Are You Using Your Dropbox Account Cautiously?

Published on April 7th, 2013 by | Category: Computer

Dropbox is an easy to install and use application that helps it’s users to save, edit, and share files, videos, documents etc online with their friends, colleagues, families etc. It was developed and launched in 2007 by two MIT students; surfers took this new concept inot the fold very well; and ever since, its user base has only widened.

Majority of users only think of the application when they want to save and share files, videos, pictures etc. It offers 2 GB of free online storage space to its users, which is not sufficient if you want to use the application seriously but enough to keep your essential files; scanned and saved. Another outstanding feature that sets Dropbox apart from its contemporaries is its compliance with Windows, Mac, Linux, irrespective of whether you are accessing it on your desktop, laptop, and notebook; add Android, iPhone and iPad, and BlackBerry to it as the tool works on them too.

However if you learn to use Dropbox services properly and get familiar with all the settings that it provides, you will be able to do a lot more than just syncing your files and images. Dropbox has managed to add some awesome applications by way of third party services that almost sound as if they are part and parcel of Dropbox application. For more on what else can Dropbox account do for you, read here: Different Uses of Dropbox Public Folder that You Did Not Know

Once you get familiar with these features and set your account in tune with them, Dropbox can help you carry your music wherever you go, create a photo gallery; or even create a website using their application.

The latest feature that the Dropbox tool has added for the convenience of its users is that the minute you edit or update your photo, video, file, document etc on your iphone, laptop etc; that document in the Dropbox account automatically gets updated/edited/replaced whatever be the case and the new version starts showing. This means you don’t have to spend extra time sending a communication to the recipient that the updated version of file has to be referred to; because updated and revised version is what he will get to see when he opens the document. Dropbox refreshes docs on its own, so much so that you don’t even have to press the refresh button! This feature has simplified life for everyone.

Few weeks ago the Dropbox application got hit by hackers; as a result of this software failure many users noticed and complaint that their accounts were lying open and unsafe for a few hours and everybody and anybody could access and misuse the information saved in their account. The superefficient Dropbox team got on the job, investigated and fixed the matter and did stay in touch with users whose accounts were vulnerable.

As a result of the above faux pas, the technical team at Dropbox has developed and launched a 2 step security verification code system to protect their users from such future mishaps in future; an initiative that has been much appreciated by the user community.

The 2 step security includes the regular username password stage; and for getting through the second stage you have to make a choice between receiving a six digit code on your cell phone or you can also download Authenticator application that will help you to generate codes locally on the phone itself that you are supposed to use within a limited time frame after which they will expire and you will need to request fresh codes. Users have to enable this new setting on their accounts to take advantage of this extra protection feature.

If you are someone who uses Dropbox account from tablets and cell phones, you should unlink the application from old setting and link once again so that it becomes verification code enabled on these machines too and chances of anybody else accessing your account are minimized. Also, after you do this, every time someone tries to access your account from a new device you will get an email notification to this effect.

Remember, using Dropbox haphazardly or without proper knowledge can have its own pitfalls. So be careful on that front. However as an avid lover and user of Dropbox I must confess it’s an absolutely unmatched and wonderful application!

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