Do Online Opportunities REALLY Cost Nothing? Are They FREE?

Published on April 23rd, 2013 by | Category: Business Opportunities

The most common and popular way to attract people to work and earn from home opportunity is to sing the sweet `FREE’ song tune into their ears. One party loves to sing it; while the other loves to hear it. And if there are snapshots of earnings to go with it, who wants anything more!

If you have been looking for an opportunity to work from home on your computer and earn money online, you might have come across the phrase `start FREE’ or that `it costs nothing to become a millionaire on the net’ and things like that.

Let me tell you that it’s not completely true. The fact is it requires you to spend little money. But the good news is that you don’t have to spend lots of money and that there is nothing like the `hidden cost concept’ as you set out to earn from home. Even though it’s only a small amount of money but, finally you do have to shell it out to make money on the net. That’s the truth – without wrapping in honey `n’ money.

If someone has told you that you can strike it rich by having and selling a service or a product via your face book account, let me tell you it’s not the best or most effective or advisable way to do it. Yes Face book or a free blogs do offer you free space on which you can publish content and photographs; that can generate curiosity & enquiries for your service and product online; but remember its not your own domain, blog, or website that is generating traffic for you. When you are active on Face book you are actually indirectly working to build traffic for them. If same effort you’d put for your own domain life will be different in a few years time.

If earning money on the net is your long term goal, you should go for your own website through which you can sell your product, service, and concept, whatever.

Buying domain name will cost money, hosting space to host your website will cost money, renewing it every year will cost money; don’t worry as I am racing you through the expenses; because finally these are very small expenses; won’t cost you much.

Then comes designing the website, if you are familiar with basic language like CSS or html you can design your own website, and save money, but if you don’t know it ( and can’t learn it) you will have to hire a designer, which is again a cost, depending on the designer you hire and design you are looking for. Then comes content building for website, again if you decide to write for your website it costs nothing but if you hire someone for the job, it costs. Then next comes marketing the website.

People generally write to say they have a website but they make no money through it, or generate no enquiries on it. When I look their website or blogs up I realise that they are not being marketed or they are ill optimized. These both can be done by the webmaster if he learns to do it or else he will hire someone for the job; another found of spending. Then comes, building up your website’s reputation via the social media net works like Facebook and all. This is also something that you can do yourself.

Beyond designing I think you should take it upon yourself to build your business. Because if you do nothing then how can you call it your business? Build it yourself. Generate traffic for your website, don’t go for paid ads. That’s the real route to long term success online. Not just Facebooking and networking.

Even if you are planning to set up a blog let it be your own private blog on your own domain name. It may cost you some money and time to learn the skills but that’s more dependable than using space provided by somebody else on their portal. So that is that.

Don’t be mislead by the word FREE. Nothing is free. Focus on what it takes to succeeds; focus on what’s required of you; focus on long term returns; DON’T get carried way by the word FREE.

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