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Published on April 8th, 2013 by | Category: Blogging

StumbleUpon is a big name and influence; which has the power to bring organic traffic to your blog or site provided your submission goes viral. If you can create that kind of content and are in touch with big users of the media who will spread the word around about your content, then chances of your submission getting read by a wider set of audience increases manifold; which obviously leads to increase in number of visitors to your site.

This logic may sound very clear and you might also think to yourself,” hey, that’s not bad, for a start”. True. But the other aspect of the fact is that it’s not easy. Though it all sounds very well on paper; viral content is not so easy to come by. While some people aren’t confident of creating that kind of content; and others are not well networked on the platform that will help them push the content forward. In such a situation what does one do?

Then again, content going viral is a wild-guess game in its own way. No writer knows at the time of writing that what he is writing will be read by people or rejected; will it click and connect with the target audience it has been written for or not. The least expected submissions have gone viral; flummoxing the writer her/himself, who hardly expected anything like this out of it. Likewise the best pieces are lying buried deep down.

I am not telling you all this to discourage you. I admit that people do succeed doing the above mentioned things; and some even go on trying all the steps hand in hand; until they hit the bull’s eye.

But the practical difficulties are different for everyone. Some may not have the time to create unique content or build a network; in the environment where there is so much uncertainty and competition. But the medium is so influential that people looking for traffic to their blog don’t want to ignore it either. So, what’s the option then?

The option is to take get into paid program called Paid Discovery that will speed up the entire process. This campaign is divided into five segments. I will brief you about each one of these for better understanding.

The first step is that you will be asked to choose one plan out of the three that are available. Make sure you don’t enrol in the cheapest or lowest one, it is not good enough. Either go for mid one or the most premium one.

The next thing you will be asked is the team will ask you to enter the URL you want to promote. Drop the exact URL with extension to direct users to stumble upon the particular page that you intend to promote. There is a way to track the progress and number of visitors, via Google Analytics utm_parameter.

The Paid Discovery Campaign offers you total ten topics to choose from; if you are confused one of the team members will come to your rescue and help you choose the most appropriate one. They also give you the liberty to do a split campaign in accordance with the topics.

The next step is to identify your target audience based on details such as gender, age, geographical location, their profile and so on.

Your budget comes next that will decide the number of leads or hits you will generate. If you have a healthy budget and are ready to pay the premium cost, you can even consider going for home page priority placement on StumbleUpon; otherwise based on your budget people set their daily spend limit and generate as many leads as they are able to afford.

Next after you have finalised the budget is deciding the schedule which will go according to your plan. They offer you two options; if you wish they can start the campaign as soon as you have decide the placement and budget and next is you are free to schedule your campaign at a pre decided time. This kind of arrangement will enable you to generate multiple campaigns simultaneously.

StumbleUpon Paid Discovery Campaign offers its users an interface on their dashboard itself from where they can add funds to have the campaign running.

You can do one more thing while you are using the medium, to optimize your content you can identify the categories that are most popular accordingly select manual targeting for deriving maximum leverage. Then take trail with a few categories to see which type gives you the best response.

This paid discovery campaign has done a lot of good to bloggers looking for traffic; those who have learnt the skill to make the best use of this program are certainly at a higher advantage.

Study this StumbleUpon option, understand how it works, if you think it suits you right now, take it up; or come back when your blog is better prepared to handle and satisfy the traffic coming its way.

We admit that traffic is everything but when traffic reaches your blog and is not happy to be there because the blog does not offer them anything new or what they are looking for, then the whole exercise of driving traffic to it can go for a toss!

So look at it from that angle and then decide. Makes sense?

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