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How Does a Shipping Agency Function?

Shipping agency plays a crucial role when it comes to transferring a consignment from one port to the other; generally from one country to the other. Shipping agency’s job is to handle shipments & cargo worldwide at different ports and harbors for the shipping companies that hire its services.

People who run these agencies or employ individuals who are given implied authority to undertake and deliver the job assigned to them by operating within rules set by the principal company, are called shipping agents; in some parts of the world they are also known as port agents or even cargo brokers. Remuneration of these agents is something that is decided between the company that is hiring them and the agent and forms part of the contract.

There are different kinds of shipping agents based on their expertise in the field, some are liner agents; some are port agents and so on.

Shipping agents are experienced and efficient professionals familiar with all the routine steps involved in getting the work done from start to end, i.e. uploading the consignment to safely reaching it at its destination within the committed time frame.

Shipping AgencyShipping agent takes care of things like customs documentation, waste declarations, essential supplies, crew transfers etc and makes sure that everything is arranged with the port authorities in time so that work can be delivered as per commitment. Besides that these agents also keep the shipping company in loop vis-à-vis updates and reports on activities being performed at the port where the cargo has to be delivered, which helps the shipping companies informed about the most current developments at the time when goods are in transit.

Core responsibility areas of a shipping agency or agent include ensuring space for the incoming ship; if required they also organize pilot and the tugs; organizing documents for the customs/harbor services, storage bunkers; the agent also helps the master of the ship to familiarize & develop contacts with stevedores, local and harbor authority; he takes care of provisional requirements and repairs pertaining to the ship; taking communication to and fro from ship owner; he is also responsible for collection of freights, cargoes; keeping in touch with shippers and receivers of consignment.

If ship or consignment is damaged in transit it is responsibility of the shipping agent to contact insurance company, get in touch with the surveyors and other team members of insurance company within stipulated time frame, and help the ship owner file a request for necessary compensation.

Ways Senior Citizens Can Make Money

Living on a fixed income is not always easy, especially if a senior citizen has the desire to do more than what is required of him to survive. Seniors that are bored, unhappy, or want to expand their horizons cannot do much unless they find ways of earning extra cash.

How can an elderly person generate an extra income? There is no “one size fits all” answer that suits everyone over 60 years of age. How a senior can make money depends on their:

  • Health or physical condition
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Areas of skill or expertise
  • Personal assets
  • Savings and liquid assets
  • Real estate
  • Criminal record and reputation
  • Driving record and ability to drive safely
  • Friends, family, or professional staff who can help them

Working with others is much more effective than working alone. If there is lifting or transporting items involved, it is great to have the assistance of younger people to help out. If the trade requires knowledge and expertise, it is beneficial for the senior to find others knowledgeable in that area. Seniors who work in teams can be more successful yet.

Still, I would like to suggest 20 ways seniors can make money. Many of these ventures require labor and expertise, but none are steady, full time jobs or part time jobs. Although the money made is usually tax-free, it should be considered a secondary form of income. They are as follows:

1. Pet sitter – Vacationers need someone to look after their pets while they’re away. Seniors can take care of peoples’ pets either at their own house or by making daily trips to the pet owner’s home. This service is great for even those who plan to be away for several hours.

Offering a pet care service would require some basic knowledge about pets. The senior must still be living in his own home and have a large fenced-in backyard. If a perspective customer sees that his house is not well equipped, the pet owner is likely to look elsewhere for pet care. On the other hand, if the owner already has a kennel and a small access floor level door especially for dogs, this will serve as a big plus. Finally, the senior should have pet toys, dog/cat dishes, litter boxes, and all other amenities needed for taking care of them.

The more pet caring experience seniors have, the better. Obedience training and first aid pet knowledge is a plus. Having a list of customer references will be a big help as well. After all, leaving a dog or cat in a stray house can cause difficulty and great discomfort to the pet that was suddenly separated from its owner. An experienced pet owner who has patience can help make this stray pet feel at home.

The site, is highly recommended as it serves as a forum for people who have made money taking care of others’ pets.

2. Baby sitter – Most elderly men and women can work as occasional baby sitters. All they need to do is find neighbors and other acquaintances that need someone to watch their children. Senior couples might provide better service than widows, widowers, or single individuals.

Working as a sitter requires minimal accommodations, especially if the baby sitter sits in the children’s home. If the senior(s) still live in their home, parents can leave the children there for the day. If the house is conveniently located to playgrounds or other facilities for children, this will serve as a big plus. In addition, if the senior’s residence is child-friendly (offering plenty of room and toys to play with) their chances of winning customers are better. Their house should be free of hazards that might cause injuries, as broken steps, icy sidewalks, loose railings, or unfriendly dogs. Those who sit frequently, should know basic first aid procedures and have a first aid kit, diapers, toys, and plenty of other related amenities handy.

Sitting requires common sense and should be simple, especially for those who’ve raised children. Of course, the sitter(s) need to be patient and understanding towards children, but firm and emotionally sound.

3. Post-surgical care assistant – All too often people need to undergo surgical procedures, but many of them don’t have someone who can drive them home or take care of them while they’re laid up. The senior will want to become well acquainted with the patient beforehand. The patient can find out how safe and reliable the service provider is.

Anyone using his/her service will want to do a background check on the senior first. The senior first needs a spotless criminal record and driving record. One who is an ex-convict may face a steep challenge in finding people who will accept his service. By having a near perfect driving record, especially for several years, a customer can be assured that he will not drive while intoxicated and that he is safe to ride with. The care provider’s car must be clean and in good condition. A big plus would be a senior who was employed in a driver-related occupation in the past and has a satisfactory job record.

Also, most important, this senior should have experience in the nursing field or work directly with someone who is a nurse. She must know CPR and first aid and have a good medical background. Being strong enough to assist people to and from the bathroom is also helpful. One who lacks experience can find online training sites as

4. Operator of summer-long garage sale – People love antiques and old books or records that are no longer sold in stores.  Any senior who still lives in a house they own can use their garage to host rummage sales.   Meanwhile, they can search various used merchandise venues to find great merchandise.

Two or more seniors that host a sale can run it more proficiently. If at least one garage can be dedicated strictly for the sale, there would be less of a need to haul the merchandise back and forth. The more knowledgeable the seniors are about antiques, the better merchandise they can offer. This includes knowing where to find antiques to resell, folks that have some they want to part with, and thrift stores too.

Most every city allows garage sales if they’re for one or two weeks only. Those who wish to hold sales on a more continual basis may have to file for a sales permit or seller’s tax ID. A seller must contact their city hall to fulfill these requirements. The senior’s property must be in good repair to ensure there are no hazards that can cause injuries to sales goers as a broken up sidewalk. It is best if the house is not located on a busy street and that there is sufficient parking space.

There are numerous sites that offer garage sales advice as

5. Flea market seller – Here is a job that requires minimal work and is also fun. Sellers can spend the day indoors or out, sitting at a booth while watching people stop by and look at their merchandise. All it requires is unpacking the merchandise, arranging it on the table, packing it up at the end and driving to other flea markets as necessary. Most sellers truly enjoy flea markets.

The more expertise and experience in selling used goods, the more successful the vendor is likely to be. One must not just sit at his booth, but try to draw people in by greeting them as they walk by. If he works along with other skilled sellers, this would be a plus. Because most seniors have grown up in households with antiques, they are likely to have knowledge about them. The more one knows about antiques, the better merchandise they can provide and the more profitable they will be after paying the booth rental fee.

Becoming a flea market vendor is relatively easy. One must determine what flea markets he wishes to sell at and the amount of traffic they typically generate. Next, the senior must obtain a Sales Tax ID# and other business license required. Most flea market owners can tell them how to obtain these. Vendors must sell merchandise that is in great demand, but most of all, items they know well. One great site is:

6. Storage space provider – For those still fortunate to be in their own houses and preferably those with large yards, multiple garages, and sheds or basement spaces, these seniors may consider renting out storage spaces.

If they know people who are moving or need to store vehicles for the winter, this will be a big plus, especially if they’re not family members or relatives. Still, it is best to store for people they are acquainted with as neighbours or members of their church, etc.

If they must offer rental storage service to strangers, there are certain obligations they must face. The storage area must keep be kept clean and safe from hazards as flooding, fire, theft, animals, or insects. There must be a written agreement between both parties to ensure timely payments are received and that the things in storage are not accessed without the owner’s consent. This means the merchandise should be safe from visitors, children, or strangers and not an inconvenience to the homeowner. If the storage area has a security system, this is a big plus.

Insuring the stored goods must be discussed as well. One’s homeowner insurance will not cover the value of the merchandise that doesn’t belong to him. Either party may assume the obligation of coverage or the owner may choose to store it there at his own risk. This agreement should be in writing.

7. Decoration maker – This is especially great for seniors with limited physical strength and mobility. Those who have made crafts and decorations over the years are more likely to love doing this. Women love knitting, crocheting, or jewelry making because they know others who do and have done this for a long time. For them, this is more of a hobby than a job.

What kind of things can they make? Christmas ornaments, plant holders, jewelry, clothing, blankets, and the list goes on. Their imagination is the limit. Nowadays there are numerous types of kits as latch hook kits, paint-by-number sets, etc that enable those with little crafting expertise to produce great works of art. Likewise, those with computer access can find numerous sites that offer simple instructions on how to make such decorations or personal items.

Once these fancy trinkets are made, they need to be marketed and sold. If one is willing to rent a booth at a flea market, hold a garage sale, or sell them at an outdoors community sale, church sales, or fundraisers, they can be assured success. The love of participating in community clubs and events will be required to make this successful.

8. Woodworker – Seniors with great woodworking skills often love to build things out of wood. To them it’s like a hobby or just something to do, especially if they have all the power tools they need and have been doing this for years. Whether it’s large or small, their product will definitely be worth something in the end.

What can they make? Items may range from simple wooden knick-knacks to shelves or storage cabinets. It all depends on the skill of the woodworker. If he knows people who need furniture, he can make money by custom building pieces himself. Although there are numerous kits sold in stores for DIY assembly of shelves, tables, and cabinets, these pieces of furniture often lack the quality of their homemade counterparts. A skilled woodworker can construct a shelf or table in the customer’s home to meet unique specs (width, depth, height, type of wood, etc) to eliminate the need of transporting it there.

Selling wooden decorations or furniture is often fun and easy as long as the extra labor needed to ship them is available. They can be sold at flea markets, garage sales, or wherever arts and crafts are sold. Most of all, people love nice pieces of furniture, especially shelves and cabinets since they’re great for storing or displaying things.

9. Gardener / yard care provider – Those with access to a large backyard can grow a big enough garden to produce a variety of fruits and vegetables. Of course, years of gardening experience will serve as a big plus, but one can always learn the tricks of the trade by reading books or obtaining advice from others. One must know the best time to plant, how to fertilize the ground, aerate the soil, control run-off, and the most proper manner of irrigation. Regardless of knowledge and experience, those with internet access will want to consult gardening sites and keep current on the weather.

Gardening work is rather physically demanding. A gardener must spend hours crawling on his hands and knees while pulling out weeds and inserting seeds. Either tilling or hoeing can be hard on his arms and back. Hence, it is best to hire help from younger gardeners. However, seniors who have gardened for a long time are more likely to have the resources and know people who can help them. After the ground has been prepared and the plants are starting to sprout, the remaining work is relatively easy.

In addition, one will need some basic gardening tools such as rakes, hoes, shovels, sticks, and pesticides. Hand tools can usually be purchased used to save money. Pesticides should be carefully chosen as RoundUp or Scotts brands for best results. Power tillers can be rented from a nearby hardware store or tool rental shop. Overall, gardening equipment is relatively inexpensive, and the more one already owns, the more prepared he will be.

Once the ripe fruits and vegetables have been harvested, they can be sold to the public. Until then, storing them requires a cool, damp, and dark room as in a basement or cellar. Selling them requires setting up a table at a local farmer’s market or flea market. The senior then must find out what the costs are and where they are held in his community.

Those with gardening expertise may want to consider simple yard work instead. This includes removing weeds, sprinkling the lawn, spreading fertilizer, and mowing. One can work on as few or as many yards as he can handle and restrict himself to smaller yards if necessary. Likewise, he can work as many or as few hours a day as he chooses. He need not perform tasks that are too laborious for him such as tree removal, tilling, or laying sod. Recruiting outside help will benefit him greatly.

Of course, yard caretakers need some basic tools to perform this work proficiently such as rakes, fertilizer spreaders, water hoses, sprinklers, power sprayers, pesticides, fertilizers, lawn mowers, etc. These tools are relatively inexpensive and senior homeowners may already have many of the tools they need. To save money, some can be purchased used. Most of all, one will need a van or pickup truck to haul his equipment in.

Finally, the more knowledge and experience he has in lawn care, the more successful he can be. However, it is best that he has a few books on hand or internet access as this information can help keep his knowledge up to date. The more he knows, the more he can convince prospective customers, and the more likely he is to win them.

10. Student tutor – When it comes to math, history, or English (or foreign language courses), some seniors are still sharp. This is especially true if the senior once was a teacher or had a career that required intense skills in one of these subjects, such as accounting. As long as there are schools, there will be children struggling with one subject or another. By offering evening tutoring services, one can motivate students to do better and help them overcome problems.
Thanks to the availability of information online, a senior can brush up on subjects that she hasn’t studied in years. If the senior is aware of the curriculum offered in elementary and high schools in her area, she can be more prepared to tutor. In a short time, she will be ready to handle any questions that come her way.

Additionally, she may need to illustrate course points in some type of visual aid. This can be as simple as drawing on paper, making Power Point presentations, or sketching on a white board. She will prefer to have internet access available at the location she plans to tutor, unless the subject is relatively simple.

Becoming a tutor takes a little bit of effort though. The senior needs to advertise her services and become well-known in the school(s) she wishes to provide help for. The tutor can place ads in local papers, hand out business cards, or advertise on bulletin boards in stores and Laundromats. She may either hold services in her home or in the home of the student. Also, she can charge by the hour or by the session. If her rates are reasonable, she will attain many students.

11. Sewer / tailor / custom clothier – Elderly women may love this kind of work, especially if they have done it for many years. Seniors can establish their own service tailoring dresses and tuxedos for those who plan to wed. Likewise, they can mend torn clothes and reattach missing buttons or replace zippers. No need to throw good garments away if all they need is one simple repair. Because some people dislike sewing, or don’t know how, that is what they’re likely to do. Some articles of clothing tend to tear apart because people don’t realize they can be altered or don’t want to take the effort of getting it done. Finally, shoe shining can be offered as a complimentary service.

Unfortunately, mass produced clothing doesn’t hold up as long as it should, especially generic or “basement bargain” garments. Buttons snap off of shirts and pants, zippers tear loose from jeans or jackets, and seams often come apart. Why? Many textile firms do a “touch and go” job of sewing on buttons or zipper and thus, aren’t always conscientious about quality. They may do this as a ploy to get you to buy another garment once that one falls apart.

Private household sewing and tailoring services can have advantages over commercial dry cleaning or tailoring shops. At a regular store, you usually must wait for hours or days before your job is done. Self-employed women are likely to do your job in minutes and you can be there while your dress, slacks, tuxedo, etc is being altered. Likewise, these home tailor services can get to know you on a personal basis, offer you suggestions or advice, and make you feel welcome to consult them on future needs. Also, because home sewers don’t have overhead expenses as a shop does, they can charge less for their services.

Home sewing services can succeed with minimal qualifications. Such a service is best if located in a large residential area. Equipment needed is sewing kits with a variety of needles and threads, a sewer’s ruler, and (optionally) a sewing machine.

As we all know, some clothes tend to go out of style and/or are no longer available in stores. Have you had ever wanted to buy a specific kind of garment, but couldn’t find it anywhere? Maybe they just didn’t have it in your size. Do you dislike the current style of clothes? Very frustrating indeed! No need running from store to store looking for such articles of clothing. Have them custom made.

Now you can have clothing made to your personal specifications. In fact, your imagination is the limit. This is especially great for summer apparel. Maybe you like shorts, halters, or tank tops to be made in a particular style or color. Possibly, you may like to have a small chest pocket in every blouse you wear. It could be that you like bright fluorescent colors as opposed to neutral hues. Likely, a garment that you really loved has worn out or become ragged and you can’t find another one like it. Whatever your tastes, you can have your clothes custom made in any style you like as long as you can find the fabric.

Producing custom made clothing is a step above sewing and tailoring. Simply, you provide the sewer with a template or even a simple sketch of what you want the garment to look like. You may purchase the fabric yourself or have the clothier provide it at an extra cost. Once the garment is completed, you can try it on and have it altered on the spot before purchasing it.

12. Maid service – Women can offer families and elderly couples in-home maid service. Young parents often lack the time to keep their home totally clean, especially in dual-career households without children who can help them. Seniors or handicapped individuals may have trouble doing regular household chores due to lack of mobility. Maids can perform chores others may not be able to such as doing laundry or vacuuming the house.

The services maids can offer are many. This includes washing windows, cooking, dusting, laundry, mopping, and general clean-up. If a maid is handy in other ways as sewing or botany, she may do these chores as well. She can do household maintenance chores as shovel, mow, or paint preferably if the jobs are small and not regularly required of her. Likewise, she can do nursing chores on a fill-in basis.

Women often make more suitable maids than men, especially if the customers are women too. Females may feel uncomfortable having a man clean their home since a man cannot always relate to a woman’s needs as well as a female can. This is especially true when laundering undergarments. However, an elderly couple can work together as the wife cleans and the husband does the home maintenance jobs. Ads for this service can be run in local papers and postings can be put on bulletin boards or stores and Laundromats.

13. Photographer/Videographer – Providing in-home photography service may seem so passé, considering the fact that nowadays there are numerous types of cameras that take high-quality pictures through portable devices as cell phones, iPads, web cams, camcorders, etc. It seems like every other person these days owns a computer where pictures can be downloaded onto and printed from. Also, hand-held, conventional cameras are so simple to operate even the faint-at-heart picture takers can take good photos.

Despite all this fancy, self-intuitive camera equipment and computer software, some people would rather leave the photo taking to an expert. Just because a teenager has a powerful camera in her hands, that doesn’t mean all her pictures will come out perfectly. Here is where the photographer comes in. If he has done photography for many years, most likely he has a great depth of experience in this area. He can arrange the scene and the lighting conditions to make subjects stand out clearer. If he has used a number of manual adjusting cameras, he can make shutter and aperture settings to compensate for all types of lighting conditions. Likewise, he can recommend the best type of background or angle to shoot at. Over the years, he has seen many good and bad quality photos produced and knows how the poorly taken pictures could have been improved. Inexperienced picture takers don’t always make these considerations.

Because the photographer business is highly competitive and has been diminished by modern day electronic equipment, one must be explicit and detailed as to why his service is needed. Not only does he need a camera that allows manual adjustments, but photo lights, tripods, flashes, and most other accessories available for it. The more equipment he has, the easier it will be to win customers. He will want to have photo albums of pictures he has taken as a means of demonstrating the quality of his work. When advertising, he must clearly state the benefits of using his service versus having a novice take pictures.

14. Household landlord – While homeowners of all ages take in roommates, most lack one thing a senior citizen has: experience. The more experienced one is at being a landlord, the more successful he’ll be. One who has handled numerous tenants in the past can make a renting relationship run smoothly and protect himself from problems that may cause lawsuits.

There are three basic things a landlord must do: draft up a lease, make household rules clear to the tenant(s), and see to it that the landlord-tenant relationship runs smooth. He must be aware of the local laws homeowners must comply to. Also, he must be firm and not afraid to confront his tenant if there is a problem or misunderstanding.

Finding a roommate requires advertising in a newspaper, online, or through an apartment guide service. Once a senior homeowner has found a good and reliable tenant, he can be assured a monthly stream of income. Alternate arrangements can be made if the homeowner needs help doing things (as home repairs or transportation service) that he is not able to do as well himself.

15.  Form or join a senior network club – Because seniors have limitations and unique personal needs, forming a senior networking club can benefit all members. In fact, such a club can be more effective than a church or a group of bingo players since rather than just socializing, it serves mainly as a means providing support for each member.

The sole purpose of this club is to bring customers and service providers together. For example, if a member works out of her home as a tailor, other members can help her find people who need garments repaired. If two or more gentlemen do occasional household repairs, they can pool their efforts and resources together to earn more money in their trade. Say, if a senior is no longer able to drive, another member can provide transportation service for her for a fee.

How can this be a money maker? The owner(s) charges members periodic dues. The dues go towards newsletters, advertisements, referrals, and leads that will benefit each member in some way. The total amount collected in dues should be enough to cover all the costs the club incurs and provide a profit to the owner. Likewise, all members who wish to make extra money can benefit by being a member.

16. Recycle used materials for cash – Most moderate to large sized communities have places where one can turn in recyclable goods for cash.  Some services provide households with bins (some containing computer chips) as drivers in their area make weekly pickups from their homes.  Others require customers to deliver their own recyclables to the plants.

Instead of one putting all of his recyclable goods into the green bin provided by his city, he can have them brought to a plant that pays him for them instead. Most anyone, regardless of what products they use or consume, accumulates valuable recyclable items over time. Firms that buy these materials motivate people to recycle for cash.

This requires the least amount of effort on the senior’s behalf. All he has to do is place the goods in the bin and deliver them or have them picked up from his home. Most people agree that recycling is great but don’t always want to make an effort to do it. Hence, a senior can tell people she knows that she is earning money by turning these throwaways in. Acquaintances are usually willing to contribute their recyclables to this senior, especially if they know this helps her make ends meet. With the combined amount of recyclables from several contributors (or even a few), a senior is able to earn a significant amount of cash. If this continues, the senior can earn a steady stream of income.

Recyclables that are redeemable for cash are typically aluminum pop cans or scrap metal. Electronics, cell phones, batteries, and cars are now being accepted for cash. Along with local recycling plants, there are nationwide services that allow you to mail in devices that are no longer usable. Cell For Cash accepts used cell phones and Gazelle accepts used electronics. Cash For Clunkers is another recycler that accepts old automobiles, running or not. RecycleBank is a service that will give anyone gift certificates for food and pharmacy items for turning in paper, plastic, and glass items. Because the city pays nothing for these goods, it is best to turn them into a place that will.

A site named TreeHugger provides information to consumers looking to recycle. However, not all recycling enterprises provide services for every city. For recyclers in your area, contact your yellow pages or search online. Simply enter a phrase like: recycle <your city>, <your state> into your favorite search engine to find places in your area that pay for used goods.

17. Penny stock investor – Penny stocks are low-risk forms of investments since the amount per share is low. Even seniors with years of investment experience can benefit from buying them. Penny stocks are an attractive option for those who wish to invest on a shoestring.

One must realize that not every penny stock is a guaranteed high-return investment. Some stocks have high volume trades and are likely to explode in value while others may remain stagnant. Of course, investors would want to avoid the latter. Penny stocks that are widespread (their selling price is much greater than the bidding price) are ones to stay away from. Distinguishing the good from the bad may require the assistance of an experienced or professional investor. Doing research on various companies can pay off.

Learning to invest is a great skill for anyone, even for senior citizens who’ve never invested before. One is never too old to learn. There are a countless number of books on investing, some that can be checked out from a library. Those with internet access can find free or pay courses on investing. By reading the Wall Street Journal regularly, one can stay informed about how various companies and industries are doing. To find good investment advice, type a phrase like how to invest in your favorite search engine. Look at several sites and check out investment forums for helpful tips.

18. Write and sell an eBook – We all heard the expression before: “old and wise.” As a senior, more than likely you have two assets that young folks lack: knowledge and experience. If you have an exceptional talent, you can tell others how you do it. Likewise, if there’s a particular subject that deeply interests you, write about that instead. You can write on a how-to subject just as well. Furthermore, you can offer advice that will save others from making the same mistakes you’ve made. Or, if you lived through a major crisis or tragedy in the past, you can share that as well.

Writing an eBook may be suitable for you if: a) you have lots of time to write, b) you’re computer literate, c) you have a great passion for writing, and d) there is at least one particular subject that you’re extremely interested in. If you should decide to write a “how-to” eBook or one that offers advice, make sure your advice is up-to-date. Some seniors are out of touch with the latest technology and trends and thus, naturally revert back to the world they grew up in. They will advise people how to do things the old fashioned way. If this is you and you dislike adapting to changes, maybe you’d rather stick to personal stories instead.

Nowadays, there are numerous sites that accept self-published eBooks and can be found by inserting a phrase like: publish your own eBook into your favourite search engine. The e-How site offers advice on how to do just about anything-including publishing your own eBook. Before you begin to write, become familiar with the tasks associated with doing this. First, you will need a popular word processing program like Microsoft Word and a .pdf reader like Adobe. You must learn to use these programs fluently. Next, you need to review the site you would like to publish your eBook on and comply to its rules as well. There are simple eBook formatting rules you should follow to make sure your content is correctly displayed. Before submitting your book, decide how much you want to charge for it.

Submitting information online for pay takes time and patience. Writing takes hours as well as proofreading and editing chapters. Hence, you need to market your book to let everyone know that it exists and where it’s available If you’re familiar with the process and don’t mind working long hard hours at a computer, publishing your own eBook may be just the thing for you.

19. Outdoor concession stand – If you wish to sell beverages and/or food, operating your own portable concession stand may be the thing for you. You can make your stand as basic or elaborate as you choose depending on what you can afford to establish and what you want to sell. For example, you can sell beverages to summer commuters that use public transportation or open or sell foot-long hot dogs at the state fair. Apparently, summer is the best time to do this since more people spend time outdoors and participate in various activities but don’t always remember to bring water or snacks with them. Offering refreshments to these people will ensure many customers.

There are upfront costs when setting up your own concession stand. If you have very little money to begin with, starting out with one or more ice coolers with sodas and/or water may be the thing for you. On the other hand, if you want to operate on a larger scale, you can buy or rent a vehicle with cookers and refrigerators and rent a booth at a carnival or fair.
Whatever you choose, you will want to do the following:

  1. Check with your city hall and see if you need a permit to run your stand.
  2. Choose a place that generates a lot of foot traffic where the refreshments you would like to provide are not available. This may be at a transportation hub where several public buses meet, an outdoor light rail station, a stadium, or on a beach. Placing the stand on the side of busy highway may cause a traffic nuisance, especially if there are no pedestrians or sidewalks.
  3. Seek permission to set up and run your stand. Laws for setting up a private stand vary from city to city. If you desire to place it outside an arena or on a school’s grounds, get permission from their staff first. If your site is a bus depot, consult your city’s transit authority before putting it up. Running an unauthorized stand is risky and may result in a fine if police walk by.
  4. Never attempt to run your stand alone. Find family members or other acquaintances that can help you. They can help keep the stand stocked and take over operations when you need to take a break.
  5. Buy your items in bulk at low prices and sell them for a profit.
  6. Open your stand at least one hour before the expected crowd will come. This way, if something goes wrong, you have extra time to fix it.

20. Bake sales – Baking pies, cakes, or cookies for community bake sales is a good way to make money. This is a popular venture for senior women since they have years of experience of cooking along with a great collection of recipes that have proven to be winners. Those who truly love baking think of it more as a hobby than a chore. For them, it is a fine gesture that is sure to make special occasions and holidays more entertaining.

Baking goods to resell of course calls for top-notch cooking skills. This starts with a complete set of all types of utensils typically used by those who bake regularly such as egg beaters, measuring spoons/cups, power mixers, non-stick cookie sheets and cake pans, quality knives, spatulas and spoons of all types and sizes, etc. All utensils must be in good condition. Also, a newer oven that maintains a consistent flow of heat will ensure that the desserts are evenly baked. One must be careful not to over bake their goods to the point where the edges are extra brown, burnt, or dried up since this turns off potential customers.

To get a cutting-edge on the competition, you may want to go that extra mile and bake or prepare desserts that nobody else may offer. At any typical bake sale, you’ll find things as apple pies, brownies, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cakes, etc. Instead, you can make things as French silk pie, German chocolate cake, or multi-chip cookies to make your goods stand out from the rest. Many of the providers buy frozen pies, cake mixes, or bags of instant cookie dough. If you make your goods from scratch, most likely they will taste better, especially if you use secret ingredients to enhance the flavor. If others can tell you made that extra effort, you may be invited to participate in additional bake sales. Likewise, you will make more friends.

Finding bake sales can be a challenge unless you are a member of one or more clubs that host them. If you are well informed about events going on in your community, you may find additional opportunities to sell your cherished masterpieces.


Chauffeur service – If you know someone who needs a ride to and back from any kind of ongoing activity, you can offer them transportation. By participating in a club that meets weekly, you can create a carpooling service where two or more people will be picked up and dropped off afterwards. If people need to pick up large items that won’t fit in their cars, you can act as a hauling service instead.

Of course, you’ll want to have access to a large vehicle as a pickup truck, SUV, or van. They say, “He who owns a pickup truck has lots of friends.” This is one statement that is hard to dispute. If your vehicle looks nice, runs well, and is clean inside, you will have lots of friends and customers as well.

If you have a clean driving record, your chances of finding carpoolers will increase. Maintaining a good record is also important as well as having an annual eye exam. On the other hand, if you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), class A, class B, or class C license, you are able to drive a bus or truck of 26,001 pounds or more. Being in good health and not taking mood-altering substances will assure you’ll have a safe and profitable carpooling service.

As for hauling items, arrangements can be made providing they are not too heavy for you to lift and/or loading and unloading them is prearranged by your customers. You must know your strength and physical limitations and what types of items you can or can’t accept. If you cannot lift anything over 50 pounds without help, make that clear. Make sure there will be assistance in loading and unloading before you accept the job.

And that’s 22 ways senior citizens can make money. Any of these jobs allow them to work as many or as few hours as they are comfortable with rather than committing to 40 hours a week as in a regular job. Seniors who choose one of the more laborious money-making ventures must do so at his own discretion. Obtaining an annual physical can help determine whether the job is safe for him or not. Likewise, he should not be persuaded to take on a job beyond his physical limitations unless he has an adequate amount of help from well-able adults.

How to Sell Photos Online

If you are among those who love photography, then you can make money through it too. Digital photography has made it too easy. You can take tens of shots every day without spending a single cent.

To take and sell photos online you do not have to be a professional photographer. All you need is a good digital camera which can be bought for less than $1000 these days, and some energy and talent. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a professional and expensive digital camera.

Another good news is that everybody can sell photos online and there is no limit. If you can take photos, you can sell them online, no matter how old you are, how much experience you have and what your background is.

There are two general ways to sell photos online:

1. You can create your own website, upload your photos and sell them. This is a little technical and you should be able to register a domain, buy a hosting and create and design a website. If you don’t know how to design a website, you have to pay for it which is somehow a little expensive. However, if you use the free and open source programs like WordPress, you can create a website within minutes. You can buy a proper WordPress theme for your WordPress blog for less than $100, or use a free photo gallery theme. You will need some plugins to make Your WordPress photo gallery work. All of these tools can be downloaded for free. However, you still need some experiences in setting up and running all of these, otherwise you will have to pay someone to do it for you.

These are the things that you have to do to run your photography site:

  1. Register a domain and buy a web hosting:
  2.  Download WordPress:
  3. Google for a proper WordPress photo gallery theme: Click Here
  4. Install the WordPress and theme on your site.
  5. Equip your site with a proper online shopping system. This also can be done using the WordPress plugins that are available to download.
  6. Upload your photos and start selling them.

As you see it is not easy for someone who doesn’t have enough skill and experience to run such a website. But if you know how to do it and you are skilled enough in it, it is strongly recommended to do it and have your own website to sell your photos.

You can SEO optimize the photos and image files and receive free traffic from the search engines. That is a big help to promote and sell your photos.

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2. Even if you want to sell your photos through your own website and you are able to run, manage and promote such a website, still you have to join the websites that work as the portals that photographers join, upload and sell their photos. These websites usually have a lot of traffic which helps you sell your photos without spending any money. iStockPhoto is almost the most famous one. Just take a look and see how the photos are listed there and how people can join and download them:

If you like to sell your photos, you have to sign up for an account with  iStockPhoto and publish your photos as a contributor. First you will have to take a small online course and pass the test. Then you will have to upload 3 of your photos. If approved, you can start publishing and sharing your photos.

You may ask how much money you can make selling your photos at iStockPhoto. That is a good question. They say each download is about $2 in average. Therefore, if you generate 2000 downloads per month, you can make $2000. You have to publish thousands of photos in order to make a substantial amount of money every month. Again, they say each photo can make about 50 to 75 cents per month in average. It means if you publish 1000 photos on iStockPhoto, you will make $500-750 per month. Of course this is just in average. Depend on the subject and quality of your photos, you can make much more or less than this.

In addition to iStockPhoto, there are so many other stock photography websites. You can publish your photos with them too and make more money.

Are you ready to start working? Just take action and start 🙂

How to Earn Extra Money Trading Forex

The thought of becoming a Forex Trader may sound like a daunting career to pursue to some of you to in the beginning, but if you take it up with the right mindset and attitude, it can do wonders for you financially. Also, Forex fits the focus of this website perfectly, as we are discussing various ways to earn extra income by working online on our computers; and there is nothing like Forex! Trading can happen online, from the comfort of your home, and makes for a great career for people with trading temperaments. You can take it up with a job or even as a sole profession.

You don’t need any previous special qualification or skill to trade Forex. Everything that is required to become successful can be learnt online on the job. All you need is a computer, internet with speed and the one that will not conk off in the middle of a trade. Plus some money to open a live (real) account when you are skilled enough to trade with real money.

Forex requires thorough understanding of market; understanding of the product you are focusing on, analytical skills, ability to read and understand charts and connect them on your trade. All these are the qualities required in a trader, and all these can be learnt online. You can practice trading via what is called a demo account that the broker with whom you have opened your trading account provides you. Then besides technical skills a trader needs to be patient, he needs to have a stable mind, temperament suitable for trading etc. An impulsive or a trader giving in to momentary greed will end up losing more bets than winning.

No doubt that Forex is a bit of an erratic and unpredictable profession to pursue but that does not stop thousands of people giving it a try everyday around the world. However hasty decision to become a trader (rich overnight, so to say!) can prove to be a bad bet. If you can win a million you can even lose a few in the matter of hours.

However, this streak about Forex does not put it in the same category as gambling as some people like to believe. Forex is a proper structured market which works on certain principals and market behaviour. If you study the market and have the skill to analyse it vis-à-vis your holdings and various factors affecting it, you can be a winner all through. However nobody wins all the time is a different story and this can be attributed to the way market moves, it is beyond everybody’s control, even the experts and gurus trading for years are left in lurch when market decides to play a havoc.

The good thing about Forex trading is though you can make millions trading Forex, you need very little money to get into it. $300 is all that you need to open a mini account but ideally it is advices that traders get into trading with at least $2000 so that they have decent money to place trades. You open a Forex Trading account via a broker. Type of account (mini, standard etc) depends on you.

When you open an account, you are given a demo account to practice trading by your broker where you can practice for as long as you want. The demo account offers you the same software, same real market environment but your trades are fake, whether you lose or win trades, it does not affect the money in your real account. Once you feel comfortable in the knowledge that you gain for trading, and in control to handle real trading environment you can shift from demo to real account.

As a trader you have to remember that Forex is a very unpredictable market; where there are neither formulas for winning trades nor excuses for losing them. Your knowledge about Forex, market, your analysing skills based on which you read the market and place your trades, everything has to be accurate. Since money is at stake at every step you can’t b casual about placing or entering trades.

Knowledge and analytical skills are most important elements of succeeding as a trader. Your study and understanding of the market; your ability to read underlying movements, anticipation and impact of breaking news etc are some of the things that will stand you in good stead as a trader.

Trading is not easy but it is not impossible either if approached with a certain discipline and patience. With time and experience the trader’s learns and get attuned to keeping track of various markets; upgrades his trading skills, and knowledge of the market. With time and right approach you can only become better at the craft. To begin with you should practice on demo account, play safe by trade with smallest possible lots, because in the beginning you better concentrate on upgrading and becoming better in your craft rather than think of earning money. Once your knowledge reaches a certain level you will automatically feel confident and in control.

How to Do It: Learn everything about Forex trading online, choose the pair you want to trade, understand various factors that can affect your trade, trade via demo account, and then shift to real trading

Qualification: None. Everything required can be learnt online, like understanding of the market, your currencies and currency pairs, analytical skills, patience, develop trading temperament

Skills: Analytical skills,

Equipments: Internet, computer, note pad, pencil,

Who can’t pursue it: Anyone who is patient, has the time to keep a watch on market, and a willing learner, you can even trade with a regular job

Traditional Education: None.

How to Earn Extra Money by becoming Web Designer

I don’t think this topic needs much explanation and discussion. Everyone knows what a web designer is, what is his job and so on; I think on this page we will just concentrate on what does it take to become a good (and eventually a rich) web designer.

At the outset I would like to make one thing clear to all aspiring designers that, no matter what you charge; if your design meets client’s expectations, if you are clear in your communication, like your job, and are a good listener (a quality required while taking the design briefing from the client) work is bound to follow you wherever you go; whatever you charge.

Now let’s come to what it takes to be one. If you want to become a web designer you basically have to have a sense of designing and, more importantly a liking for it; a fine sense of colour, and balance will also prove to be important and take you a long way too. Plus since its website and blog designing that we are talking about, the aspirant should also be net and technology savvy.

You should be genuinely interested in anything new happening in the web designing arena; it will be an added advantage if you have what it takes to experiment with various tools and software that keep getting launched in the market to build better websites; let me tell you one thing here, when we talk about building better websites it finally boils down to giving a better experience to the end user; your customer, your target audience. So if you have an eye for it – go right ahead and take it up as a career. It will give you money, fame, job satisfaction, everything. The more websites you design, the more experience you gain, the better insight you will get into the industry.

Since web designing is something whose output people see on computer you will have to develop an eye for a slightly different format of designing, the visualization is different from how you it is for designing various other things. Your design will have to look good on the computer screen; layout will play an important role; it will have to have a good navigational structure; better still that you learn to make your design SEO compliant.

You can find jobs in many ways; first and foremost you can design your own website and promote your skill through it. There are various platforms where buyers and sellers meet and negotiate and bid for different jobs; you can join these platforms and bid for projects that suit your skill set. You can join forums where people are discussing web designing and contribute by way of comments and posts do make a name for yourself. There are various job boards online where people looking for web designers either for themselves or to employ in their firm put up jobs. You can look them up too. It is not necessary that you work independently as a web designer you can work in a firm or even in partnership and divided responsibilities as per mutual consent in accordance with skills the partners possess.

How much should you charge for your designs, is something you have to decide in accordance with your set criteria. It’s an individual thing. At the same time you should also keep in mind that your cost strategy should not go against the business. On the contrary the cost should help to attract clients. Once you earn a name and reputation as a web designer you can dictate terms but at the time of growing you should do your best to offer the most cost effective rates and the best design that you can so that in times to come money can chase you.

As a freelancer who wants to succeed and stay in business for years to come, you should be self motivated, confident, creative, and confident; something of a multi-tasker, organized, disciplined individual. It will do you good if you are well networked or at least are working towards becoming one.

How to Do It: Evaluate yourself as a designer, someone with an eye for details and natural inclination towards designing and being creative,
Qualification: learn some languages in which web sites are designed. You can master one language and make all your designs in it or know many of them and deliver according to your client’s need. Anything works as long as what you deliver is good for his business and makes the client happy.
Skills: designing skills, layout skills, technology savvy, being at ease with trying and using various website building and designing software and tools.
Equipments: Computer, designing software and tools
Who can’t do – people with no sense of balance and designing, someone who is technically challenged
Traditional Education: none

Earn Extra Income As Virtual Call Centre Agent

Becoming a Virtual Call Centre agent is yet another opportunity to earn income online by working from home. Call centre jobs are also available in a regular 9-5 office format as most of you would already know. The home based option is for people who are home bound for reasons of their own (old age; infant or old or ailing folks to take care of etc). The work responsibilities and profile is more or less similar in both cases but for minor changes here and there depending on the company you are joining. It will mostly revolve round taking in-bound and/or out-bound telephone calls.

There are certain eligibility criteria that people who want to pursue this option will have to fulfil, like, they will have to be 18 years or older and must have cleared high school diplomas; some call centres may prefer to take people who have gone to college; applicant should be US citizen (if call centre job is US centric); and besides that the applicant should be legally allowed to work in the country where he is residing and taking up the job.

If s/he has previous experience in customer service department it will be an added advantage; likewise multi-lingual skills will also be a welcome idea for the employer. The employee will also be required to undergo and clear criminal background verification test.

The call centre agent will be expected to possess good oral communication skills, etiquettes, and speaking manners as their main job will be to call people and talk to them. S/he should have a fixed place at home from with table and phone, where he can work as a call centre executive; besides a phone he should have computer and internet connectivity if he is supposed to use internet line to call people.

Coming to basic requirements of the employer virtual call centre agency, every one of them may have different basic requirements for its employees depending on the positions. Some virtual call centre execs may be asked to do telemarketing; some may do customer service on phone; some may be engaged in third-party verification or even provide technical support for inward and outward calls.

Then there are certain call centre apparatus or items that a call centre employee can carry when he is recruited for the position, like headset etc. Home based call centres are often seen to have stricter requirements than office-based call centre employees.

The home based call centre employee has to be careful to maintain noiseless working environment failing which can cost him/her the job; this aspect automatically gets taken care of when a person is doing an office or day job in the same capacity. A person with experience in sales industry, formal high level qualification to support the work will prove to be more effective than a trained fresher.

Coming to schedules of working, employer may have various schedules and time slots available you can pick up the one that suits you best. Coming to salary of home based call centre agents; these virtual call centres have several methods by which they calculate remuneration of their employees, based on whether it is a regular 40 hours a week job or an independent position filled by a freelance. Some call centre jobs pay at an hourly rate, whereas some prefer to pay at a per-call or per-minute rate, the third option is offering incentives if call materialises into a sale which is besides being a paid a regular per call per minute rate. Call centres within the US may also be required to abide by minimum wages as per US labour law; however it may not apply to people who are working on per hour or contract basis.

How to Do It: If you have good communication skills and experience in PR field you can look for home based virtual call centre executive’s job or contract
Qualification: good communication skills and manners, tech savvy if one is expected to call via net etc.
Skills: PR, rral and written communication skills
Equipments: Headset, phone, computer, internet connectivity (if calls are to go via internet)
Traditional Education: None, good speaking manners and communication sensibilities.

How to Earn Extra by Becoming Medical Transcriptionist

There are thousands of people in various age groups who not only earn extra income but also full time fat income by doing medical transcription work online. Most of these guys started with a 9-5 medical transcription job in their own local areas; attending regular office, doing shifts, awaiting appraisals and so on. Those who decided to shift online are certainly a much, much happier lot.

Let me share a real life story with you. One of my cousins was working with a medical transcription firm for several years; doing long hours, working in shifts, coping with various times zones etc; too much work was turning her into a zombie and it was more than visible on her face, behaviour, and body. She liked the work she was doing and got good raise for her work by her employer, is probably what kept her at it for so many years.

Then when she delivered a little bundle of joy, her life changed. She knew she could no longer give the kind of hours her employers expected of her. Working late, over weekends, and starting early was out of question. When she was on maternity leave, we often met and when we’d get talking I’d often got a feeling that she was worried about her career. Since at that time I was also exploring the net, I would often tell her to explore too, but my enthusiasm somehow failed to rub on her.

But at some point she did begin to explore the net; we did not meet for a long time after that. And when we did, she certainly had a lot to tell! After a lot of hard work, she had `learnt to find’ people who would offer work to her, albeit for small money. She also told me that while exploring the options she got duped of some money by some fly by night MT firm offering jobs. Anyway, smart that she was, she lost the money, but did not lose the lesson; and finally succeeded in finding a few people who promised to send her work.

It’s been thee and half years since. Her son is going to play school and she is a happy woman. Content stay at home mom; earning no less than her husband; believe me, the family looks blessed. Since she had the experience, it was only a matter of time that she found employers who sent her lots of work followed by money that made her happy. Since she knew the craft, delivering high quality job, and meeting deadlines was nothing new to her. The employers must also have found a gold mine in her, they did not have to explain anything to her, train her with medical lingo, accents nothing! what a win-win situation!

The idea behind sharing this story is to inform readers that if you have experience in this craft, all you have to do is build reputation; learn to look for the right employers, and you will find good people to work with. Also remember that experienced people will climb the ladder faster than novices.

This profession calls for typing speed and accuracy, and the skill to decipher accents. Familiarity with medical lingo is also a requirement. The good thing is that all this can be learnt on the job. And can be learnt by anybody at any age, isn’t it? The more work you do the better your skills will become. When someone hires you, be a humble employee; if the job is not done well, fix it without creating a fuss. Honesty by far is the best practice to hold your employer (Did you know that one?)!

How to Do It: Take MT course, Train at a local MT office to gain real time experience before applying online; become an expert in the craft; because if you are focusing on earning long term extra income online, you can’t afford to take chances with your reputation on the net. People should know you as a top ranker.
Qualification: Course in Medical Transcription, Experience
Skills: Typing,
Equipments: Headphone, Computer, Internet
Who can’t do – the hearing impaired, people who cannot type, people who do not have computer or/and internet access
Traditional Education: None. Whether you are a graduate or a school drop out, the field is open for everyone and we all have an equal opportunity to succeed. Whether you know the craft or wan to take the course, put in your best! That’s the only criteria.

Do Online Opportunities REALLY Cost Nothing? Are They FREE?

The most common and popular way to attract people to work and earn from home opportunity is to sing the sweet `FREE’ song tune into their ears. One party loves to sing it; while the other loves to hear it. And if there are snapshots of earnings to go with it, who wants anything more!

If you have been looking for an opportunity to work from home on your computer and earn money online, you might have come across the phrase `start FREE’ or that `it costs nothing to become a millionaire on the net’ and things like that.

Let me tell you that it’s not completely true. The fact is it requires you to spend little money. But the good news is that you don’t have to spend lots of money and that there is nothing like the `hidden cost concept’ as you set out to earn from home. Even though it’s only a small amount of money but, finally you do have to shell it out to make money on the net. That’s the truth – without wrapping in honey `n’ money.

If someone has told you that you can strike it rich by having and selling a service or a product via your face book account, let me tell you it’s not the best or most effective or advisable way to do it. Yes Face book or a free blogs do offer you free space on which you can publish content and photographs; that can generate curiosity & enquiries for your service and product online; but remember its not your own domain, blog, or website that is generating traffic for you. When you are active on Face book you are actually indirectly working to build traffic for them. If same effort you’d put for your own domain life will be different in a few years time.

If earning money on the net is your long term goal, you should go for your own website through which you can sell your product, service, and concept, whatever.

Buying domain name will cost money, hosting space to host your website will cost money, renewing it every year will cost money; don’t worry as I am racing you through the expenses; because finally these are very small expenses; won’t cost you much.

Then comes designing the website, if you are familiar with basic language like CSS or html you can design your own website, and save money, but if you don’t know it ( and can’t learn it) you will have to hire a designer, which is again a cost, depending on the designer you hire and design you are looking for. Then comes content building for website, again if you decide to write for your website it costs nothing but if you hire someone for the job, it costs. Then next comes marketing the website.

People generally write to say they have a website but they make no money through it, or generate no enquiries on it. When I look their website or blogs up I realise that they are not being marketed or they are ill optimized. These both can be done by the webmaster if he learns to do it or else he will hire someone for the job; another found of spending. Then comes, building up your website’s reputation via the social media net works like Facebook and all. This is also something that you can do yourself.

Beyond designing I think you should take it upon yourself to build your business. Because if you do nothing then how can you call it your business? Build it yourself. Generate traffic for your website, don’t go for paid ads. That’s the real route to long term success online. Not just Facebooking and networking.

Even if you are planning to set up a blog let it be your own private blog on your own domain name. It may cost you some money and time to learn the skills but that’s more dependable than using space provided by somebody else on their portal. So that is that.

Don’t be mislead by the word FREE. Nothing is free. Focus on what it takes to succeeds; focus on what’s required of you; focus on long term returns; DON’T get carried way by the word FREE.

How to Earn Extra Money by Starting an Online or eCommerce Store

Starting an online or e Commerce Store is the ultimate dream of an entrepreneur. There are many ways to go about it; some are proper tailor-made templates; while some e Commerce stores are available in turnkey formats and software that can be managed by beginners with limited knowledge. They also come with various levels or safety, sophistications and price tags. Depending on which one would be best suited for your business type you can choose one for yourself.

The objective behind starting on e Commerce store is to be able to sell your stuff online. However there are many other options which will help you sell your products online, and you don’t necessarily have to have an e Commerce store for it; you can sell it by having a blog, on eBay etc. However if your focus is on opening an E Commerce store you should be clear about certain aspects like what you are planning to sell in your store? How much do you want to earn, how many hours are you ready to put into the business everyday? Have a business plan up your sleeves and work accordingly.

Even if you are planning to work on your e Commerce site part time as you may have a regular job to attend to, remember its going to require to put in a lot of hard work before your site becomes visible and starts moving in SE. First and foremost you will have to look for a domain name for your store, then next finalize a template that suits your business needs, then find a reliable web host again depending on your business needs, install the template, go to Good check out to install online payment gateway for your store and get going. These are technical steps required to start e Commerce store then comes phase two when you will build content for site and optimize and market it.

Remember e Commerce store is an expensive proposition because of the shopping software and online payment gateway software that it has in it. Then there is hosting and security cost, communication architecture that e Commerce site follows also comes for a cost. Then there is marketing cost; cost of costumer relations management and so on and so forth.

Coming to the second part of the question, i.e. where to arrange start up capital for starting the store – If you have set some amount aside for it already as that has been your dream for a long time, the its fine but if you are planning to outsource it, then before you look for a financer seek suggestions from a professional advisor.

Ensure that your advisor should be an experienced and qualified person with real knowledge about the whole plan. Because there are many people ready to give you advice but only a few make real sense of it. Don’t make decision especially related to money in haste or on an impulse. Besides advisor also talk to people who are in the business and have an e Commerce store of their own or people who buy from such stores. Talk to as many people as you can because the more practical knowledge you are able to gather the better will be your understanding of niche and market you are planning to get into. And the more informed your decisions are the better it is for your business balance sheet.

How to Do It: Find a niche you want to deal in and products related to it, finalize the e Commerce software and costs associated with it, blue print of business plan to be readied; learn to install and maintain the store and get going
Qualification: familiarity with e Commerce software that you are installing on your site, marketing and SEO knowledge, payment gateway, CRM, familiarity with communication and user interface architecture,
Skills: being at ease with handling and understanding e Commerce related user friendly softwares
Equipments: e Commerce software, computer, internet, goods being sold
Traditional Education: None