Can I Work From Home Without Knowledge of Computer or Internet?

Published on August 7th, 2014 by | Category: Working from Home

Of course you can work from home – with or without computer. Let’s call it Offline Work From Home Opportunities. But not having knowledge about computer is not a nice thing to happen to people living in today’s age and pace. You may be 65 years of age, but that is not an excuse for not having simple computer knowledge.

Anyway, let us get back to our main topic and discuss opportunities that can be pursued without computer (I will insist you keep at least your accounts on your computer. Assuming the business will grow to an extent that keeping manual accounting records will be impractical). On that positive note let us yet again come back to the main topic.

You can work from home as a home improvement, beauty, consultant, hair styling expert, or even therapist. You won’t believe, someone I know works from home as Pedicure Expert. All she has is a cell phone, a vehicle, and pedicure kit and skill. And she has a wide clientele and makes money that many people in a 9-5 job can’t think of. You can even consider becoming a Mystery Shopper and get paid in cash.

You can even consider starting crèche or day care centre for kids. This occupation is in great demand and once you click with parents, you will never run short of kids. You can even do tuitions at home for subjects that you can deal with.

You can even become representative of a chain marketing company, depending on your interest and confidence in the products. So many men and women I personally know are making good income by selling Avon and Amway products.

You can consider designing stationary or textile from home if you are interested in designing. You can get attached to textile designing people or printing people to get business. If you are good with embroidery and would like to pursue it professionally, hand embroidery is in great demand; you just need to network with the right kind of people to make it a rewarding career. These days call centres can be operated from home, you can become a call centre agent

You will need to learn these skills if you don’t already do. Generally people put their education and training that they have learnt earlier to use by working from home. You can upgrade or polish your skills according to current trend.

If you have any such skill, or are interested in pursuing your interested as profession and need help from us, feel most free to write to us and we shall get back to you with a solution & reply within no time.

When you talk to us and discuss your options, you will be surprised to know there is so much one can do if one is willing to put in some initial work and planning.

We will look forward to hearing from you. Once you tell us what you want to do, we will write and tell you how best you can go about it and achieve your goals.

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