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How Can Infographics Drive Traffic to a Blog?

Info-graphics represent text data in picture or image format. In other words when a message or words are transformed and presented into images, the result is an info-graphic. Well made infographics have the power to beat words. Infographics facilitate understanding; in the sense that sometimes what prose cannot explain with lengthy words; & delving into deep details, a simple info-graphic can – in a matter of minutes! Such is its influence.

These infographics are nothing new; they have always been around and have also always worked. Let me share with you what I feel as to how the process might have evolved.

Infographics Story

As kids we were shown pictures by our parents, teachers etc to visualise or simplify understanding of concepts, then as we grew up a little more we started drawing, then we saw and read them as diagrams; then those of us who went on to study further and earn professional degrees called them by various other names like charts, tables; maps; then as we started working we developed presentations which had texts as well as images; most of them highly support by these infographics.

And then, those amongst us who chose to work on the net and lead the way for others, were the ones who introduced the concept of presenting information in graphic format, and thus promoting the phrase, ‘infographics’.

How Infographics Evolved?

First the net and web was mostly about text. Initially we owned and managed websites and it was mostly about text matter, headlines, footers etc; then slowly we started adding picture files; they were mere visual reliefs in the form of book covers, picture of product we were selling, logos and so on. Then when optimization influenced the search we started optimizing these pictures along with optimizing web text. The final objective was to compile and make as clear & complete information as possible.

Then in due course came blogs, forums, and with that search engines also evolve, trying as hard as they possibly could; to get as close to what real and organic searchers and surfers were looking for.

The aim was to offer exact answers and solutions for searches being done by people on the net. Initially information or solution comprised text alone; then some smart and perceptive people started compiling information that had charts and diagrams along with text for better understanding of the reader. These images used were called infographics.

People, i.e. searchers also took to it very well. They appreciated the web pages or blog posts which had infographics along with text, as compared to web pages and post that had only text for various reasons.

How do Info-graphics Help Blogs?

Before they help blogs, they have t help readers. And that’s what they do. Infographics make it easy for surfers to understand things; to decipher information more clearly, compared to reading through and understanding a complex sentence or concept. Visuals, as we know have been known to simplify the process of understanding; & this has worked on the net too.

Besides helping reader to understand the concept or message in the right sense, infographics save time; the chances of clear understanding of underlying concept or motive are better. Because of all this people like to hold on to such posts for longer than `text only’ posts. Also it has been observed that people recommend and re-visit posts that have info-graphics more frequently.

How Infographics Add Spider-Value to a Blog Post

When people hold on to any post for a longer duration the modern and evolved spider considers it a good sign; and leans in favour of such posts. The time people spend on a blog post is directly proportional to the usefulness of the post.

How Does Info-graphic Influence Marketing Aspect of Blog?

Infographics’ favourable relevance helps the blog-post to get pulled up by SE, and as a result of this it starts getting found by people; and when these people decide to hold on to the post, email to friends, decide to share it via social networking platform etc its credibility and value improves, its reach improves, thus helping the post get marketed better.

Info-graphics make it all possible and worthwhile. Blog owners like to link to and publish posts by others on their own blogs that use infographics. Info graphics make the whole experience of understanding something very interesting. Do you understand what does all this add to? Better marketing of the blog; more people read your post, more people visit your blog and so on.


The above explanation gives us a good idea about how wonderful this option is and how it can be put to good use and how it helps to market our blog post and blog itself better. An info-graphic can create stir, a certain kind of buzz around the post. As a result of this so much happens over a post that has used the power of info-graphics well. People spend more time reading such posts; they share it with friends on social networking sites, people are known to bookmark such posts for future reference; link to such posts from their own blog; forward and email them; and so much more.

Spider is watching

All this improves their reach and spider notices all these activities that are happening over a post. And in turn helps to reach the site far and wide. Improve eyeballs, footfalls – however you want to say it, I want to say one thing Long Live Infographics. Three cheers to you!

How to Ensure What You’ve Created is a Perfect Guest Post

To create a guest post that will click with the audience and get read and forwarded, the first thing you have to keep in mind is to have a content strategy in place. You have to set special time aside for it. Writing guest post is no child’s play and on the top of it you have you blogs to keep up with, write, market etc; it’s all too much.

There are two ways to go about working your way through guest posts; identify a few high traffic blogs and write for them on a regular basis; the outcome of this strategy will be slow and steady to come by.

Or you can adopt another strategy; you can openly invite people via forums and social networking sites to approach you, and they will get an all original 100% unique blog post that they can freely use on their blog. You will be surprised at the number of people who will respond to you, as everyone out there is looking for quality content.

This is why content strategy is very crucial; but not let the phrase allow you to develop cold feet. Let me tell you that building a content strategy is not as complicated as it is made to sound sometimes. In simple language it means the following:

Language should be easy to understand, even when you are writing about an advanced, complex topic: Learn to make your guest posts easy to understand and follow. A good guest post will be simple to read and understand; simple composition of sentences; sans any exaggeration.

Remember the strategies you are trying to explain via your guest post may be complex and advanced but don’t add to the trial of the reader by making it even more complicated by using difficult language, difficult words and phrases, extra long sentences and so on.

Interlink often to put the reader at ease:While writing a complex or advanced post; do facilitate information by interlinking your post with other links on your own blog or elsewhere to help readers understanding meaning of important phrases & concepts that you have referred to in your post. Readers feel greatly relieved and relaxed when they know that for a better understanding, help is available in the same article.

Create environment for conversation: While reading guest post the reader should be pulled into a conversation and he should feel like contributing; you should ask questions in the guest post that will make the reader think. It’s a great way to take him into the fold and develop a connection.

Try to project your image as that of an authority in the field: At the same time reader who is going through your post should get an impression that you are an authority in the subject and can help him developing a solution to the problems he might be facing in his work.

If you can generate this feeling or comfort level for your reader, forward is the only way for you. Then next, make the most of the headline tag to create an impact and connect.

Byline Basics: When you write a guest post your byline should not go beyond who you are, what you do, how you can help, & what is the reader suppose / expected to do to be advantaged.

Landing Page Basics: The landing page you create for the Guest Post link should extend the same information in more detail that the guest was reading and trying to benefit from in the guest article. Suppose the guest post is about editing, the landing page link should talk about something related with editing and not designing website or SEM etc.

Assuming that as the reader is going through your guest post, lands on your web page, then the information regarding `what’s the action expected of him so that you can help’ should be included in the first fold without aggression. Apart from an aspiring headline and copy that clicks with the audience, an optimized video is also advised.

No asking too Much Info: Remember if you’d ask for too much information about the client you will put him off. Since this is the first time client will use your services, it should not be at the cost of his time or too much attention span, too much giving away of info and so on…

Let Your Blog Look Good: A good design is a good design is a good design; period. Nothing can replace it. How much ever we may all think content is the king, kith, and kin; or that content sells; content holds reader to the blog; content, content, content; but try putting up the same content in a mediocre font, on a shabbily made blog and let me see how many visitors hold on to it? That’s the power of a well designed blog.

Your Landing Page Should reflect your Social Standing on the Net: Another important thing is when reader reaches your landing page; he should see enough proof on that page that you are a socially accepted writer and authority. This means let the landing page have details like newsletter subscriber data, testimonials of your clients, and your followers on social media and so on. This gives the reader a feeling that he is associating himself with the right person.

Do Not Give Up: The last advice is go on creating guest posts, some will click with the audience, some will draw flak, some will be rejected, but go on testing your skills until you see one of it going viral. And when it does, celebrate! It’s no mean feat. Even if it gets read and people take time out to react, it’s a great achievement. But don’t stop trying. That’s the key.

How to Ensure High Traffic Blogs Accept & Publish Your Guest Post

Enough has been written about the impact a guest post can create on traffic of blog. Also enough has been written about how to write one. Guest posting, if done rightly, can add terrific value to your product, profile, website, blog etc.

People, who are writing guest posts, do a great job by creating a real good post with information; but the practical problem for them is that they do not know how to get it published on right kind of high traffic blog in their niche. Their approach is flat, their mail requesting the owner of blog to allow them to send a guest post, goes un noticed & what not..

However these bloggers do know that it’s the most definite way to drive traffic to a blog, create buzz, and a thing that can add credibility to his/her profile. And also that such an impact can be achieved by creating a guest post that can click with the audience; but as they get there they realize that having it published on a popular blog is an uphill task, & is not as simple as it is made to sound. It’s a battle in the waiting that needs to be fought; this is AFTER creating a super quality post. Imagine!

Creating a high impact guest post is a work of patience, dedication, focus and a lot of hard work; where to publish them is yet another. In this article we are going to explore various possibilities that can help you get your guest post published.

Finding high traffic blogs in your niche may not be difficult, but to find and strike `a connect’ with the blog owners is where lies the key to success. And this is a point where most aspiring guest post writers get stuck.

Well, let’s start then. The best way to do it is, connect with these blog owners via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

All these platforms offer unique avenues that can help you strike rapport with people you like, to get there, you have to first familiarize yourself with these networks and then work your way through it. If you can get a hang of how they can be put to work, they are a real blessing.

(i) When it comes to striking a connection with a twitter user you are interested in, tweet his work, and while doing it use his Twitter handle so that he knows what you are up to.

(ii) From there head straight to his/her blog and post a comment worth its salt; something sensible, reflecting the depth of knowledge you possess, without making it sound overbearing.

(iii) Another very unique, effective, and natural way to get attention of the blogger is to have you introduced by a person who is already a guest blogger with him/her. If this clicks, it will help you get closer to your goals much quicker.

But to get here you will be required to take one step more, you will have to take effort to get to know the guest blogger; who will introduce you to the main blog owner where he has got guest post published, you can also take tips on how he does it or struck it with them.

Remember, the things he will share (if he does) are going to be golden nuggets – they will be most unique, and practical insights that the guest blogger would have learnt from experience and something he may never consider writing about; which means no amount of reading online can teach you the things you can extract from people who’ve done it all. So double benefit there if you are lucky. The guest blogger helps you with an introduction as well as suggestions. Great!

(iv) Another option that will not let you down is if you can meet the blog owners personally; and if you happen to get that opportunity, go ahead and strike a conversation, attend their seminar, attend their talk show, try to bring up a discussion that will interest him without making it sound like flattery. Everyone likes being appreciated but guys who have advanced in their careers and are on their way will draw genuine appreciation from flattery. So be careful but take chance.

Once you achieve this handle it gracefully. Don’t let him down; neither the blog owner who has agreed to publish your post, nor the guy who introduced you. Keep your promise, be of help, and act upon your commitment if any. These are relationships you have to nurture forever; and that needs efforts.

How to Earn Extra Income by Blogging

Blogging to earn extra income is a very vast topic; so vast and in-depth that there are websites and blogs out there, dedicated to this topic exclusively. But since we are covering many different online opportunities on this website that people can pursue from home, let’s give you a basic snapshot of the earning opportunity that blogging brings.

It’s a fact that blogging can do wonders to your income statement and can go on earning you millions year after year; but the other side of the story is that it requires a great amount of hard work, time; focus, patience, etc to get closer to your goals. Good news is that people like you and me have made it big blogging; which goes to prove that it is an achievable target.

The main quality of a blogger or a successful blog lies in his ability to decide a niche and create interesting and useful posts day after day without losing the grip. This means to come up with a new and interesting angle every day, the blogger’s research skills will also have to be worked upon. The more blogs in similar niche that he is able to identify, bookmark, and explore, the more novelty and newness his content will reflect. This is what will finally help him to find a loyal set of audience.

Besides quality of content, the style of writing is also as important, and marketing it using right channels is considered as crucial. So all in all it’s a lot of work; a lot of achievable work nevertheless.

When you were reading through all the above content did you get a feeling its something you can’t do? If you did not, it means you will gradually develop the skills required for blogging. It’s all about thinking about ways to write differently and promote it using creative means.

However if you think, writing is something you can’t do; I must say blogging is not for you. But I equally and strongly feel writing is something that everyone can do provided one decides to drop the inhibitions associated with it and not make a big thing out of it. Haven’t we all, all our lives while being in school have written tests and answer sheets, home work, then we have written letters to our grand parents and friends, so why can’t we write now? It’s a mind game. So drop the feeling that you can’t write. I personally also feel that you can write if you can think of something to share. And to be able to think, reading is the best option.

There are many aspects one needs to look into while starting a blog. For beginners it’s a different ball game altogether. As I say this I don’t mean to discourage anyone to start a blog. All I am trying to do is put the facts before aspirants so that they understand what they are getting into. Every rich blogger that we come across was a beginner a few years back, and knew nothing about blogging. He learnt everything on the net, and if he could, why can’t you? If you are willing to put in as much sincerity in learning, strategizing, implementing, writing, and building the blog you cannot be far from achieving success as a blogger.

As most of you would know, blogging is all about writing and publishing fresh, crisp, informative posts everyday or every few days on a niche topic and post that promote the blog by interlinking, networking and building your own community with fellow bloggers in a similar niche.

Once community starts building up and your blog start getting visitors you can add various streams of income to your blog and at the same time go on adding content. That is one thing you cannot afford to stop, because it is lifeline of your blog, writing, creating innovations, making the blog interactive, organizing competitions, contests, giving freebies to visitors in the form of eBooks etc are some of the ways in which you can hold your clients to your blog or give him/her reason to come back. The streams you can add to earn income may include, Google Ad sense, Affiliate Marketing, Chitika, eBook sales, Amazon, and so on.

If you have started the blog with an objective of promoting your own product, service or information, then you will not place any of the above ads. You will only focus on promoting and improving your own product.

There are many stages that a blog goes through before it makes a success of itself. Right from choosing a niche and outlining a profile of your target audience, to studying traffic of competing sites and studying their strategies, to designing the blog, thinking of ways to make it more attractive for advertisers and readers, creating and publishing content regularly and so on. All these things might give an impression of small steps; however they take shape and size of a strategy and can turn out to be a giant leap forward for a blog if implemented rightly.

How to Do It: You can start with a free blog provided by many on the net, or take your own domain name and host a blog on it. If you can maintain a website you can easily maintain a blog; its much simpler that maintaining a website I feel.
Qualification: No special and formal educational qualification required except knowledge of English language or the language in which you want to write your blog. Everything has to be learnt and applied online, like starting, building, promoting a blog in detail. Some technical skills related to blogging should be learnt online like tagging or uploading photos and posts for better performance of blog; learning to access and read control panel; learning to analyse traffic, to analyse impact of your strategies and so on.
Skills: Typing, flair for writing, research skills
Equipments: Computer, access to internet
Who can’t do – everyone who can type and write is free to blog; no restrictions.
Traditional Education: None.

How Can You Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic to Your Blog?

Pinterest, the photo based media network is the new found force through which you can drive traffic to your blog. Ever since it’s been launched it has got picked up faster than it was expected. People really took to it and more importantly learn to use it and stuck to it.

The result is that it’s become a dominant platform and has proven to generate traffic for websites and blogs that use it. However getting into the Pinterest main lane you’ve got to learn as to how to you can get people to pin images of content and products from your blog or website that you are trying to promote using it.

In this post I am going to share information with the readers to give them an insight into how they can achieve success using Pinterest. If they learnt the skill they will definitely be able to create many avenues to drive traffic for their blogs and sites.

Is Your Blog Pinterest Compatible?

First and foremost your blog should be Pinterest compatible. It means your blog should be technically set in such a way that it permits people to share content on Pinterest. And achieving this is hardly difficult. All that a blog owner wishing to use Pinterest leverage is required to do, is place a Pinterest Button on your blog, that’s about it!

Will the Images You Are Planning to Pin Work on the Platform?

The next issue is to check if the images you are planning to use will work on Pinterest or not; to verify this there is a special tool available there that can help you see how the image will finally look like to the reader. There are also easy to understand and implement SEO tutorials on Pinterest, that you can go there and read, once you decide to use the medium.

Image should always have a self explanatory caption: Along with photo make sure you give an attractive and relevant photo caption to attract target audience to read as well as pin it. A good image makes little sense if the caption is not good enough. Writing web content and thinking its over is wrong, you have to write content for your images too for better impact. Plus it’s SEO requirement so do not ignore it.

Take a step ahead and create theme boards: You can also consider creating a board based on theme in your Pinterest account if you are planning to run an aggressive text based message image based campaign. People who have done it (right) have received great traffic via it.

Organise Unique Contests to Create that Spike in Traffic

On Pinterest contents are a very popular tools that drive traffic to various blogs and sites that run them. So create and launch one for your target audience on the platform where the participant will be required to go to your site and enter details; for people who have managed to come up with an interesting and unique contest or are offering giveaways have earned great many hits and the tool has proved to be a great way to generate traffic. When such contests click they send a sudden surge of traffic to your blog and the traffic graph suddenly shows spikes.

Since Pinterest is majorly about pictures, images of people, animals etc work real good.

Network: I have spared the most important tip for the road, as I leave I want to share something that you may have heard a thousand times before, but I want to discuss it and remind you of it one more time. The golden tip is put efforts towards building network. If you want to be appreciated, acknowledged; learn to appreciate and acknowledge others.

Make it a habit to pin so that people will pin you in reciprocation, take that extra initiative, go an extra mile to show you are interested and see the result for yourself. Because without meeting and interacting with people things will not work, internet is a huge and the most organic democracy, where people will make and break people, so don’t make the mistake of treating them casually. Go for them and see how they reach out to you.

How to Have a Fascinating WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms of blogging all around the world. There are several reasons behind their popularity like user friendly source, completely customizable, and most importantly they help a blog to rank well in the popular search engine results. Moreover, if you are a beginner, then it is necessary for you to know search engine optimization in blogging. Fortunately, you will find very easy with the WordPress. It is relatively easy to operate and offers several ways of incorporating effective search engine optimization techniques. Here are some tips that will help your WordPress blogs to improve your ranking in the popular search engines:

Use a quality theme: A cool theme is the primary thing a blogger has to consider while blogging. However, a number of beginners do not have an amount of money to buy a premium theme for their blog. For them, there are several free WordPress themes, which they can use for their blogging activity. You can find several unique and different themes of WordPress online with the help of internet. However, you have to be very careful in choosing a good theme for your blog. You must choose a decent theme to your blog which is user friendly to your visitors. On the other side, you will also get a number of fancy and designer themes, which have difficulties in getting rank in popular search engines. Thus, you must choose an elegant and decent theme that helps to generate huge traffic to your blog.

Install SEO plug-in: You will find all-in-one free WordPress Plug-in by downloading it from a WordPress dashboard. It will help you to set your title, description, and Meta tags for each and every post of your blog. It is of keen importance for you blog, as it will makes easier for popular search engines to check your blog content. After installing the plug-in, you have to go to setting option and make homepage title, list relevant keywords, and description of the blog.

Do keyword research: It is a necessary step even before starting up a new blog. You should have to specify your niche and use proper research on keywords for a domain name. You have to use proper keywords in each and every article on your blog. Your article as well as blog will be of no use, if you are not using researched keywords in your articles. Articles with properly used keywords will improve your ranking to a great extent and helps your blog to bring regular traffic to your blog.

Configure permalinks: It determine the internal structure of URL’s, which the search engines actually read for determining the content uploaded in your blog. The use of WordPress with permalinks will make it easier for well known search engines to read the content of your blog and rank your blog well in the search results.

Alt tags: It is important to note that search engines only read the text of your blog, and do not see images or other items, so you have to make use of ‘Alt Tags’ for the identification. Every time you upload image on your WordPress Blog, you will see an empty field which you can use to enter ‘Alternate Text’. Thus, you can use this empty space to identify images of your blog, so that the search engines can rank you well in the search results.

Learning SEO techniques is a necessary thing for a serious blogger that can help him in the path of becoming a successful one. Your WordPress blog can get a good rank in search engines easily, if you know how to use SEO in your WordPress blog.

Drive to Your Blog Using StumbleUpon Paid Discovery

StumbleUpon is a big name and influence; which has the power to bring organic traffic to your blog or site provided your submission goes viral. If you can create that kind of content and are in touch with big users of the media who will spread the word around about your content, then chances of your submission getting read by a wider set of audience increases manifold; which obviously leads to increase in number of visitors to your site.

This logic may sound very clear and you might also think to yourself,” hey, that’s not bad, for a start”. True. But the other aspect of the fact is that it’s not easy. Though it all sounds very well on paper; viral content is not so easy to come by. While some people aren’t confident of creating that kind of content; and others are not well networked on the platform that will help them push the content forward. In such a situation what does one do?

Then again, content going viral is a wild-guess game in its own way. No writer knows at the time of writing that what he is writing will be read by people or rejected; will it click and connect with the target audience it has been written for or not. The least expected submissions have gone viral; flummoxing the writer her/himself, who hardly expected anything like this out of it. Likewise the best pieces are lying buried deep down.

I am not telling you all this to discourage you. I admit that people do succeed doing the above mentioned things; and some even go on trying all the steps hand in hand; until they hit the bull’s eye.

But the practical difficulties are different for everyone. Some may not have the time to create unique content or build a network; in the environment where there is so much uncertainty and competition. But the medium is so influential that people looking for traffic to their blog don’t want to ignore it either. So, what’s the option then?

The option is to take get into paid program called Paid Discovery that will speed up the entire process. This campaign is divided into five segments. I will brief you about each one of these for better understanding.

The first step is that you will be asked to choose one plan out of the three that are available. Make sure you don’t enrol in the cheapest or lowest one, it is not good enough. Either go for mid one or the most premium one.

The next thing you will be asked is the team will ask you to enter the URL you want to promote. Drop the exact URL with extension to direct users to stumble upon the particular page that you intend to promote. There is a way to track the progress and number of visitors, via Google Analytics utm_parameter.

The Paid Discovery Campaign offers you total ten topics to choose from; if you are confused one of the team members will come to your rescue and help you choose the most appropriate one. They also give you the liberty to do a split campaign in accordance with the topics.

The next step is to identify your target audience based on details such as gender, age, geographical location, their profile and so on.

Your budget comes next that will decide the number of leads or hits you will generate. If you have a healthy budget and are ready to pay the premium cost, you can even consider going for home page priority placement on StumbleUpon; otherwise based on your budget people set their daily spend limit and generate as many leads as they are able to afford.

Next after you have finalised the budget is deciding the schedule which will go according to your plan. They offer you two options; if you wish they can start the campaign as soon as you have decide the placement and budget and next is you are free to schedule your campaign at a pre decided time. This kind of arrangement will enable you to generate multiple campaigns simultaneously.

StumbleUpon Paid Discovery Campaign offers its users an interface on their dashboard itself from where they can add funds to have the campaign running.

You can do one more thing while you are using the medium, to optimize your content you can identify the categories that are most popular accordingly select manual targeting for deriving maximum leverage. Then take trail with a few categories to see which type gives you the best response.

This paid discovery campaign has done a lot of good to bloggers looking for traffic; those who have learnt the skill to make the best use of this program are certainly at a higher advantage.

Study this StumbleUpon option, understand how it works, if you think it suits you right now, take it up; or come back when your blog is better prepared to handle and satisfy the traffic coming its way.

We admit that traffic is everything but when traffic reaches your blog and is not happy to be there because the blog does not offer them anything new or what they are looking for, then the whole exercise of driving traffic to it can go for a toss!

So look at it from that angle and then decide. Makes sense?

Use Ego-Bait or Go Viral on Tumblr to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

I have decided to include two traffic generating ideas for blogs in this one post. First one is how you can use Ego-Bait tactic, and second is going offbeat on Tumblr; let me explain them one at a time.

If you’ve been on the net promoting your business for a while now, chances are that you may be attached to several online communities where you meet, read, discuss, and argue about the happenings in your industry; and if you are smarter than that, probability is that you have created a position for yourself in the minds of people and have generated a respectable following on posts your publish. If either or both hold true in your case, and still you are not using ego-bait, what a waste, it is!

Let me show you how you can capitalise on the brand you have created for yourself or for your blog, forum whatever that you are managing. I want to assure you that the technique does add to the pride and pleases people in a natural and yet flashy sort of way.

When you own a blog or a forum is visited and read by people in large number; some of whom re-visit often to see what’s new on it; or leave a comment, etc; this means your blog has an influence on people, and when this kind of natural activity keeps the heart of your blog beating, it’s absolutely a great news. However, if you don’t own a blog that gets this kind of attention yet, you can work towards it and then run this campaign. But remember this one really works, so either way it happens, it’s a win-win situation.

On a blog or forum like this you should run a contest, or invite posts, or reaction on certain subjects, or whatever, where winner will be awarded with “Most Read Blogger” “The Hot `n’ Rocking Blog” Button on the home page of your blog; or the winner gets a free coverage on three other blogs owned by you, etc. He is also free to post the award or live link of press coverage on his own blog.

On one hand while the WINNER button will add credibility to his blog; on the other it will give you a back-link. But to run this kind of campaign your blog or forum will have to have a traffic and loyal readership of its own, otherwise the whole exercise will look really foolish.

Coming to the next tactic, which is user network called Tumblr; it is a very popular meme based content platform. If you can manage to create a stir amongst its users by coining a unique thought which can go viral; it will make you a sure shot winner; as this platform is capable of sending some serious traffic your way.

Tumblr is generally known for teeny-weenie posts and one-liners; however an exception is bound to get a notice. So here is an offbeat trick. Do a rather longish post on Tumblr and wait to see the reactions of its readers. Most of them will stop by to have a look at this storm in the teacup post; and if it’s good enough, it will send good enough traffic your way. When you do a long post make sure that you have live natural (read contextual) link pointing to your site, which is there to tell readers that if you are looking for information in more detail, then the live link can help, because the page it lands on, is full of useful information on this topic.

Once reader reaches your site, you’ve got him. How your site or blog can hold his attention is up to you. But Tumblr promises traffic if used properly; people may not know the power of this platform until and unless they give it a try.

When we are looking for traffic to come our way, why leave any option unexplored? I personally feel every door or window that can bring you traffic should be left open with a Welcome signboard.

Are You Using These ‘Good Links’ Strategies To Promote Your Blog?

Some people get their sites & blogs up and running; but they wonder as to why it does not make them any money. In one simple sentence the answer is, “because these webmasters and blog owners have not been able to generate enough good links for themselves”.

A good link is generated when: (a) an active, organic, ethical, high quality website or blog owner (b) decides to acknowledge worthiness of another site or blog (c) in his own or related niche; by accommodating its live link on his site /blog.

There are several reasons why people will accommodate your live links on their site site/blog. Your blog may have unique information; it may cover unique topics; it may attract unique audience; you may be an authority in your niche; your blog may have a huge following or community; you have a top spot on SE for your chosen keywords and phrases; or anything else that is likely to add value to the site/blog that links to yours.

Till about seven years ago, link exchange was a far simpler strategy; we simply chased number; the more back-links we generated; the more popular our site became; and its SE rankings improved accordingly.

Turn to 2012, popularity and ranking algorithms have undergone a sea change; so much so that indexing has been baptised! They are calling it Pandas and Penguins now! So much so that we are witnessing sites with almost 7000 back-links lose its position to a site having around 60 back-links is old news! Such is life…

So, you can imagine the way searches have evolved in the past decade. The number is replaced by quality; and quality standards have changed too and HOW!

Initially quality of website or blog was reflected in the content it published; interlinking structure it followed; SEO etc. Turn to 2010 and onwards – a good quality blog or site besides consistently publishing good content, also boasts of healthy following and good reputation on various social media channels; they are taking a step further and going to the extent of creating and uploading optimized videos for better user experience.

I am waiting for the day when while checking out recipes we will be able to smell wine and pizzas online. For most of us, Internet has already far exceeded our expectations.

The more a blog /site works towards giving a good experience to the reader; albeit by remaining in within rules set by search engines; the more it will succeed in getting linked to high quality blogs and sites and in turn be found by searchers.

For generating good links for your website or blog you should get into the habit of working both ways. On one hand you should make your blog such that people would want to link to you; this will help to improve visibility of your blog without you having to do anything externally; on the other, be on a lookout for blogs and sites where you would like to see your live links; when a high traffic blog will place your link, you will get pulled up in SE faster.

People will link to you for the same reasons that you’d link to them. I.e. informative content presented well; ethical strategies; good feel & following; and more.

While carrying out these good linking campaigns you should keep one thing in mind – that you have no control over people who link to you; but you can choose the blogs you want to see your links on.

Let’s cut all this noise – and just focus on two aspects; (i) lets make our blog as informative; interesting; unique, innovative, and link worthy as possible, and (ii) Let’s look for ways to place our links on blogs with similar or better virtues. Remember ONE good link has the power to outperform FIFTY mediocre links. Either be that link or power or fine one to link to.

First goal can be achieved if we can publish content that meets or exceeds our audience’ expectations. For example, when your visitor is looking for content, you can also offer them to watch the video as an extended option; or draw his/her attention towards a podcasts, or webinar you are holding; or to a comment made by a famous strategist/ your customer – reacting /appreciating your post/ product/service. Let all these show up as natural links; they need not scream.

Similarly for getting linked on a high quality traffic blog in your niche, contact and request its owner to publish a guest post you’ve created; with your live link; or simply make a genuine, valuable contribution by adding comment below a post; after checking the no-follow link status.

While writing guest post content, comment; or while publishing regular content on your blog; keep one very important point in mind – be sure that whatever it be that you are writing about, it should succeed in breaking the routine emotional pattern in the reader’s brain.

Reader’s mind, with time gets accustomed to certain patterns; for example after reading a subhead line, he more or less knows what to expect; you have to break this pattern; offer him more, beyond, like a new angle, an uncommon logic, presenting your own take … whatever.

While linking (either way) do ensure that the strategy fits seamlessly and the linking looks as natural as it possibly can. Google is only going to get smarter with each passing day; and will do everything to cut all the crap and give readers what they deserve.

I Have Given up On Blogging; What Should I Do?

Well, next is – improve! I know what you are thinking, that you never thought you will have to sit and analyse and improve, right? Because when you started blogging, you were told it was an easy, exciting medium that would help you earn money; if offers freedom of everything plus all the money you earned from it is yours to keep! No need to share it with anyone. Nobody told you about these knick knacks! Did they? Oh well, such is life.

You were told that as a blogger you would be on your own from day one; working independently; free to design the look and layout of your blog as you liked; free to choose the topic you want to write about; products you want to sell. Edit, delete, re-write content & publish or reject comments, as you like. In spite of having got so much on the platter, you aren’t happy? Why? Because you are not successful, not making any money. Right?

Well, I want to tell my `fed up’ readers that more than 75% bloggers, who dreamt of making money when they started, felt the same – until the change happened that added to their success, confidence, & bank balance.

First of all, I strongly believe that to succeed in any field, be it blogging, internet marketing, working as a programmer, web designing, doctor, beautician, liaison, whatever it is… you will have to work on yourself inside out; first there has to be positive readiness and willingness from within; then tools can follow.

This might sound slightly heavy, but unless you understand how important it is to be ready and positive from within; I don’t think things can work. Since your worry of the moment is blogging, let’s stick to it.

Readying Yourself Psychologically: As you start blogging make sure that the dominating thought is `I can’ and not `may be’ ‘let’s try’ ‘what if’ ‘no harm’ etc. If from within you allow the ‘can’ thought to surface, then your soul and spirit will embrace it and once that happens, success will follow. This means that the whole universe coming to your rescue theory holds true here as much as it does elsewhere.

Intention: Your genuine intentions & willingness is bound to reflect in your content and when that happens, it will show and either you will get read or rejected. Your reader is more intelligent than you can think.

Be Your Own Voice: Don’t become part of the noisy crowd, have your own voice, your own goal; your own action plan for your own good. Don’t do things just because everybody else is doing, which may include joining social media networks; doing guest posts and what not. They are all powerful mediums but not unless you know how to use and work through them. So first have a plan; based on your own basic goal and strategy, and then act.

Comment Less Write More: Make it a habit to create epic content, follow contextual linking and then guest post it as per your plan. Don’t do this exercise haphazardly. When you comment on someone’s article it does not add to your blog’s strength in anyway. It gives you a back link which sometimes Google may not even consider because of inappropriate or oft repeated anchor text. Instead writing and posting high quality guest articles is a better deal.

Dealing with discouraging friends & family: When you take this course, you will come across, friends, family, acquaintances who will discourage you from pursuing a career as a blogger; but instead of reacting, explain your point to them with a cool mind to put their doubts to rest. Your stable conduct, tender demeanour will do its bit while influencing your success.

When your Blog gets hacked: What to do? Well, I have seen people cry and quit. They quit because don’t see themselves going through it all over again… in spite of the fact that they had not done too badly till they got hacked. A passionate blogger would have protected his data and would have started afresh, but did they? Well, it says a lot about their fake passion. Sooner or later if not these outside hackers, then the hackers from within would have hacked the blog.

Get a Unique Design for Your Blog: Don’t use free templates to get your blog up. A customized design gives your site a better recall and distinct identity.

Make Money Writing For Felloe Bloggers : Offer your writing services to fellow bloggers; many people out there are looking for bloggers who know the craft and can create content for their blogs. You can charge hourly rate for it or even fix charges per post depending on the topic and time you will spend in researching the topic. This way even while you are still working on marketing your blog, you are already making money from your writing skills. Once you tell people you are open to writing, word generally gets around and people get in touch with you.

Build Trust, Earn More: When you build your blog build trust along; so that you can become affiliate for high end products and earn bigger commissions on each sale. But this can be achieved only when your blog spells trust, your image is that of the guy who knows and helps a lot. You can consider monetizing your blog by subscribing to subscription based programs than things you sell once because former keep generating income for you month after month.

If you will follow these tips you will definitely overcome your blogging limitations and fear. You know what is blogging fear? Well any fear comes from lack of information; and blogging fear is no exception. When you get into blogging with half knowledge or assumptions then as you tread the path ahead you are bound to be gripped with this feat.

To overcome the fear understand your job as a blogger; understand your audience, their psyche, the format that is easy on their eyes and mind; read and understand about the tone of blogging you should use, the language and style that will trigger reaction from your readers; composition and grammatical errors etc. Bad grammar and spelling errors create a very bad impression and there is no excuse for it. No amount of information and genius can compensate for it. So be very careful with the way you write, edit, re-read before posting. Once more!