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How to Make Money with Google Adsense

1. Google Adsense Makes Money
2. About Google Adsense
3. Advantages of Joining Google Adsense
4. What is Google Adsense?
5. Why Choose Google Adsense?
6. Why Would Google Adsense Not Accept Your Registration?
7. What Makes the Google Adsense Number One Choice For People?
8. On Which Blogs or Websites will Google Adsense Not Work or be an Effective Option?
9. How Can You Make Your Google Adsense Earnings Grow?
10. How to Get Accepted in Google Adsense Program?
11. How to Join Google Adsense Program and Make Money from it?
12. The Rewards I Have Received from Google Adsense

If Nothing Makes Money on Your Website – Google Adsense Will!

It’s not a headline; it’s a fact – Google adsense WILL help you earn an additional income on your hosted space online, whether it is blog, forum, e-Store, or website…

If you have any of the above mentioned spaces to yourself, i.e. blog, forum, e-Store, or website which have been around for a few months or years, through which you are selling products, services, concepts, consultancy etc, but not getting returns that you expected. However your website or blog does get visitors; & your product or service is also good; but somehow visitors don’t take action for whatever reason.

Even in such scenario Google adsense will earn you an income. So register with Google adsense. It may earn you a small income to begin with but gradually it will improve. And joining the program is a simple 5 minutes’ procedure. Plus it’s FREE; easy to understand & implement; does not require any special efforts other than what you are already putting towards marketing your existing range of products & services.

The other major thing about it is that it is owned by Google. This means it’s strict about its policies, terms, and rules. So no site promoting pornography, violence etc will be permitted into the program. Once your site is approved and then you are found doing something hanky-panky on it, Google adsense’ advanced software will detect it within no time, and you will be out of the program before you even know it. Never to return.

If you view the program from the point of view of person who wants to genuinely succeed online and make money, it is great deal. It is genuine, credible, pays on time, suits all types of blogs, websites etc irrespective of the topic (barring porn, violent etc), and does not require people to make any additional or extra efforts for it.

It’s very simple to implement and joining procedure will take 3-4 days max post submission of details required by them. Google adsense team will verify your credentials and accordingly decide to allow you into their set up.

So if you have a website or are planning to get one, think of Google adsense. You may sell anything on the blog, site or your store online; Google adsense will gel seamlessly with absolutely anything. And if you want to earn only via Google adsense, that is also possible. There are hundreds and thousands of people who are only focusing on Google adsense and nothing else. And are not doing badly at all!

So why can’t you! Take the first step, try…. Once you join, we can discuss success.

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About Google Adsense

AdSense is one of the most compelling long-term bets for a website owner – a great tool that will make money for you, irrespective of the size of your website. The tool is very easy to work with and implement, so there is little to worry on software front either. You can learn to earn money on the job. No previous experience or qualification is required. A clean slate is where it can all begin.

Whether you own and maintain a small business website, an ecommerce store- site, or a large dating portal – Google adsense has proved to be amongst the best options when it comes to making money off it. This is what makes it uptick with online entrepreneurs.

May be a few of you are already using Google adsense or have used it at some point in the past. Irrespective of whether you struck your million dollar deal with it or not, you’d all agree that it has been THE most happening tool on the net for quite a few years now. Google adsense is genuine; fair, logical; & flawless. Everyone is free to use it; and it’s FREE for everyone.

Let us come to the point and check out the possibilities of Google adsense making YOU rich. Can it make you rich? Yes, it can. Of course, it can make anybody rich! Provided you agree to go by the rules set by Google adsense, you will NEVER have to look elsewhere to earn a living.

There are many questions related to Google adsense, as to how to join the program; setting up your goal; how to work towards it; number of hours you will need to spend learning about it everyday; evaluating your work; are you moving in the right direction; and so on. These are questions related to you.

Next come set of questions related to Google adsense – what are their new laws; how often do they amend it; where to get information about it; will it keep a watch on your site or sites; under what pretext can they ban your website, blog etc and many more such questions that you may need an answer to from time to time.

To get answers to all your questions it is advised that instead of groping in the dark and wasting time, energy, and money, doing trial and error, it is better that you get yourself a guide. Someone experienced and skilled, who knows Google adsense inside out.

A guide by your side will ensure that you are proceeding in the right direction and making optimum use of your time, and money. If you want to work with Google adsense, part time, keeping your day job, your guide can help you get organized in your double job routine seamlessly and efficiently. He will answer all your questions related to things you are doing to earn via Google adsense and whether they are legal.

Whom will you turn to, to know that there are a phrases like `rheumatoid arthritis alternative medicine’ that can make more money than anything else; that Digg earns majority of its revenue through Google adsense; that plentyoffish will continue to grow, because online dating market is going to boom; how will you know that if your domain is blocked by Google for some reason, you can redirect the whole site to a new domain, for Ad Sense to work…

What I mean is that almost any type of work can make decent money, it just depends on what you’re willing to do to get closer to your goals and the amount of time you are ready to invest. Google adsense can make a lot of money; whether or not it can satisfy your hungry soul – is your own call.

As I am saying these things I hope not I am making this whole thing sound like Google adsense is about earning easy money; because it is not. However I do want to assure all of you that it most definitely is about earning lots of money.

Google adsense is a refined program that is being upgraded continuously, with various features added everyday to make it more worthwhile for those associated with it.

For Google adsense to give you success you will have to go on learning as much as possible, adapting to the new environment, and before you know it you will be on your way up. When you work with Google adsense there are going to be no magic formula; never a worst and the best way to do a thing. Simple applications, simple rules, and lots of work is all that there is to it. Patience will pay its own dividends.

So if you want to explore Adsnese further, feel free. We wish you luck! While you may be excited about this new found prospect of making money online, allow me to remind you, you have not reached there yet. And that the journey has just begun. If you have come reading this far, it means you have the spark in you. And those who have spark – succeed.

So here’s wishing you a great success ahead!

So next time when you see snapshots of checks showing earnings, don’t get impressed right away, whatever may be the amount. Undoubtedly the snapshots may not be fake; but what about the outgoing checks paid towards advertising, promotions of the products or services… A seasoned guide will help you through it and more….

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Advantages of Joining Google Adsense

Though there are many ways to use Google adsense; however the purpose is the same. It is to earn revenue or maximise revenue from your website or blog etc. It’s a steam that you can attach to your website or forum etc which will help you generate extra revenue in the existing conditions.

When you join the program you are not required to do any thing extra as a condition for having joined Google adsense program. Same techniques and things that you were doing earlier before joining it, for your website for promoting it can go on as it is, and yet your income will improve. This is the magic of this program.

If you have a website or blog, or forum, or eStore or whatever, through which you may be selling anything, books, ideas, consultancy services, products – which could belong to somebody else and you are just an affiliate promoting them thru your site, you could be selling ebooks on any subject, written by you or somebody else, nothing matters, as long as its not offensive by way of being violent, pornographic or drugs etc.

If it’s a straight forward product or genuine service that you are dealing in Google adsense will allow you to join their program and enjoy a new avenue for income. They should be convinced that you are serious about your business and want to stay with it for long and make genuine efforts to promote it. You can combine ad sense with the existing theme of your website without any problem or technical complication.

There are many more advantages of Google adsense as a revenue generating program. Its easy to join; its free to join; its about pasting ready java codes into some or all the pages of your websites as per your choice; it gels very well with your site, irrespective of what you are selling or talking about on your site. It can be your single revenue earning tool too which means you don’t have to look for ten different products or services that you will sell on your website and get approval from all of them and keep tract of so many accounts. With Google adsense you are free to focus all your energies on your core job of generating traffic, the rest will follow. Just keep looking at the account on a day to day basis.

It’s a great hit with website and blog owners because of these advantages that it offers. Also, because it’s simple and genuine and run by the biggest of all daddies and daddies to be – Goolge!

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What is Google Adsense?

AdSense is an easy to understand and implement, user friendly program that accepts people as members, who own website, or websites, and the websites are not about anything illegal. The program is quick and FREE to join. Takes some five minutes to join and no credit card, bank account, wire transfer, Paypal, nothing… it is one program that promises you an income without asking you to pay any fee at all. No money is involved except what you actually earn. And that’s one big truth of this program.

It is open to all kinds of websites; big or small; simple or complex; from one page brochure website to an online ecommerce store to a full fledged active forum; blogs or portals; Google adsense is open for one and all.

It holds attraction for small business website owners because it helps them to earn revenue. Not all small website owners may possess skills and resources for developing affiliate or advertising sales programs, or have a sales team that can generate revenue for them. For such people, Google adsense is a great option. It is readymade, turnkey program which can open an altogether novel source of income for them.

It has proved to be a boon for entrepreneurs, because they realise that their websites which have been sort of lying low, and not doing much by way of giving them sales, have suddenly woken up to a new income route, and is earning them revenue that they never thought was possible after they joined Google adsense. When website owners experience this first hand, they get motivated and start working harder on their websites to improve their Google adsense earnings and in the course, improve revenue by way of getting more sales of their core products too. This is the reason why I personally think that it’s a win-win-win deal!

Google adsense is a program that helps to display targeted ads on websites of people who join the program. Besides ads, `search button’ option is also available which owners can carry on their website for people to use who visit their website. By doing this they are opening yet another option for earning revenue that their websites will do for them. Website owners can earn money every time a visitor uses this search option.

Google adsense is for people who own one website or several of them; on same subject or topic or different. The program runs more effectively and earns revenue for a longer period of time, for those website owners who are serious about keeping their websites up, compared to those who are still confused and don’t know why they have the website in the first place and what they are going to do with it. If people go on replacing one domain name with the other, or they consider doing away with it in future, for such people, Google adsense makes comparatively less sense.

However I personally have been witness to exceptions here too. I have seen some people start website with fickle intentions and they worked on it for sometime, then just for the lark of it joined Google adsense and to their surprise the website which was just a `one off’ thing for them was actually earning them some revenue! Not much, but money was tricking nevertheless.

So they decided to give it a try and worked a little harder as an experiment and they saw the revenue uptick. And this made them more confident and that’s when the entrepreneur sensibilities in them took over and they decided to go full time into it and today they are at a position where they themselves had not set eyes on, but for Google adsense, they would not be where they are!

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Why Choose Google Adsense?

Google adsense is the most sought after revenue generating program for website owners irrespective of size of their websites. It is a complete program in itself. Advanced, systematic, sorted, logical, plus easy to use and implement. Above all ONE HUNDRED PERCENT EFFECTIVE.

If you own a website that is not working for you as expected for whatever reason, instead of feeling disgusted or considering giving it up, you can check out the One & Only option of its kind called the Google adsense.

Irrespective of what you are or were trying to sell on your site, products; advice; ideas; consultancy services; whatever if the returns have not been up to the mark, discuss the same with an expert and do consider giving Google adsense a chance. Any aspiring entrepreneur wanting to succeed online should try it once.

Besides being free and easy to join, it offers steady cheques once you get going; covers multiple markets. This means website owners coming from anywhere; any industry; related to any subject or field under the sun; or involved in any industry; are free to join it without giving it a second thought.

The program is advanced software, developed by the best brains, with hardly any scope for mistakes that will lead to any kind of monetary loss or out of context, hidden, and absurd policies. Another outstanding feature is that Google adsense is not about hard selling. The person joining the program with an objective of earning money needn’t necessarily be a skilled sales person. It’s far above the average network, viral, pyramid, chain, and affiliate, kind of marketing programs that are all over the net howling for attention.

Another thing about Google adsense is that it will seamlessly gel with the existing theme of your website. It can work independently or with other programs too. I mean whether your website is selling fashion accessories, or computer accessories & software; or it is talking about teenage problems; or fitness, or music; mediation, Emotional Freedom Techniques; whatever it is – Google adsense will gel with all these with equal ease.

When you join Google adsense, rest assured that you are with genuine people. And that the money showing in your account is absolutely genuine and you can transfer it to your bank by wire anytime you want. Its as clear and honest as that.

The flip sides of this program are if you do not have a website or a blog or forum – meaning if you have not created space for yourself online, this program may not be of any use to you. If you are not serious about making a success online, then again this program is not for you. When I say serious, I don’t mean serious about making money, because, that everyone is. I mean serious about the work that would go behind it. Because Google adsense not a magical wand, it is work.

So if you are ready to work your way through, and taste success, you are welcome to the world of Google adsense! Come learn more about it.

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Why Would Google Adsense Not Accept Your Registration?

Beginners who register with Google adsense with much enthusiasm sometimes get a jolt and feel dejected when they receive notification from the Ad sense help desk, informing them that their application is rejected. And since they are just starting out it takes them no time to get disheartened and start thinking all kinds of thoughts. When they find themselves in this spot, they should find someone who will assure them that getting accepted in Google adsense is not a very tough job after all. One just needs to be aware of things in advance and should have done their homework properly.

Your application to join the program will be declined in majority of cases because applicants may be violating policies knowingly or unknowingly. This means that you have not read details about the program or have failed to understand them clearly. Sometimes they do mention the exact reason for which your application was rejected, but sometimes a general email is received from them without stating a reason which merely informs that your profile is rejected. So lets discuss some reasons and possibilities that would lead to your account with Google adsense being rejected.

They may reject your application on the grounds of Plagiarism, i.e. copied content. Copied content means duplicate content or content lifted from somebody else’s website. Plagiarised content is your biggest enemy; on the contrary original, simply laid out, clear cut content, no need to flash bombastic ideas or heavy words that belong to somebody else, nothing will hold you in better stead than content that you have sourced or written yourself. Original content will prove to be your greatest and permanent friend. So before you submit application ensure that you have copyrighted material on your website. It’s not copied from elsewhere on the web or from any book, forum etc.

Google adsense sometimes also rejects websites if they are absolutely brand new. They have been seen to accept applications of people whose websites are at least four to six months old on the net more comfortably. So what you should do is publish original content on your site, and let it be on the net for a few months and during this time go on adding some worthwhile content by adding new pages in the mean time.

Google adsense will also reject applications from people whose sites have adult content nothing withstanding. Even if the content is original, and even if it has been around for four to six months! Likewise their policies do now allow pornographic displays, sites selling drug abuse (as in cocaine etc), gambling sites, sites that promote violence either.

Sometimes, rarely though, Google adsense applications are rejected for simple reasons like, absence of clearly laid out policy page, contact page etc. The team will check your details in whois information and verify your profile and registration. Anything hanky- panky and you are out. If by chance, a wrong type of site (on any pretext) that does not get noticed by their software and team and you are allowed to join the program and start making good money, let me tell you sooner than later they will scan you and ban you from joining them forever and wont pay you.

After this how much ever you may request them, there are no chances of them considering you back into the program. If they are so strict, which they are, you can imagine their demand and credibility.

To know more or to get more information, or for any questions answered, feel free to talk to us.

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What Makes the Google Adsense Number One Choice For People?

When I survey webmasters, bloggers, e commerce website administrators, forum administrators and ask them to list their preferred methods to make money from their respective spaces on the net, AdSense is always listed at the number one position. Their reason is that it is a quick to install and easy to understand as a program.

AdSense is what they say a contextual advertising program. When publishers are accepted into this program, all they are required to do is insert a coded sequence to their blogs or websites, forums, e commerce sites or whatever they have. Inserting codes is a back end job. These codes help the program software to analyze the page content and accordingly display ads on a topic relevant to content.

When this happens, it gives your visitors a choice, an option to click on these advertisements. By doing this he is able to visit the website of the advertiser. And this click earns you your revenue. This means that if the visitor is not interested to buy your product, you can still earn revenue from such a visitor by facilitating him with options to visit other sites.

Apart from contextual advertisements AdSense also facilitates many other income streams like site search and referral tools which are again based on your visitors using them while on your site.

Website or forum with high visitor traffic, particularly like to use AdSense because it earns them lion’s share of their revenue. Ask anybody worth his salt and he or she will recommend the program as the best way to make your website or blog work for you. Whether you are a seasoned individual (in which case you’d already know about Google adsense program) or just starting out, Google adsense is a program that you must register with to make some extra money off your website.

Not only that it is easy to understand or quick to implement, you are free to log into your ad sense account and track your earnings on hourly basis, by minute if you want. Once your earning figure reaches a certain level, then you come under scan where your activities are tracked on an ongoing basis. This is just to make sure that you are not doing anything unethical and stuff that is now allowed as a policy. Ad sense has worked very hard and goes on improving itself day after day therefore it also does everything within its means to guards program’s reputation very possessively.

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On Which Blogs or Websites will Google Adsense Not Work or be an Effective Option?

Most times when discussion related to Google adsense comes up stories generally revolve around most success, ascending pay check amounts, snapshots of earnings, testimonials from small time business websites making a fortune; Ad sense being a game changer and all. All or most of which may be absolutely true.

Google adsense in that sense is a money making machine for websites. Sometimes for some people who had websites selling products and services; and the website owners never paid attention to Google adsense, when this lot joined the program, some of these guys could not believe that they were earnings money that never imagined it was possible to. They get so intrigued with this new stream springing out of nowhere. And the program is such that it does not come in the way of the original topic or theme of that website. Nothing seems out of place or artificial or stuffed. On the contrary, the program seamlessly gels with the website content.

However there are exceptions to the rule. There are some kinds of websites which will not make much money when they join this program. Several research organizations who have conducted a research have seconded this. The main reason being this is the topic of the website.

Political news blogs or websites, or any forum, etc that has a political inclination, in such spaces, ad sense is not very likely to work. Sometimes Google adsense also works against such websites in a certain way. And if at all there are earnings they are extremely low. Websites or Blogs talking about technology, gossiping about celebrities, Agony Aunt or Advice blogs and forums etc are also tough nuts and don’t earn much revenue for their owners by way of Google adsense. These blogs and websites may be attracting high traffic and eyeballs but still Google adsense does not get benefited from it.

Likewise, sports blogs and websites also are low in the earning run; again these might be drawing high traffic but no use where this program is concerned. Adult content (as in pornography) is something ad sense does not allow as a policy per se; religion is also a topic not too high on the Google adsense earners list.

So if you are joining Google adsense, or starting a website only so you can earn through Google adsense then, it is better that you steer clear of these topics, how-much-ever close they may be to your heart.

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How Can You Make Your Google Adsense Earnings Grow?

Google adsense is a way to make money for people who own space on the net by way of websites, blogs, forums etc. It’s a easy to implement program and is free to join. There is nothing hidden about it. And most website owners who are up to do business online and earn money will vouch for it. People are free to take up ad sense full-on and make it their sole source of income via the website or blog, or can also combine it with other products and services that they are already selling and in that case its one of the sources for earning money online.

The kind or amount of money you make with Google adsense will depend on the type of site or blog you have, and the kind of traffic it gets. More the traffic more the earnings; less the traffic, low the revenue. The money you earn will be directly proportional to the traffic of your website but for exceptions.

If traffic to your site is low and you join Google adsense possibility is that you won’t earn much in the first few months, but once you start working towards diverting more traffic to your blog or website, you will be able to see earnings going up. You can check your earnings 24 X 7. Your money will be transferred to your bank or in PayPal if you have PayPal account. It is for the account holder to keep a tab o changing policies related to release of payments, minimum amount, verification of their identity etc. They are also free to use one Google adsense account on as many websites as they have. They just have to register their new websites or domain names to their Google adsense profile.

Google adsense allows its costumers to keep a day wise and week wise check on it to know how your efforts to improve traffic are having a direct impact on your Google adsense earnings. And when traffic improves, exposure of your core products and services will also improve and they will reach chunk of people. This may also lead to overall growth for you. Meaning, as traffic goes up, so will your Google adsense earnings; and so will sales of your core products and services. This is indicative of your website growing as a whole. It also means you have to continue to put in efforts to stay where you are or improve.

Efforts- Traffic- Earnings – this is in the right order for the cycle. It can be explained as; efforts will bring traffic; traffic will bring earnings; earnings will motivate the blog or website owner to continue to put in efforts and so on….

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How to Get Accepted in Google Adsense Program?

Google adsense is a program that can run on your existing website, blog, ecommerce store, or forum and will earn you income on an ongoing basis. If you don’t have any of these, then Google adsense is not for you. There is a way to join this program. Though it’s free to join there is a procedure to be followed to get accepted into the program. And they have rules, regulations, and policies that you have to agree to adhere to before they take you in. Plus after you have submitted details required by them, they will verify them and only if they find everything up to their satisfaction, will they approve of your profile and allow you to have an account with them.

In this lesson we will discuss what those criteria are and, the best way to seek their approval. First they will check your email id whether it is genuine. For which they will send you a confirmation link on the email address submitted by you, which they will ask you to click on to confirm it’s the same address. Once that’s over with they will check your website, blog, forum, estore and whether it’s paid hosting or free.

They will also check the length of time that your website has been around. They generally do not approve of brand new just launched websites. Therefore it is advised that you wait a few months and work on your site before submitting them for approval or getting an account with them. Then they will check the content on your website from various angles. To see if it is offending in anyway is their first priority. If it is a pornographic site with or without displays or a site or blog promoting violence, be sure your site will be rejected.

If your site has content but it is copied from all over the net and nothing is original about it. Even if your site’s design is an exact replica of somebody else’s it’s a reason for them to reject your site. They are looking for organic sites with organic and clean content.

Suppose based on all the above they approve of your site and Google adsense starts working on your site and you do something illegal later on, as soon as Google adsense finds it out through its sensitive advanced software they will cancel your account. If they feel it could be a mistake or may have been done due to oversight, they may send you a notification or a few warnings but that’s extremely rare. And once your site is rejected on these grounds, whatever you do, how much ever you explain to them or apologise, nothing will work. For them rules is religion. You should not have broken them in the first place, or should have been careful that it doesn’t happen even due to oversight or out of ignorance. They entertain no complaints. They are politely when you write to them, but once they call it funeral – its funeral!

They are an excellent program that earns millions for people worldwide who do it right and stay within rules so they can afford to be strict. An original site on any acceptable topic in the world with original content and new content and good links being added regularly will never ever be rejected by them. On the contrary they are looking for people like that to join them.

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How to Join Google Adsense Program and Make Money from it?

People are either earning online themselves or know someone who is. Internet is no more talked about in the tone that it was being 5 years ago because; it being a revolution is confirmed news now; we do not see people debating about its future anymore; it’s reached every country and every major town in it. So its everywhere.

And earning money online, which looked too tall a claim and hog wash at that time, is now an absolute reality. People who did not believe it are the ones making a living online. Ten years ago people who were online had to make such an effort to convince the world that what we have at hand is going to prove to be a game changer.

Things have moved forward and progressed since. Now so many ways have got developed through which people can make money now. We are free to choose what we like and what suits our skills and goals. Google adsense is one of them. The best of them, most effective of all, fails none…..

What you require to earn thru Google adsense is a space you call your own online. i.e a website, blog, ecommerce store, forum etc. IF you have registered a domain and the design of the site is not yet ready you can still join ad sense its called Google adsense for domains. Likewise we have, Google adsense for search; Google adsense for mobile content; Google adsense for video etc. All used in different contexts and places. The most popular and common being Google adsense for content.

Decide on making website, forum, blog eStore or whatever depending on your interest and skills. You can have more than one website or combination of forum, website eStore, etc. You will require just one account that you can use for multiple websites and blogs you own.

Then think of topic or subject of website, blog, forum etc and plan how it will look, how many pages it will have, what it will talk about, who will write content for it who is it going to be for Etc. Create original content and add it to the relevant pages and upload the site. Once your site is up, its time to take another step, of going on adding content to make the website more informative for your target audience.

By adding more content you are actually adding credibility to your website. Ensure it’s a non offensive theme, no porn, no violence. Once the site is up for a few months and you have managed to add new content at regular intervals, submit it to Google adsense program under their procedure and wait. Once they have verified your details, you should receive an approval from them. The process of approval is not at all long. Take a day or two at the most.

That’s all that there is to it. But there are so many people who get frustrated trying to join the program, because they do not know how to do it right. They grope and shoot in the dark and keep making mistakes and go on getting rejected. So first equip yourself with knowledge and then, go ahead; because you can’t afford to get tired and frustrated just when you are starting out. Getting approved is start point and this is where your earning journey begins.

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The Rewards I Have Received from Google Adsense

Google will reward you if you make a reasonable monthly income through Google Adsense. Few years ago they sent me a beautiful radio which is also a night light that changes the light colors – Mood lighting AM/FM Radio:

They also sent me a booklet that contains 8 tips about improving your adsense revenue. You can have access to these 8 tips here:

This is how the booklet looks like:

Last Google Algorithm Update Is About Maintaining Content Freshness

Google in its constant endeavour to come up with something new and innovative; with a single and ultimate objective of improving experience of its user, has added one more feature to its cap; about which I am certain that if you understand and learn to utilize it, it will be of great benefit to your credentials, blog, business; or whatever that you are trying to promote online.

What’s the Point?

According to the most recent change in the ranking algorithm and the new rule of content freshness, the user while searching for information should get to see the freshest information on the topic.

Freshness Vs. Relevance

However, the above rule also comes with a flipside; it is highly likely that the freshest content that Google manages to index & present before the user may not be the best piece of information about the topic available online, so what if it is latest one and has been added just an hour ago? For all you know what was written ten weeks ago is by far still the most detailed and authoritative post on the subject, then where does the user land up? And the blog; and the spider; and its algorithm?

Fresh Content Strategy works at some places, not at others:

Let’s look at it this way, as long as cricket score or election results are concerned, latest or freshest content does make a lot of sense, but what about content revolving around history and recipes? Do you think they are likely to change over time? Publishing a piece on historical fact or a recipe that has received huge attention of people deserves to go out of running only because it’s been online for a while? Is that really a good enough reason? Certainly not, so what’s the next best thing to do, so as to retain the position.

How to Ensure Google Indexes Your Content For its Freshness Regularly:

In this post we will discuss ways to keep your old-yet-important content looking fresh; and running in the main lane; enjoying attention of people it is targeted at. Let’s look at various ways to do it.

Create and Publish New Pages From Time to Time

The first method to maintain freshness of content is by adding new pages to the blog. You can work on a content strategy and stick to it. You can either decide to publish blog posts once a month or week or do it on an everyday basis. It has been seen that the more posts you create and publish the more traffic you eventually drive to your blog; the more spider will get used to indexing your site; but MORE should never be achieved at the cost of quality.

However if you can manage to develop informative and good quality posts every few days, say thrice a week, then spider will also start considering you on authority on the subject and will value your author profile. When you are creating the kind of posts spider is valuing you for, don’t forget to tweak your profile too.

More Need Not Start Looking Mediocre

More should not turn out mediocre in the end. Unless what you have written and presented is interesting by way of presentation as well as information, it will fail to hold reader and unless it achieves that, spider will not give you extra marks. Also, take care of loading time of your site/blog; because high bounce rate is bad for your blog.

Sometimes it also happens that people cannot spare so much time to create long fresh posts every few days; which experts think is a matter of getting used to and level of dedication you have for promoting your blog. At such a juncture you should consider hiring guest writers who will add new and fresh content to your blog on a regular basis. Likewise you can also encourage avenues for comments on your posts, you should read up information on how to write posts that can trigger high rate of response. Comments also add to fresh content quotient.

Tweak Old Post to Create Genuine Newness by Updating:

Some people also tweak each and every post they have created in the previous year in this year; this helps them to add the latest information to the old post, so it becomes an updated post and the post also gets new content and when spider visits the page if finds something new to add to its cache. This is also not a bad idea but for now long can you re-work on old posts; at some point of time you will have to create fresh posts that you can tweak later, right? So strike a balance, and before that, sit up and think.

Interlinking and Fine-tuning Landing Pages

You should also consider interlinking pages of your own blog; while doing this you can change your landing page a little bit here and there when you are linking it with fresh content page that you have recently created. You should also ensure that your home page changes everyday; if it’s a blog that’s not going to be an issue because your fresh posts will appear on home page and old posts will become part of inside pages. Also change hub pages as often as you can and should.

Identify Pages that Look Less Important from Spider’s Point of View and Work on Them:

Another thing that bloggers can do to add fresh content is pick out pages of your blog that are less important, meaning those pages that get less visitors and are not indexed so regularly by spiders; now make substantial changes to these pages to wake up spiders to look at the refreshed page all over afresh. This makes a huge difference to the traffic of blog; especially compared to spending time over those pages that are doing pretty okay; the secret lies in picking up those odd pages that are lying low and start work on them.

Do Everything in Your Power to Hold Your Visitor

I have already mentioned in somewhere in the post that I’d like to take further; about visitors spending time on your blog; well do as much as you can to ensure you give them enough reasons to help them stay; it may take visual reliefs, i.e. images; optimized videos; good layout of content, i.e. considering dividing and categorising content; or drawing visitor’s attention thru an attention grabbing headline; compelling copy; info-graphics; Facebook plug-ins, and so on.

Link to Other Blogs Without Feeling Insecure; Instead Learn to Feel Confidence Of Your Own Blog:

As always most important tip saved for the road, while creating and publishing content never be hesitant to link to another blog to explain something. Don’t feel insecure and consider sending the visitor away by doing it; on the contrary by doing this you are giving him a feeling that if he stays with you, you will introduce him to many more such sites and topics written by authorities.

Manage the Google Adsense Location and Size Using JavaScript

Some people say that using Google AdSense on a site is not always a good idea. The fact is that ads might be disturbing in some cases, but it is a good thing to have if there are no other ads on the site. Some people create websites only for AdSense revenue, therefore, they have to optimize their pages and the location of the ads for the maximum conversion. But in the case of an e-commerce site it is all about balancing the ads; sales can suffer if there are too many paid AdSense clicks that would mean less sales for the main product.

Location and Size of Google AdSense Ads:

It is important to choose the location of the ads carefully, especially if this is the only way of monetizing the site. However, not all sites have exactly the same size of space available as the standard ad on the Adsense site. Therefore, the webmaster would need to make these responsive using a JavaScript code. The code is as follows:

Using this code makes ads responsive and therefore the ads will fit in the page, not extend beyond the given space.

Ads Appearance:

It is also possible to chance the font and the size of the text ads to ensure that it matches the style of the page. Google only says that unreasonable changes in the ads are not permitted. Overwriting the HTML tag of the ads is simple, by changing the font name. Therefore, this variance can also be tested to find the best converting type of ad.

Banner Sizes:

All webmasters know that different Google Adsense banner sizes have different conversion and click rates. Therefore, by testing them and selecting the most appropriate size click through rates can be increased significantly. It is well known that a larger ad in a prominent place would result in a higher click through rate.Splittesting is a good option and can be carried out. This means that the ad sizes are rotated and the statistics show which one had the better performance. However, Adsense’s support site confirms that the best performing ads are the 336×280 Large Rectangle, the 300×250 Medium Rectangle, and the 160×600 Wide Skyscraper. Obviously, there are some variations based on the topic of the site and the audience.

Measuring Adsense Performance:

It is important to measure the performance of ads on the site per page and per visitor. The good news is that Google provides advanced statistics to users for free. It is also possible to connect an Adsense account with a Google Analytics one and therefore see the performance and traffic statistics. It is also possible to connect a different Google Analytics account with an AdSense one, setting up the AdSense account email as a site administrator. This way webmasters would have access to both statistics from one account.

Rules and Limitations:

Many people sign up to be an AdSense publisher and find themselves banned from advertising because they do not comply with the terms and conditions. Therefore, it is important to know the most relevant policies regarding to displaying ads. First of all; there are only three units per page allowed. This rule is created to ensure that the site contains the right proportion of information and ads. No page should have the sole purpose of publishing ads. The new AdSense Terms and Conditions also says that it is not allowed to display ads on Thank You and Error pages. However, search boxes can be displayed. The greatest change still is that now it is possible to have text ads on the page from other pay per click networks alongside the Adsense units.

Why Google Plus? Why Not Facebook?

When Google decided to launch a social networking platform, Google Plus, the way various discussion boards and forums took it up was beyond my wildest imagination! The force with which the login and sign up links started getting forwarded all over, its popularity should ideally have been measured on Richter scale!

On the other hand all this hullaballoo was hardly surprising; because we know, Google has earned a status of a leader and an innovator; and it manages to create curiosity even while it’s lying low without any motive. Launch of social media was indeed BIG news by any standard.

Majority of people joined as soon as they received login links. I remember being in a hurry to join too, because an inner voice told me, “Join before it closes due to oversubscription”; Imagine, inner voice and all. I mean to say the frenzy got better off everything else. Anyway slowly the anxiety mellowed and discussions started wavering,” doesn’t look like it is offering anything beyond what Face-Book already does” and so on; to each their own.

Ask me, I love being on Google Plus; to many G+ may look like Facebook on the surface except for the change in vocabulary, and the way phrases have been coined; my take is based on my own experience and therefore different. First thing, being on Google Plus I somehow feel things are more in control; could be due to the privacy feature that they have.

Good thing about Google Plus is that there are no advertisements; you can see more number of posts, if you want to follow people; no need to seek permission. Google as we know is a company has earned stature of demi-God. It can make or break your business, their various business tools, chrome, and other features help you grow and become better and more successful provided you learn to make use of them. If you are with them, they will be with you.

Another thing with G+ is that I have made lots of new friends in different parts of the world through the Circles feature; with whom I share and learn about professional sensibilities; exchange ideas; share news and information about my work, favourite music, sports, views on politics and so on; I relate to my new friends as comfortably as I related to a colleague or regular friend. The best thing is that the communication happening here helps me grow. G+ is straight forward and resourceful and above all helps you to connect with people you should know.

On Google plus I can emotionally connect with my long lost high school buddy; looking over graduation, wedding, and baby pictures and A LOT more. It all blends seamlessly & beautifully, where I find scope for personal and professional growth and intellectual satisfaction.

I am also extremely comfortable with the way it is structured. I wonder what kind of in-depth research (at psychological level) must have gone into it that as a G+ user I feel so much at ease to strike up a conversation with the guy who `looks like’ may share my interest for camera (for example) or follow a home renovation specialist! I feel no awkwardness to join a conversation mid way; without any feeling that I may be intruding. Plus, the spam free discussions here are a blessing.

To an extent I agree with people who think it gives more professional vibration that personal. After being on Google Plus I really have never had to look for any information beyond it; unless it’s something that requires massive in-depth research. Over time I have familiarized myself well with the platform and know that answers to my simple everyday questions can be found here. I personally feel pretty comfortable maintaining various circles to interact at various levels; it is possible that some people might find it difficult.

Whether I am looking for building my business or buying a cell phone or computer, or even when my Gmail account refuses to open; or as my site is witnessing a sudden drop in its page rank, I always know whom to contact, where to go looking for information; which discussion to participate in; and which discussion are happening at a advanced and higher level so to just keep a watch on and read.

Hangout on G+ is my favourite hangout. I have met and struck rapport with people I could never ever have met otherwise. What talent, what brains, what mindset, what thinking! People I met there are so interesting, and sharing a meaningful conversation and debates with them, is such an experience. Sometimes we do not know each other very well, but freely share information and exchange ideas and learn from each other. By no means can it be categorised as light fluffy soufflé style chit chat.

I am a certainly more sensible, intelligent, and active social media participant ever since I joined Google Plus. And let me tell you that with input from users like you and me, G+ has also been constantly evolving, improving and upgrading itself – technogically ( of course); socially; and emotionally. It is leaving no stone unturned to give its user better experience.

Anyway we look at it, one thing is certain; we are living in the interesting times.

Is Having StatCounter Code a Problem for Your Site’s Google Ranking

Google’s Panda and Penguin updates has made the webmasters worried and overwhelmed. Although the dust is now settled and everybody knows if his site is affected by these updates or not, still webmasters are worried. Those whose sites are affected, are still looking for a way to have them back on Google first page, and those whose sites are not affected want to stay at the safe side and not to do anything that causes their sites to be penalized. One of the things that webmasters and bloggers talk and ask about is having the StatCounter code, and whether it affects the site ranking on Google or not. They want to know if Google penalizes the sites that the StatCounter code is posted on their pages or not.

StatCounter is a well-known web traffic analyser. Although Google Analytics has attracted a lot of attentions and many webmasters and bloggers prefer it, StatCounter is still popular. When you sign up for a web traffic analyser like StatCounter, you have to post a piece of JavaScript/HTML code on your site in order to track your website traffic through StatCounter. When you use the StatCounter for free and you do not sign up for their paid program, you will have a promotional link in the code you place on your site. This link is what that has worried the webmasters. They wonder if it causes Google to penalize their site or not:

StatCounter code (above) has two parts. The first part that is highlighted in green, is the main part of the code which is necessary for tracking the traffic. The second part is (highlighted in red) is the link to StatCounter.

When you want to track your website traffic properly, this code has to be placed on all pages. If you use a website template, then placing the code in the footer will do the trick and the code will be present on all pages. It is where the problem can come. If you link to a website through all of your pages, then it is possible that Google penalizes your site and also the site that you have linked to it (StatCounter). It is the StatCounter problem to think about having its link on the other sites and becoming penalized because of that. Maybe they don’t care. They should understand that a hidden and non-visible link to fool the search engines is not a good idea and they have to think about it sooner or later. Webmasters also have to be careful and keep themselves at the safe side. Let’s see what the StatCounter users have experienced and if they have been penalized or not.

I have seen so many webmasters asking about having the StatCounter link in different forums and discussion board. One of them asks the other webmasters that:

Is it possible that Google penalizes the site because of having the StatCounter on each and every one of the pages after the Panda and Penguin updates? The StatCounter link gives a hidden and “do follow” link to StatCounter. I have to many websites and the StatCounter code is placed on all their pages. Will this be known by Google as a mass linking attempt and so they penalize my sites?

This question is not asked from Google, and so we don’t know how Google deals with the site-wide StatCounter links. What we do know is that Google is not stupid and it knows what is going on over the internet. They know the StatCounter and its mission very well and I don’t think that you will be penalized if StatCounter link is the only site-wide link you have on your website pages. So there is nothing to worry. I am sure Google has already made an exception about StatCounter and similar sites in its algorithm. In spite of this, there are still a couple of things you can do to stay at the safe side:

1. Sign up for StatCounter paid service which is $5 a month and so the link will be removed from their code.

2. Place the rel=”nofollow” attribute to their link:

3. Make the link visible and nofollow at the same time:

I am not sure if the above two changes are against StatCounter terms of service or not. You can ask them before you do it. However, I don’t think that it should be a problem because they are merely interested in traffic they receive through the link and a nofollow attribute has no affect on the traffic that they will receive through the link.

4. Use Google Analytics which is free and has no link  in its code. I think that is the best solution 🙂

How to Host and Share a File Using Google Docs

With Google in the ring, file hosting services like Megaupload, Rapidshare and Filesonic , it seems will have to struggle really hard to survive. What Megaupload or others of its kind offer to their free member and what they charge their premium member for, is nothing as compared to what Google doc’s offering to it’s members.

Yeah, that’s true! You can actually host files on Google docs and share with others without any restriction of any kind. There might be restriction on file size (i.e. 250MB is the upper limit) but since there’s no restriction on the number of parallel downloads you could have, that’s not a problem. The download speed is exceptionally fast plus you don’t have to deal with any of those annoying pop-up ads, whew, that was a relief.

All hardcore file sharing geeks out there, Google docs offers you 8 times more space for the same amount of money you would spend at “Dropbox”; 5$ per year and you can increase the storage capacity to 20GB.

Here are some of the things-to-know about sharing using Google docs.

  1. Sharing a file with as many people as you like is no more a problem; with “Google docs”, it has become really easy to define the level of access you want to allow each of your collaborators.

Sharing a file using Google docs is merely a 3-4 step process,

Step 1: From your “documents list”, select the items that you want to share.

Step 2: “Select” option can be found in the drop-down menu labeled as “More”.

Step 3: Type the e-mail addresses of the people you want to share that file or document with and click “share” and “save”.

  1. “Google docs” allows you to share collection of items with a person or a group.

5 Steps to take are:

Step 1: Go to your “documents list”.

Step 2: Click the button labeled as “create” and select “collection” in the drop-down list that appears.

Step 3: Enter an appropriate name for your collection before clicking Ok. Voila!

Step 4: Drag the items that you want in the collection from your document list. You may select multiple items in one go using “Ctrl” command of the keyboard.

Step 5: To share any of the collections you have created, with your colleagues and friends, click “my collections” in the navigation pane on the left of your documents and select “share”.

  1. “Google docs” allows you to set the privacy level of the documents or media files you want to share with others. You can change the visibility settings of that item to default “private” setting, to “anyone with the link” setting or to “public on the web” setting; it depends on the level of privacy you want to set for that item.

‘Private” setting does not allow access to anyone accept to those you have permitted.

“Anyone with the link” setting allows access to anyone with the URL or the web address of your document. Privacy settings of the items in this category could be set to “private” any time. Once the settings are changed to “private” setting, the links that were working with the previous settings would become inactive.

Shared items with the “public on the web” setting can be accessed by anyone; since the person accessing the document would not need to sign in, you would never know who has accessed or viewed your document.

Setting the document’s privacy level is not a big deal; steps to follow are:

Step 1: Click the “share” button on the top right corner of your document.

Step 2: Click “change” next to the current visibility option to change the setting to your desired setting.

Step 3: Select the privacy setting you want to set.

Step 4: Save it.

That’s it.

I hope this article has efficiently conveyed what I meant to convey; hosting and sharing any item of any format won’t be a problem now.

3 Steps to Receive Free Traffic from Google

Google is the most famous, professional and progressed search engine over the web and in the world. Some webmasters and internet marketers don’t like to hear that but I don’t care. I personally don’t fall in love with any special website or company but I love Google because of the service I receive from it and because of its professionalism. I have tried all other search engines several times and I never use any search engine other than Google when I am serious to find something important. Not because I love this company but because Google always has the answer.

Even the Google traffic has a higher quality. The reason is that Google users are more qualified. They know what they want and what to do and are serious to make some actions when they find any website through the Google search. When they find your website through the Google organic search, it is highly possible that they order your products, signup for your program, subscribe for your newsletter or click on the ads you have on your website.

I have experienced it several times that a special number of users driven from Google organic search, make more actions on the websites than the same number of users from other search engines.

So you’d better to design and promote your website according to Google guidelines. If you succeed to do that, you will also receive free traffic from other search engines.

It is a long time that the techniques or I’d better to say “the tricks” that could help the websites to become ranked on Google, don’t work any more. They could work for a limited time in the past but now they can not work even for a limited time. So those who still like to find some tricks to have their websites on the Google search result pages, are wasting their time and money.

If you really like to have a website that receives free traffic from Google in long term or maybe for good, you should follow the below steps:

1- Designing:

If you are new to internet business and website promotion, the Google Webmaster Guidelines is the first recommended thing you have to read. It is not a 1000 pages book. It is just a single web page. In this page, Google founders and engineers let you know how to design and promote a website that is eligible for being indexed and ranked by Google.

If you have designed your website before you read the Google Webmasters Guidelines, you have to take a look at it now and check if your website is designed and promoted according to it or not. If not, you have to make the necessary changes as soon as possible.

I believe the most important advice you can find in the Google Webmasters Guidelines is:

Make pages for users, not for search engines.

When your website has some problems like having more than one hundred links in a page or having too big pages and problems like that, it is possible that Google rank your website normally but when you design your website for search engines and not for users, Google and also other search engines discover it easily and will ban or penalize your website.

So this is the most important thing you have to consider. Having duplicated content, too many keywords in the pages, repeating the keywords, having hidden texts and links, cloaking and over-optimization of the pages, make Google realized that you have designed your website for search engines not for giving information to the visitors.

Having original, unique and distinct content is the most important thing for Google. Google hates duplicated contents. So try to have your original and distinct content in your websites and always add more new pages and fresh content to your them.

2- Promotion:

When you made sure that your website is designed according to the Google Webmasters Guidelines, you have to promote your website. It is explained at the first section of the Google Webmasters Guidelines: “When your site is ready”

Link popularity is one of the most important factors. According to Google, you have to have other relevant websites to link to your website. The best to do that is having good and quality content, products and services that make other webmasters to link to your website. This is the best way to improve your website link popularity.

Improving the link popularity as one of the most important factors is what that makes many webmasters and black-hat SEOs to use some tricks to improve the websites link popularity. Submitting to FFA sites, participating in link schemes and excessive link exchanging are some of these tricks. As I explained at the beginning of this article, it is a long time that these tricks don’t work. They can just easily result in your website penalization or banning. So don’t even think about them.

According to Google, you can submit your websites to good directories like Yahoo and DMOZ. There are also a few other directories that you can try but do not waste your time and money for submitting your websites to all other web directories.

In addition to having good content that attracts other websites links, you can improve your website link popularity by participating in forums and article marketing.

You really don’t have to submit your websites to search engines. Do not pay any money for this. Search engines crawlers find your websites through the incoming links.

3- Perseverance:

Keep on your good work:

  • Keep on adding more new content, products, services and information to your website and update the old information from time to time.
  • Keep in touch with other webmasters in your niche and ask them to link to your website.
  • Remain active in the online forums and communities and let others know you and your website.

You have to keep on these activities for several months until you see the result. It depends on you, the way you work and the competition.

Bottom line:

If you like Google, the biggest creature of the cyber world, to send free traffic to your websites, you have to design and promote your them according to Google guidelines. You should keep on this for a while and you will see the good result.

How to Have Your Website Ranked Both in Google and Yahoo

It is about two years or so that Yahoo has launched its own search system. It was used to use the Google search before. It means when your website was ranked in Google, it was also ranked in Yahoo.

There was just an exception. Those websites that were indexed in Yahoo directory, had priority for Yahoo. Yahoo search result was the mixture of the Google search result and Yahoo directory. Webmasters tried to list their websites in the Yahoo directory to make sure that their websites were listed in the Yahoo search result.

You could easily have a new website ranked in the Yahoo search result with some of the main keywords in just 2 weeks. Yes, 2 weeks!

You just needed to register a domain that contained the main keyword, design the website and optimize it for the main keyword, submit it to the Yahoo directory and then wait. In most cases, you could have the website ranked on the first search result pages after about two weeks.

Google versus YahooWhen Yahoo launched its search system and stopped using Google, everything was changed. Having the website listed in the Yahoo directory didn’t have any effect for Yahoo search ranking. Most of the websites that were on the first pages in Google, couldn’t be found on Yahoo search result. For a long time, nobody could understand anything about the algorithm of Yahoo search system.

For example, for a very competitive keyword, a website was ranked as the first website that didn’t even have any backlink whereas good and popular websites with thousands of backlinks couldn’t be found on the Yahoo search result.

Generally, the below differences can be seen between Yahoo and Google:

1- Yahoo pays more attention to the number of backlinks whereas for Google the quality of the links is more important.

2- Yahoo pays less attention to having the keywords in the anchor text and also the texts around the link whereas it is so important for Google.

3- The website internal factors are less important for Yahoo. For example the internal links, number of pages, regular updating, unique and distinct content is more important for Google than for Yahoo.

4- Higher keyword density is acceptable for Yahoo but Google is highly against it.

So question is what to do to have a good ranking both in Yahoo and Google?

You may think that there are some tricks for having your websites ranked reasonably and highly both in Google and Yahoo.

No, there is no trick but there are good and legitimate ways. Let’s review the Yahoo and Google differences and see what you should do:

1- Yahoo gives more credit to the number of backlinks. Of course this is important for Google too but the quality of the backlinks is more important for Google.

So what should you do to have backlinks that help your Yahoo and Google ranking? The answer is high number of quality backlinks.

How is it possible?

Well, it needs several articles to answer to this question but briefly, the most important thing that helps your website to have high number of quality backlinks is quality content.

1. Your website should have quality content and information or unique and quality products and services. If so, other webmasters will link to your website and your website will have an organic link popularity after a while.

It is impossible to have quality backlinks for your website through methods like submitting to FFA, web directories and link exchanging. It is a long time that these methods don’t work.

2- Google can easily understand when a webmaster tries to make an artificial link popularity for his/her website. Google likes websites to look normal and natural and the links they receive to be natural and organic too. When you try to increase your website link popularity by exchanging links or submitting your website to tens of web directories, your website backlinks don’t look natural and organic because most of them will have the same anchor text.

This is good to have the keywords in the anchor text but when your website has a lot of backlinks with the same keyword, it means someone has tried to increase your website link popularity artificially.

When you have a good website and other webmasters link to it, you can not ask them to have the anchor text in the link because you don’t know who will link to your website BUT most of these links will have the main keywords in the anchor text or if they don’t, the texts around the link will have the keywords because your website will always receive links from the websites of the same niche that have the same keywords on their pages.

Google can understand this easily. It means Google understands that a link is organic, has the keyword in the anchor text or what other texts are around the link on the page. It is still a little hard for Yahoo to distinguish these factors like Google but they have tried to do their best to know the organic and artificial links. For example your website will be banned by Yahoo if most of the backlinks are reciprocal. This is what that MSN (Bing) does too.

3- Internal factors like good navigation, unique title and description for the pages, high number of pages and information are so important for Google. Google doesn’t give a high ranking for the main and competitive keywords to the websites that have few pages. Such websites can have good link popularity but Google knows that a website that has few pages can not be helpful for users.

But I sometimes see that such websites are ranked in Yahoo on the first page with a competitive keyword. Even you can find websites on the Yahoo first search result pages that have not been updated for several months and no new page is added to them. Some of them are forgotten websites and their webmasters even don’t know that their websites are receiving traffic from Yahoo.

So you should design a neat, organized, active and dynamic website. This is what Google likes. Although Yahoo pays less attention to these factors but such websites still have more chance to become ranked on Yahoo too. On the other hand, Yahoo is improving too and so these kinds of websites will have more chance in future.

4- I don’t like to say what level of keyword density is good for your website. Do you know why? When I always advise you to have a good website and design your website for users not search engines, I should not encourage you to try to have this and that keyword density for your website. When you try to set your website on a special keyword density level, it means you are making your website for search engines not users and this is what that search engines don’t tolerate.

Your website should have the main keywords but their repetition should not look abnormal. You should not repeat the keywords intentionally to increase your website keyword density.

For example when your website is about “digital photography”, you will have this phrase in the title and description and you will talk about it in the home page body because you have to explain a little that what your website is about. This is enough and will make the optimum keyword density for your website and you can be sure that both Google and Yahoo will not have any problem with it.

Bottom line:

So what should you do briefly to have your website ranked both on Google and Yahoo?

  • A quality content that becomes updated from time to time will make a website that is eligible to be ranked on all the search engines. Such a website will be linked by the other websites without asking them to do that and so will have a good and organic link popularity. It is good to submit your websites to some of the reliable web directories but you should not waste your time and money for submitting your websites to all other web directories.
  • Have the main keywords in your website pages and specially the home page but do not try to over-optimize your websites by increasing the link popularity intentionally.
  • Try to have a neat and organized website with a good and user-friendly navigation system.
  • Try to add more fresh and unique content to your website all the time.

If you focus on all the above item you will see your website ranked in Google and then Yahoo after a while. MSN will also rank your website eagerly.

Google AdWords Management – You Can Do It On Your Own

Pay per click advertising is the fastest online advertising method. It can drive traffic to your websites and web pages almost as soon as you setup and run your ad campaigns.

Among all the different pay per click programs, Google AdWords is the best because it has the highest traffic and so your ads will receive lots of clicks. Above all, the AdWords system is so organized, professional and user-friendly and if you just learn it, which is very easy, you will not get confused and it will be so easy to manage you ads.

Google AdWords may seem a little complicated at the beginning. Everything is like that for the first time. But when you become more familiar with the AdWords, you will become realized that it is so easy to manage.

Unfortunately, some people don’t have patience to spend some time and learn how the Google AdWords works and so they will have to pay some companies and agencies to do it for them. It will have some problems. You don’t know if the company you have paid is qualified and professional and is really able to manage your ad campaigns and the changes they make on your AdWords account will result in making profit for you or just waste your money and the traffic you will receive will not be a quality and well-targeted (laser targeted) traffic.

In pay per click advertising, you must take some important factors into consideration if you really want to make profit, otherwise you just lose money. The traffic you receive through the pay per click advertising, should be as cheap and targeted as possible. It should be cheap because it will help you to make more profit and it should be targeted because it will generate more sales and actions.

Fortunately, more targeted keywords are cheaper than the less targeted ones. For example “cheap golf clubs to buy” is cheaper to bid than “golf clubs”. This is true that you will receive more traffic through “golf clubs” because it is more popular BUT you have to pay more for it because it is more competitive and above all, the traffic you will receive through it is not fully targeted and is general but “cheap golf clubs to buy” drives visitors to your website who want to buy a golf club.

Google AdWords management has several different aspects and it is impossible to talk about all of them in one article. In this article, I want to focus on the most important factor in Google AdWords management.

As I explained, it is very easy to manage your AdWords ads on your own. If you can not do that or you get confused when you login to your AdWords account, it is because you do not know how the AdWords work.

Campaigns and Ad Groups:

In AdWords, you can categorize all your ads in different campaigns and ad groups. Campaigns are clusters that can contain several ad groups. You should have a different campaign for any of the products, services or websites you advertise. For example if you want to advertise and promote an Anti Spyware and also a graphic software that are two totally different products, you should have at least one campaign for each of them.

Google AdWords Management

One of the mistakes that advertisers make is that they do not create a different campaign for each of the products or websites they want to advertise. This not only makes confusion but can make problems in displaying your ads on the Google network.

Try to use a descriptive name for each of the campaigns. Each campaign can contain several ad groups.

What are the ad groups?

Have you seen the ads that Google displays on its search result pages or on the websites that the Adsense is posted on them? Each ad is related to one ad group that contains some special keywords.

Google Adwords Ad Groups

Each of your ad groups should be specific to one keyword/phrase and its derivatives.

Let me give you a practical example and you will understand the meaning of campaign and ad group. If you learn to use campaigns and ad groups correctly, the rest of the work will be so easy.

For example you want to promote an internet marketing e-book. This e-book includes all the internet marketing methods and strategies and for example you can learn how to advertise on e-zines, pay per click search engines and … . Create a campaign and name it as Internet Marketing Campaign. You have already searched and collected all the related keywords. You should categorize the keywords that are so similar to each other. Here are some of the keywords and their related ad:

  • internet marketing

    Internet Marketing Wizard

    Learn all you need to know about

    internet marketing only for $30

  • pay per click advertising

    Pay Per Click Advertising

    All the secrets of pay per click

    advertising only for $30. Act now.

  • ezine advertising

    Ezine Advertising

    All the secrets of ezine

    advertising only for $30. Act now.

Each of the three above keywords should have one special ad group in the Internet Marketing Campaign. You should also use the -free negative keyword because your e-book is not free and people have to pay for it. Then bid on the keywords and you are done.

Using the campaigns and ad groups is the most important thing in Google AdWords management. It also enables you to optimize and control your ads easier.

Does Adsense Arbitrage Really Work?

I see several exaggerating ads on Google about making money through Adsense Arbitrage. Some of them claim that you can make over $1500/day. You can see such ads on this page too because I have monetized this weblog with Google Adsense. Google currently says that “Adsense Arbitrage”, as the search term, is used for 442,000 times in Google. So obviously thousands of people  have heard about it and want to know more or try it and see if it makes real money or not. Unfortunately crooks are always ready to abuse such opportunities and cheat people. Even if Adsense Arbitrage works, making more than $1500/day which is claimed in the ads is nothing but a dirty trick to sell some useless e-books to people or collecting their emails.

I ordered one of them last night and was forwarded to the download page after the payment. They had everything to download but what I had paid for it. I asked the ClickBank to refund my money.

Adsense ArbitrageI have been using both the Google AdWords and Adsense for many years. I have made so much money through the Google Adsense and have received some gifts from Google. To be honest with you, I have never tried this – so called – Adsense Arbitrage but I am 100% sure that it does NOT work and you will not make any profit through it. I am not going to explain what the Adsense Arbitrage is but I just need to define it.

Adsense Arbitrage is based on paying for a low price keyword in an pay per click system like AdWords, Yahoo or MSN AdCenter and driving the visitors to a page which is monetized with Google Adsense that has higher payout because of the keywords/phrases that are used on that page.

Let’s say you have created a page that is optimized for “web hosting” as the key phrase and so Google Adsense should display the “web hosting” related ads on it. Now you should drive users who look for web hosting products and services to this page through advertising on the Google AdWords. To make any profit, you have to pay much less than what you will get through the clicks that the users will make on the Adsense ads. So if you use the “web hosting” as the key phrase in your AdWords campaign, you will never make any profit because Google does not pay you 100% of the money it charges the advertisers. It means if you pay $3 per click and then users come to the page and click on the ads, you will get paid $1.5 if lucky.

These so called Adsense Arbitrage experts say that you have to look for other key phrases that are cheaper to bid but still related to same keyword – which is the “web hosting” in our example. According to some keyword bid tools, the maximum bid on the “web hosting” is $3.99 and if you want to find other key phrases that are related to web hosting but are cheaper to bid, you should add some words to it. For example “web hosting reviews” or “web hosting providers comparison” that are much cheaper. Even if you do it, you will not make any profit or at least reasonable profit because of some problems:

  • Google does not display the high paying ads on all websites. An ad that makes one dollar on one website, can make $0.10 on another one. Can you be sure that your website is the one that Google displays the high paying ads on it?Nobody knows what the exact percentage of the money that Google pays you for having the Adsense on your websites is. It does not have just a one sentence rule that for example says “We pay you 50% per click.”. It is like the Google algorithm for ranking of the websites. Nobody knows what criteria Google has exactly. They say their system checks over 1000 factors to rank websites on their search result page. Their system also checks tens of different factors to calculate the commission you should receive for the Adsense clicks.
  • Are you sure that all of the users who click on your AdWords ads and come to your website are those who are looking for web hosting services to buy? Unfortunately when you place an ad on the pay per click search engines, you will receive several clicks from your competitors and not from the potential customers. I have read several e-books about Google AdWords and all of them encourage their readers to click on the same AdWords ads, related to the products or services they want to advertise on the AdWords, to know their competitors and learn how they advertise. People buy and read these e-books and unfortunately many of the clicks your ads will receive are from these users who want to see what their competitors sell.When these users come to your website they do not pay any attention to the Adsense ads you have posted on your website because they want to know what you sell. That’s why the conversion rate of the pay per click advertising and also the Page CTR and Page eCPM of Adsense become decreased from time to time.
  • Do all the other users click on the ads? Definitely not. Of course you can ask them to do that and you will make lots of money for a few days BUT Google will ban you from the Adsense permanently and you will not even receive the money you had already earned.
  • Many of the AdWords advertisers bid on the content clicks less than the search clicks because they believe the content traffic has a low quality. “web hosting” is an expensive key phrase but it does not have the same price on your website. It is expensive on the Google search result page.
  • There are some other bitter facts about pay per click advertising and receiving the fraud clicks. Google fights against fraud clicks strongly but you can still receive loads of them everyday.

You might say if advertising on the AdWords and other pay per click search engines is so disastrous and dark, why thousands of people still do it? I don’t say that advertising on the AdWords (or maybe other pay per click systems) is not good and you will lose more than what you earn. In contrast, I want to say if you have a good and well designed website with attractive products, you will make lots of profit through AdWords. What I am emphasizing on, is that you can not make any profit through the combination of AdWords and Adsense.

So what should you do?

  • Can you bid on some very cheap keywords in your AdWords ads and then drive visitors to a page which is optimized for a high paying keyword?

    No; it is against Google terms of use. You can not drive Google users to pages that are not related to what they have searched on Google. This is a kind of abusing and cheating and Google will ban you definitely.

The only way I think it may work is using a cheaper pay per click system to drive traffic to a page that is monetized with the Adsense, the highest paying contextual advertising system.

Google AdWords is the most expensive pay per click search engine because it has the highest competition. Naturally Google Adsense is the highest paying contextual advertising system. So you can advertise on a cheaper pay per click like MSN AdCenter and drive visitors to the pages that are monetized with Google Adsense. This is the only way that may make some profit but to make it reasonable, you have to create hundreds of optimized web pages and also hundreds of ad campaigns. I guess it can make some profits but I am not sure because all the problems I mentioned above can be true in this case too: You will receive much more fraud clicks from the MSN; not all of the user click on the ads and … .

On the other hand, AdWords is the highest traffic pay per click program and others like the MSN AdCenter have not reasonable traffic for many of the keywords. So you have will to …

  1. find thousands of high paying keywords.
  2. find thousands of low bidding keywords related to those high paying keywords you have already found.
  3. create hundreds of pages optimized with the high paying keywords.
  4. create hundreds of ad campaigns with the low bidding keywords.
  5. keep the track of the traffic and the revenue you make through the channels you use in your Adsense units.
  6. calculate and see if it makes any profit or not.

Do you have time to do that? I don’t know about you but I will not try it.