Content Is King – How to Get King Content Rule Your Site Ranking

Published on April 7th, 2013 by | Category: Search Engine Optimization

I’m sure you know how important your Title tag, headlines and having keywords in your text is to ranking high. But there are also three other (usually unknown or overlooked) factors that are important to getting ranked high by Google. I will tell you about these three important factors. But before that I’d like to explain a little about the importance of content for your website ranking.

Content is king like never before. Content has always been important, but never as important as it is now and many (if not most) webmasters are not taking it seriously. If you want to beat them, all you have to do is to take seriously Google’s advice of having exceptional content on your website. Google will reward you for doing what they are now requiring. The two most important things you need to do to your website right now are:

1. Having unique titles and headlines are a must.

2. On a regular basis add new, original, informative articles with compelling headlines.

That’s all there is to it. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The articles have to be really good — not just fluff.

What Google likes is facts, articles that give both sides of a subject, comments and interviews with industry experts and survey results. The best way to quickly get survey results (and with zero cost) is to use the tool called “Survey Monkey” on the website,

Go to their website and sign up for their free version and you can quickly set up a survey and get results overnight. Go take a look at all of the options and how easy it is to get survey result using their too. Set up your survey and then take the data and write an article called, “Survey reveals (whatever).” This format will give you a powerful article — both for your readers and for Google. You can do this over and and over week after week. By the way, you can also use Survey Monkey to find out what topics your readers want to know more about.

Now, what are those three important factors that I talked about at the beginning of this article?

To get Google to rank your site high, the following three things are absolutely necessary:

#1. You need at least 12 to 15 pages. Google doesn’t like sites with three to five pages of high-pressure hype. Google likes to see several pages of content and these pages have to have informative, useful content and a minimum of 300 words. Words in JavaScript, in photos or logos don’t count. A page with very few words is useless to you when it comes to increasing your ranking.

#2. You need a link to a “Contact Us” page (with 300+ words or more).

#3. You need a link to a “Privacy Policy” page.

Since most webmasters don’t consider these three things important they don’t have all three of them. Having these three things helps make your site stand out and tells Google that this is a professional, non-spammy website.

Take the time now to check your website and make these changes if necessary. You will be rewarded by higher ranking.

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