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Facts You Shouldn’t Overlook If You Want to Earn Online

For all you people who are on a look out for an online opportunity that will earn you an extra buck or two, come prepared for everything. Come prepared, that there will a lot of people waiting to give you unsolicited advice to earn extra income; be prepared that there will be enough overflow of information to cause a Festival of Confusion that can easily last a few seasons; also, be ready that there will be a lot of people vying for your attention; wanting to give you a piece of their mind, or share their success story to lure you into a scam or otherwise; and what not.

If I am already beginning to sound like there is nothing but only scams, going on the internet, please attribute it to my lack of talent with words and expression. Because the fact is that there is nothing more real and optimistic than working online and earning extra money or full time income through it.

The secret to cut through all this and emerge a winner is to learn to pick the right lessons from the maze of incorrect, incomplete and fake ones; thereby absorb and run with the right, and the sacrosanct ones.

Earning Online – Quick and Easy – a Myth

The first thing that people think of while they are exploring the idea of working online is that on Internet everything is easy and happens in a fraction of second, which means earning may also be quick and easy; there is nothing farther from truth than nursing this delusion. Have no doubts regarding the `hard work’ aspect of working and earning online; because the reality is that working online requires a whole lot of harder and longer hours of work; because (reason one) people generally take this up while they still have their regular day jobs; which almost means like working in two shifts; and (reason two) it’s a whole new arena where new skills will have to be developed and self learning works here; there is nobody to spoon feed you. So finally it’s not as easy as it looks to an outsider.

New skills needed to be developed

Second important thing to keep in mind is that you can’t jump into an opportunity without any experience and familiarity. You will have to learn and develop new skills if you want to join an opportunity depending on the type of career you are seeking. It’s a fact that anybody irrespective of his/her educational qualification, age, gender, geographical location can work online; but its half fact.

The remaining half of the fact is that you will have to understand the entire gamut and nitty-gritties associated with working online; understanding how things work; how they will work for you etc. It’s a whole new experience; interesting one at that; and the good thing is that all these new skills can be learnt online. There is no need to spend money on taking a course, or buying an eBook etc. Information is available in ample online; all you have to do is find some one genuine who will direct to the best information links. So for online workers it does not so much matter as to where one comes from, as long as he is focused about where he wants to reach and what he is willing to put in terms of effort and hard work etc.

Success Takes Time: Third thing – no matter what the web copy says, what ever that the guy trying to lure you into his scheme of things claims, one thing to remember at all times is, success will never happen overnight. Success has never been easy or about flukes, and internet is no exception. Success will take time to arrive. It will be a result of your understanding of business, market, your targeted client, your product and so on. Based on your knowledge, you will build strategies to build your business and if the strategies are effectively implemented they will bring good results. This is the right path the will lead you to success. You can take as much time as you want, you can decide your own pace of working, and however short cuts do not exist here.

How Do The Rich Think?

Long before I worked online, I was employed by a national newspaper as a feature writer for its magazine section; my job was to interview the who’s who in our town. It was a terrific start and a greater learning experience. Plus it added a glamour quotient to my job as sometimes these people invited me to interview them over breakfast at their villas.

However, it will always remain my greatest regrets that I learned my lessons in reverse; imagine I had the chance so early in my career to look into the minds of people who were experiencing success, and understand how they managed it; what made them click; what made them different from the rest; and here I was, in awe of their carpets, cars, the way their washrooms smelled, their vertical gardens, crockery, their dogs..! Well, my excuse is `I was young’.

Anyway I moved to a magazine as an editor, and came in touch with many high profile successful people. Then I started noticing these people more closely. And I realised that they were not just rich with money and class; they were also confident, competent and happy from within; they were enjoying their wealth; no insecurities; always willing to help; eager to explore new possibilities. My mind was beginning to open up and it became clear that what set them apart was not how much was their net worth, or which ivy league did they earn their degrees from; but how they thought and applied their knowledge.

rich people mentalitySo I decided, that next time onwards whenever I interact with these people, I will look into the underlying thought behind the outer thought that they are expressing in words; via body language; or via their success etc. And here I am, almost prepared to share that I think are their golden secrets.

After many years of networking and having had soul searching sessions with the rich and prosperous, I have come to believe that becoming rich is more of a mind game; that their mindsets are contagious. If you can train your mind to change the way you think, lots can change about the way you are, the way you live, earn, nurture relations etc.

I have purposely followed point-wise format because I want it to be easy on your eyes; and also nourish your mind; and heart; soul.

The Rich are internally motivated, they believe they are worthy of money they have.

Becoming wealthy is your right, not a destiny or privilege.

The rich don’t think just survival, they think BIG & RICH.

The rich have understood that `security’ is a myth.

They don’t ever deny importance of money.

To become rich you have to learn to focus on goals more than action.

Money is not the root of all evils; poverty is.

Money does not corrupt, lack of money does.

Consider money as your friend – not enemy. It’s a tool, not a weapon.

When you work, don’t chase money, seek enjoyment and fulfilment.

Money can liberate as well as suffocate – depending on how to use it

Money is NOT complicated, NOT negative, and is without any limitations.

Don’t get emotional when it comes to money, get logical.

Don’t be under wrong impression that money changes people, the fact is it exposes them.

Instead of playing safe with your money, take calculated risk with it.

The rich never lose sleep over what will happen when they won’t have money; instead they are always thinking of ways to multiply their earnings.

Rich aren’t offenders, obsessed, or ruthless; they are ambitious; and ambition is a virtue.

Rich focus to excel in their performance, not keep the job going.

If the rich are shallow people; how come their strategies are working?

Instead of focusing on saving, rich focus on earning.

Leveraging aptitude can build more wealth than labour and hard work can.

People are rich because they believe in working in a Team.

Education does not make people rich, specific knowledge and application is the key.

Only one out of every hundred strikes it rich; because that one person loves what he is doing; does well, succeeds and is rewarded, is thus on his way to becoming rich; rest are focusing all wrong; chasing the idea of becoming rich, doing what they can find or lay their hands on; mediocrity is an attitude.

Rich people have never considered buying a lottery to become rich; instead they have focused on ways to earn money.

Your chances of becoming rich improve when you learn to be more savvy than smart.

Understand that more money means, less stress, fewer problems.

Money never creates rifts in the family; `unearned wealth’ does.

Intellect is not virtue of the poor; it’s their excuse for not being rich.

It’s absolutely wrong to suggest that money spoils children; your limited understanding and beliefs about money that you pass down to them spoils them.

If you will read each of these points with a relaxed mind, and ponder over them you will understand, accept, and imbibe them better. I am sure all of you will find at least three points if not more that hold true for you. If you consider those points and think how that mindset impacts rest of your life as compared to people who do not think like you, you will be convinced that accommodating more positive things will impact our life more positively, which is bound to have a direct influence our financial status too.

Wishing everyone all the very best.

How to Run a Successful Small Business

Basically, there are only two ways different ways of earning money, either by working for someone as an employee or being self employed. Becoming your own boss is not that difficult as thought by people; however, you just have to be little bit courageous with some new ideas to start a new business. Today, several people working as an employee are leaving their jobs, so that they can make their own future strong by starting a kind of small business. This will not only help to build their own future, but, it will also create employment opportunities for several people. Companies or businesses are categorized into large, small, and micro businesses on the basis of their qualifications like start-up cost, gross, revenues, turnover rate, output etc. Starting a new small is business is a much safer option for new entrepreneurs as the risk is comparatively less in such businesses. Moreover, the outcome range of these businesses is also very attractive that range from 3 percent to 50 percent returns. However, all these things depend on the person running the small business. A good and skilled entrepreneur is capable of taking maximum return from its small business. A person just has to take care of certain key things on which the success of any business largely depends. Here are some tips that can help you to successfully run your business and make huge profits:

1. Leadership: In a small business, the process of decision making is much faster than large business as less people are involved in decision making process. Usually, the owner of the business takes all necessary decisions for the well being of his business. However, a business can also be guided by more than one leader, but, it will ultimately delay necessary business decisions. Thus, a small business get an advantage of better leadership and decisions over large businesses just because of the ability of making quick decisions. So, a person must be a good leader before becoming a successful businessman. All the business functions largely depend on the decision of the owner.

2. Planning: It plays the most significant role in the success of any business. Efficient planning in advance for all major aspects of business like investment, human resource, production, process, etc. must be done very carefully to minimize the risk related to business and ensure large profits. If you are a good planner, you can easily forecast the future risks and other conditions related to business and make plans according to such conditions. This will help your business to grow faster and generate huge profits.

3. Location: The success of any business depends much on the location of that business. A new businessman has to consider location seriously, as the business success largely depends on its location. A good location of any business can ensure fast delivery of goods or products to the ultimate consumers. If you start a small business in a place which is far from your targeted audience, people won’t even visit your business due to conveyance problems or other problems. Thus, you must start your business in a place where your targeted customers will find easy to visit. Moreover, it is significant to choose location which has good transportation facilities, availability of labor, availability of raw materials, and other natural resources that are necessary for the business.

4. Quality: Your customers can easily become your regular customers, if you focus on the quality of your products or services. It is significant to provide good quality of services or products to make a recognized name in the world of your business. Quality ultimately gains a brand image that helps to bring customers to any business. Thus, you should have to focus on quality of your product or services to become a successful businessman in the near future.

5. Law: You must know and follow all necessary laws and rules associated with your business. You should comply by legal norms of your country as well as State you live in. In any small business, even a single wrong move can results in destruction of the business. Thus, it is recommended to you that you must follow all legal laws that are associated to your business.

6. Market Section: You should have to select the section of market on which your business is working. A business cannot be a mere company engaged in buying and selling. You cannot able to target your customers, if you not decide the section or domain of your business.

7. Budgeting: It is a necessary thing in the success of small businesses. People running small businesses do not have large amount of capital that can fulfills every aspect of business easily. Small businesses have to make a business budget on which they have to run the whole business. If there would be no budget in a business, the capital may incur on single aspect leaving behind other necessary aspects. This will disturbs the functioning of whole business. Thus, you must make good budget for your business to improve productivity and reduce waste.

8. Internet and advertising: You must take advantage of internet to make your business more popular and successful. As people become advance, the use of internet and social media has increased to a great extent. You will find users in bulk in internet, which is good for the publicity of your business. Advertising your business on internet is a great idea that can bring several customers to your business. This ultimately increases the range of your business and fetch customers from different places. Moreover, advertising on internet can be easily afforded by small business, as it is the cheapest source of advertising. Thus, you must take benefits of internet to advertise your business at an affordable price.

These are the tips that can be useful to run a small business successfully. You will find countless of other facets in running a business, which would be explored with time. However, these are the basics for starting new business, which you can use for your business growth.

5 Things that Make You Successful in Your Business

It is not difficult to start a fresh business, the main difficulties lies in surviving neck-to-neck competition and making stimulate growth with the passage of time. The success of any business largely depends on the concentrated efforts of several major functions that include planning, opportunity, capital, type of business, promotional policy, and many more. For a business, branding and marketing strategy must able to establish the presence of business, name recognition, credibility, and reputation. Here are some tips that can help you to achieve success in your new business:

1. Business Plan: It is basically the first step towards establishing a new business. Several new entrepreneurs commit a mistake of not making proper documentation of their new business. It is always seen that a written plan is easier to follow and implement. A good business plan must contain business description that include objectives, budget and marketing strategy, infrastructure and facilities, business overview, description of service and products, regulatory issues, industry overview, financial plan, and implementation plan.

2. Focus on Branding and web presence: You have to put a lot of efforts in promoting your brand. You should get a logo designed professionally that can justify your business to the target customers. Get your brochure, business cards, marketing collaterals, and letterheads designed by professional printing and designing house. Moreover, it is significant for your business to create a web presence by making a website of the business. Now a day, several consumers do research on web before buying anything from the market. Thus, it is necessary to make business web presence so that the customers easily find your business online. Moreover, a website will be of good use to your business like it will acts as a communicating medium between you and your customers, you can get reviews of your products online, etc. However, you should design your website with the help of professional web developer as they are capable of making an appealing website that promotes your business well.

3. Create Advertising Strategy: Several businesses use to invest in advertisements, but usually they don’t get maximum return because they do not make a proper advertising strategy. Thus, your advertisement plan must target your market to bring customers to your business. Your advertising should be very consistent so that every customer can see your advertisement. You can also take the advice of any PR agency to make an effective advertisement plan. You have to do a lot of publicity for your business in press release, newspapers, magazines, TV channels, and seminars to reach each and every customer of your market.

4. Day to day targets: You should know what you actually want to accomplish in a specific day. You should set day to day targets of your business and work accordingly. This will help you to easily focus on the chief aspect of your business. If you want your business to be successful, you should know the priorities of your business and stick with them whole heartedly.

5. Do not have unrealistic expectations: Thinking big is not a bad thing, but thinking unrealistically large can be harmful for your business. At the beginning, a business cannot produce high profits as every business takes time to reach its customers. Thus, it is not good to have over expectations with your business at the starting period. You have to be realistic and concentrate on the chief aspects of your business rather than making flying castles regarding your business. Set targets according to the capacity of your business and focus to achieve those targets.

Following the above key things will surely help you to run your business well. Focus on the prime aspects of business and the successes surely go side by side with your business.

4 Online Business Success Stories

Ordinary people achieving extraordinary success, that’s what makes these success stories so much interesting for me. They let me realize that it’s never late when it comes to starting an online business of your own. If an ordinary Canada based blogger Christian Lander could win himself a book deal with 300,000$ advance within 2 months of launching his blog ( and if a 17 year old high school drop-out Ashley Qualls could get her website ranked by Quantcast as 349th among 20 million sites, why can’t you succeed? That’s somewhat I hear myself asking every time I read a success story of such kind.

Why sharing a business success story? These stories are shared to inspire, to help you understand that nobody is incapable of anything, to help you develop self confidence in yourself and encourage you to start a business of your own related to the interest of your own.

Here are 4 Rags-to-Riches stories I would like to share with you.

Success story # 1

Jacquie Lawson, at 62, an old grandmother in the West Sussex, England, trained as an illustrator, created a website to show off her work, allow people download her animated e-cards and share them with their loved ones. The first e-card she created was for the occasion of Christmas, she sent it to her friends and went to Australia for a while.

When she returned from Australia, she had 1600 messages waiting, from people all over the world who had received her e-cards; they had appreciated her work and asked her for more of such cards. The demand grew to the extent that it wasn’t possible to cope with it without a proper e-card service. Her friend Andrew Dukes and her nephew Mike Hughes-Chamberlain helped her setup that service. Long story short, the site has 531,227 members now, each of them pay an annual subscription fee of $6.80, generating a fortune of $3.6 million a year.

Success story # 2

Ashley Qualls, an American entrepreneur from Lincoln Park, Michigan, at the age of 14, started a website called The site offered MySpace page layouts free of cost and provided HTML tutorials for people of her age.

This site helped her earn as much as $1million from Google AdSense and brings in a monthly income of $70,000.

Numerous offers have been made to acquire her company since then but she has turned down all of them including the offer of 1.5 million dollar and a car of her choice.

Success story # 3

Christian Lander, a Canadian blogger and a McGill graduate, in January 2008, created a blog called “Stuff White People Like”. It was a funny blog aimed at the interests of North Americans. Just two months after the starting of the blog, the unexpected happened and the guy won a book deal with the major publisher, Random House, for an advance fee of $300,000.

The site attracted almost 15 million visitors within the time of 2 months. The book with the same name as the blog was released in July, 2008 and became a bestseller of its time.

Success story # 4

Keller Hawthorne, an online entrepreneur from the US, at 22, started her online store, the KBH outlet but was unsuccessful in having more than 10 sales that year. It wasn’t possible to go on that way. She made extensive research on how to be a successful entrepreneur online, invested on some online courses and while doing that stumbled upon some very useful resources like These resources helped her out of her misery and soon the time and effort she had contributed paid off; by the time she became 26, she was already successful; she was running two e-commerce websites namely Theme Kitchen and Theme Bathroom.

Her personal blog, where she tells her success story and helps others learn from her experience of online business, got ranked 6th in Google page ranking. Surprisingly, within next three weeks, she had managed to raise her page’s rank to 3rd number.

3 Tips on How to Make Small Businesses Successful

Every successful company started as a small business before they achieved their royalty today. Huge companies today did not reach their success because of magic; rather, simple marketing strategies motivated their business operations until they managed to develop and expand.

As a small business, operations are limited and efficient management of expenses is necessary. Small business owners should keep in mind that they are not yet capable of enormous marketing similar to huge companies. As much as possible, they need to maximize their budget until they reach stability. How to do it? Here are some tips that every small business owners, so as any other business, should keep in mind.

1. Do Not Invest Too Much In Advertisement

One rule when starting a business or maintaining a small business is not to spend too much. Small businesses should never spend for advertisement similar to what huge companies do. The same goes with huge companies. They should never spend too much on advertisements. The purpose of advertising is to secure interests and gain potential customers in the future. Some companies are also using advertisements to promote events, new products, services, or other factors that will catch the interests of the audience or recipients. On the other hand, marketing experts do not discourage small businesses to consider advertising; rather, they suggest that small businesses, as early as possible, should start designing or planning for their future advertisements.

If advertisements are necessary, then, businesses should maximize them. It is easy to notice that some advertisements have many offers in them while some do not have. When making advertising tools, it is best to add various offers and promotions to get most of the interest of people. Investing too much to advertisement during the early stage is unhealthy for any developing business.

2. Offer Products in Different Qualities

Most businesses believe that the cheaper the product is, the more customers will come despite the quality of the products offered. On the contrary, some companies believe otherwise. Marketing experts suggest that in order for a business to become successful, it must make these two contradicting beliefs meet. In simple terms, businesses should offer both features for their products. They can offer cheap version of their products, despite of the quality. Business owners must keep in mind that not all customers want high quality products. Some would just like to have the product at an affordable price.

On the other hand, some customers would still look for high quality products disregarding the price they have to pay to buy the products. Small businesses should also target these customers by offering high quality products compared to what they are selling at affordable prices. It is as if they offer both basic and premium products for any customers.

3. Affiliate with Other Developing Businesses

Another strategy that will help any business is by the power of affiliation. Affiliated business can do joint promotions to help one another to succeed. A certain business will be able to extend its brand to customers of other businesses through affiliation and vice versa. In other words, they will help each other in promoting the other business to their own customers. Aside from being efficient strategy, a business does not need to spend even a single cent unless they will be providing some advertising tools such as posters, leaflets, and alike.

Taking advantage of affiliation is a good step for any business. Aside from extending your brand to non-customers, your own business will be able to help other businesses. At the same time, you gain new partners in the industry that will help your business stand on a strong foundation. With all these options, any business will be able to withstand the competition in any market.

How to Become Successful in Small Business

Today, the market is so much vast that thousand of opportunities to start a small business are prevailing down the market. You can easily start a new small business with the help of little capital and proper knowledge about the market. However, starting up a small business is easy, but you may find some difficulties in running the business successfully. Thus, it is necessary for you to gather proper knowledge about the field and take necessary suggestion from the experts before starting a business. You must also have to follow certain principles to successfully start an online business. Here are certain tips that will help you to run a small business successfully:

1. Recognize the Business Opportunity: It is the first and primary step in the procedure of starting a new business. You must identify the best opportunity of business prevailing around you. It is very obvious to say that earning money is the primary aim of running any business. You can easily make good money from any business, if you are capable of identifying demand of the market. You must bring a business that can give solutions to maximum number of people. You can undertake business of buying/selling of services or goods, building material, raw material, food stuff sales, wholesale, and retail. You can make good profit from any of the above business, if you are capable of identifying the correct opportunity that suits best according to the needs of the consumers. Moreover, starting a small business is not a huge problem, but, running it continuously in favor of making fascinating profit is a major issue. Thus, you must also consider future growth and development of your business. Remember, a good small business is like a machine that will convert your skills into attractive profits.

2. Prepare a strong business plan: Good business plan is a significant thing towards the future growth of your business. An ideal business plan must include the capital required to start a business, the field of business, source of funds, place to start a business, market demand and competitors analysis. A good business plan not only helps you to start your business well, but also very helpful in establishing a strong foundation of your business. Moreover, if you are planning to collect capital by taking a loan from any bank or financial institute, then they must ask you for your business plan.

3. Good Business Name: You must thing of a good business name as it differentiates your business from other business in the field. The name must provide simple identification to your clients or customers. A good name is like an asset to the business that helps in attracting several customers to the business.

4. Member of professional or trade association: If you start a new small business, make sure that you are registering your business under some professional or trade association. You will get a number of benefits by registering your business to such trade associations. Chiefly, your business will get an identity in the market, which is necessary to bring new customers to your business. You will also be allowed to attend periodic seminars or training, which will help you to add some value to your business operations. You can easily raise funds for your business by registering your business with good trade associations.

5. Place Business near the Market: Your business will be profitable and successful only if it positioned in the market where targeted customers can come easily. Place is an important factor that contributes to the success of any business. If your business is located in the market place, then you can expect higher sales and huge profits from your business. The targeted customers can easily reach you, if you place your business near to the market.

3 Important Things for Online Business Success

In this world of internet, the market has shifted from a retail theme to an online one. Several people in this world make use of internet to run a successful business online. Thus, it is possible for you to successfully run an online business and achieve the desired objectives. However, there are a number of key things that are to be considered before starting an online business. If you have any plan of starting an online business, then you must have to look at certain key things to get success in your online business. Here are some fundamental tips that can help you to run an online business successfully.

1. Website design: A good website design is like a first impression in front of prospective customers. If you want to run a business online in a successful way, then website design is the first thing you have to consider. You must put some efforts to make creative and professional looking web design for your business. If you are unable to make a good website design by your own, then you can hire a professional web designing firm or company for this task. You can find a number of website designing company that can help you to make a fascinating web design for you business. Remember, if your web design is professional and fascinating, the customers will not even think of buying any product from you without giving any consideration to your quality and reliability. Thus, Website Design is the basic step towards running a successful online business.

2. Website must be a whole package for your customers: You must develop your site as a total package for your customers. You must not leave your site with a mere presentation of your products. You must have to offer articles, support forums, tutorials, etc. to your customers; so that they can understand your products well and purchase them thereafter. Such package like website not only helps your customers to know your products well, but also help your business to fetch additional traffic that ultimately results in higher sales.

3. Best use of SEO: You must use SEO or search engine optimization for your best advantage. SEO is an important tool to improve website ranking of any business. You cannot expose your business in an efficient manner, without the use of SEO. The techniques of SEO will help you to promote your business and improve your site ranking in the results of well-known search engines. You can have the greatest deals related to your business by properly using SEO. You can also hire a professional SEO company for your business that can provide SEO services to promote your business. You can also get tons of information regarding SEO by simply searching in on internet.

The internet also provides several options to earn from an online job. It is possible for you to earn money online without quitting your permanent job. However, there are some people for whom internet jobs are the permanent source of income. You can find a number of jobs online that are very stress free and can be done comfortably. There are also some online websites from where you can search feasible jobs and earn money online. You can pick a job according to the time you can devote and skills you have. You have to proper researching work to find best means of making money online. Moreover, you must be very careful in choosing the job that can make you earn wisely. This means that the selection of any job must match with your skills to make money online.