, an uncommon logic, presenting your own take … whatever.

While linking (either way) do ensure that the strategy fits seamlessly and the linking looks as natural as it possibly can. Google is only going to get smarter with each passing day; and will do everything to cut all the crap and give readers what they deserve.

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