Different Uses of Dropbox Public Folder that You Did Not Know

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Dropbox is increasingly becoming more and more popular amongst its users and proving to be a tool of much use. Synchronizing files is amongst its most basic functions which we did not even consider while we were contemplating developing an article on various uses of this tool called the Dropbox. In this article we are going to talk about things people do with their Dropbox application.

Opening a Dropbox account is an extremely simple procedure; after which the user is supposed to download the application on his computer. Then download or transfer files, photographs, music, videos and whatever else he wants and save them in an organized fashion by creating various relevant folders for it. This procedure should be repeated on each machine where you are likely to open and work with your Dropbox account.

When you edit a file or video on one machine; the application is designed in such a way that the revised version starts showing automatically without user having to press the refresh button on every machine that you are likely to use Dropbox from. At the same time if you want to refer to the old file or version of document Dropbox retains that too so referring to older version is possible.

Many people have the habit of saving projects/communications they are working on desktop, get into a habit of saving them in Dropbox public folder instead.

If your office has branches in many locations or you travel frequently on business then it is most advisable to keep list of important documents handy in your Dropbox public folder.

Dropbox Public Folder

Important documents like scanned copies of resume, utility bills, address proof, Identification Proof etc should be stored in Dorpbox account to make them handy; also your contact list data be transferred from your machine to Dropbox folder and create representative link where it was originally placed to the Dropbox location.

Some people also create a folder in Dropbox to keep a record of home inventory, assets, jewellery etc that they own and buy during the year. You can also keep text file of your grocery list in the folder, ensuring that it can be accessed on your Smartphone etc.

The user should familiarise himself with various third party utility applications to protect their folders; save music, videos, and generate and remember passwords.

There are utility applications available for Programmers and web Developers too which help them to take work home with much ease; or which help them to store local files while working on live servers. When you will do the latter your recently revised files will be saved on all your machines.

Use your Dropbox account to store your iWeb domain files.

Some people prefer to store all their plain-text notes in their Dropbox folder because there are many text editors which are Dropbox compatible; and these documents can be edited online easily.

Dropbox application also helps you to sync your browser profiles and bookmarks. However if you do not want to do it for some reason then the alternative you are left with is that you sync .webloc files by linking to particular sites. Likewise some people using ichats are very happy to sync instant-messaging transcripts into their Dropbox folder.

People who need to sync files from iWork Suite on iPad will be required to set up Drop DAV account for dropboxing. If you know how to use the application you can even sync files in Android phones.

Just like one file can be used at many places, it can similarly be used by many people. People outsourcing work can save the work in dropbox folder send link to the person they have hired for work and once work is complete you can close or disable the access for the link.

To send heavy files to non-Dropbox-users use airdropper.com to send and receive files.

There are also certain complaints or problem areas related to syncing files in Dropbox account, like when iTunes xml file, iPhones, and Quickens data files are synced and when the software is trying to look for conflicted copies of its data files, Dropbox sometimes does get confused.

Whichever applications that you might be syncing via Dropbox, be careful that you close those files when you’re finished with your current editing. By doing this, chances of your leaving a file open will reduce because when you don’t close the file and create another one, it creates conflict when you open it from another machine.

Another “don’t” includes, to avoid putting all your folders in the Dropbox; it is hardly a good or practical idea; instead identify the most important and frequently needed documents and images, and set them up in image and document folders. If you wish to save music and video folders the free space provided by Dropbox to free users is not sufficient, you will be required to increase your GB space by becoming a paid/premium member and only then you can exercise this choice.

Besides the above there are many other ways in which people across the world use Dropbox account to suit their convenience. If you are a Dropbox application user and want to share your secrets regarding the uses of dropbox account, you are most welcome to share them with us and our readers here.

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