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Published on June 10th, 2014 by | Category: Online Marketing

I think at least 98% of people who work online have no product and make money just by promoting others products. This is one of the best advantages of internet that makes us able to promote others products and earn commission, but you should know what products are better for selling online otherwise you will waste your time and money.

What Products Are Good to Sell Online?

When you want to promote others’ products, you should not fall in love with any special product that does not make reasonable money for you, because you have to spend your time and money to promote and sell a product and so you should choose a profitable product, not a product that you personally like to promote. On the other word, you should promote products that

  1. have a higher demand
  2. have a lower competition
  3. are not too expensive
  4. are not too cheap
  5. have a reasonable commission percentage
  6. have a high conversion rate

A product that has a high demand, should be more competitive but it has a higher conversion rate. When a product has a great demand but it is too competitive, you should forget about it.

Sometime it seems you’d better to find a product that has a lower demand and so lower competition. This can work much better than promoting a product that has a high demand and so high competition. It works when you choose many of these products and promote them at the same time. When a product is less competitive, you have to spend less time and money to promote it. For example if you use pay per click search engines to promote the product, when it is a high competitive one, you have to pay more for each click.

Competition is so important and becomes more and more everyday. So I suggest beginners to choose less competitive products to promote.

Too expensive products are not good to promote because they have a low demand and people become realized to order them so hard. So you have to advertise a lot and spend lots of time and money to find a few customers.

What Are The Best Places To Find Good Products For Selling Online?

For digital products like e-books, ClickBank is the best place. Products are sorted on ClickBank marketplace according to their popularity. So ClickBank already tells you which product has the highest conversion rate and demand. ClickBank has more than 11,000 digital products. Digital products are information. Information is the most common product over the world wide web and is what people look and pay for it a lot.

For other products, LinkShare and Commissions Junction are the best places. These websites have thousands of different products and they also give you some tools like different size banners for each product.

Amazon is another place where you can find millions of products, specially books, to sell online.

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