Creating Videos that Work and Impact Visitors Mind

Published on April 25th, 2013 by | Category: Online Marketing

 Are You Creating Your Videos Right?

Videos have become an integral part of the new generation internet marketing strategy. They not only help to draw more visitors to the blog or site; but also help to hold them; in this post we will learn to play the game right.

Why Some Videos Work & Others Don’t: Because people behind them may not be focused; may not know how to make an effective video; or may be casual about it and doing it just because they see hundred others around doing it, and not looking at it as their business requirement and something that can bring them traffic and conversions. Their intentions and objectives may be all wrong and out of place.

First thing to consider if you want to start right, then consider hiring professionals to make videos for you; including hiring a Voice Over artists’ services. Final product should be a technically sound video that succeeds in getting the message across effectively and clearly.

Being on the net for long and having applied `tried and tested’ as well as `out of the box’ techniques to promote my own and my client’s businesses online, I have known one thing – the real skill lies in making the technique work in the mind of our costumer. Techniques if you ask me are mere skills that can be acquired by any willing learner. To turn these techniques into magic you got to be a little more understanding of your client’s needs.

Let us simplify it a little more; let us take our core discussion forward; videos as we know are an important internet marketing tool.

Now, there are two elements that go into making of a video which make the final product that will finally bring traffic to your blog – first aspect is technically putting together of the video, which includes mixing voiceover, visuals and scripts with the help of a software; second is getting inside the mind of your potential client with the help of message and hitting it to make an impact.

While first aspect involves techniques, software, and skills; second aspect is about understanding human mind and its need, and thereby creating a video that will make the costumer stop and take notice; listen; and consider visiting the site post watching it.

If you understand this – you can’t Not Succeed. While technique is the job of person who will create the Video, we will discuss about second aspect, how to create a message that is effective and makes a mark in the psyche of its target audience.

Step –I Understand needs and problems of your client: When you create a video for your blog/ product, know what your client is looking for; what problems is he facing; and based on it, offer solutions.

Step – II Pay More Attention to Scripts: While you create Video, pay more attention to the script than visuals. When someone plays the video he/she is paying more attention to the script, visuals are hardly important. This means nothing works like a good script.

You are Best Person to Create a Rough Draft of Script: Don’t accept script that video people have crafted for you. Understand that it’s your business and nobody understands it better than you do. Offer to work on script yourself. Professionals can fine-tune and optimize script later.

Understand Problems of Your Client: If you want to write the script yourself but feel lost, do the following: get answers to these questions from your clients: what’s missing on the page; why wouldn’t they place a purchase order; are they worried about the product in anyway; are they sceptical or confused? If yes, over what; and finally, how can you help? Answers will give you an insight into why costumer is hesitant to buy.

Start Developing Script: Now start developing the script, ensuring customer’s problems are addressed and resolved. The script need not take beyond 2 minutes of visitor’s time. Three is the outer limit.

Opening Slide: Your opening slide as a rule should speak about what your company is about; then subtly start discussing problems an inconveniences that client faces, and tell them how your product can help them to overcome them and how people using it already are benefiting from it.

Language and Tone: Use the same language and refer to the same phrases in your script that people did while conveying their problems to you; tell them this is why you created the product. This will help you to strike a rapport with them; they will identify with you instantly.

Highlight Features of your product; tell them to buy or sign up, assuring them that you will be around if they need help and aren’t one of those fly-by-night guys.

Invite Discussions & Present Happy Users of Product: Invite them to discuss further if they so desire. To end the script use testimonials, proof that people are using it and think it’s a product worth its salt, pain, and price.

Now you understand why I think that video guys’ job is technique oriented? They may very well know how to put things to together; however they may not understand your business or clients or their problems like you do. They will never be able to write a script like you can, they will never be able to talk to people and get insight like you can; plus they may not be willing to give the time that you can as its your business.

So while you hire the firm to make video for you tell them you’d like to help and won’t interfering with their work. Create a video that will work its way through people’s psyche. Something that people can relate to or identify with, and see how it makes your business rock.

If you will make a Video following the above rule, it is bound to work.

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