Earn Extra Income As Virtual Call Centre Agent

Published on April 23rd, 2013 by | Category: Business Opportunities

Becoming a Virtual Call Centre agent is yet another opportunity to earn income online by working from home. Call centre jobs are also available in a regular 9-5 office format as most of you would already know. The home based option is for people who are home bound for reasons of their own (old age; infant or old or ailing folks to take care of etc). The work responsibilities and profile is more or less similar in both cases but for minor changes here and there depending on the company you are joining. It will mostly revolve round taking in-bound and/or out-bound telephone calls.

There are certain eligibility criteria that people who want to pursue this option will have to fulfil, like, they will have to be 18 years or older and must have cleared high school diplomas; some call centres may prefer to take people who have gone to college; applicant should be US citizen (if call centre job is US centric); and besides that the applicant should be legally allowed to work in the country where he is residing and taking up the job.

If s/he has previous experience in customer service department it will be an added advantage; likewise multi-lingual skills will also be a welcome idea for the employer. The employee will also be required to undergo and clear criminal background verification test.

The call centre agent will be expected to possess good oral communication skills, etiquettes, and speaking manners as their main job will be to call people and talk to them. S/he should have a fixed place at home from with table and phone, where he can work as a call centre executive; besides a phone he should have computer and internet connectivity if he is supposed to use internet line to call people.

Coming to basic requirements of the employer virtual call centre agency, every one of them may have different basic requirements for its employees depending on the positions. Some virtual call centre execs may be asked to do telemarketing; some may do customer service on phone; some may be engaged in third-party verification or even provide technical support for inward and outward calls.

Then there are certain call centre apparatus or items that a call centre employee can carry when he is recruited for the position, like headset etc. Home based call centres are often seen to have stricter requirements than office-based call centre employees.

The home based call centre employee has to be careful to maintain noiseless working environment failing which can cost him/her the job; this aspect automatically gets taken care of when a person is doing an office or day job in the same capacity. A person with experience in sales industry, formal high level qualification to support the work will prove to be more effective than a trained fresher.

Coming to schedules of working, employer may have various schedules and time slots available you can pick up the one that suits you best. Coming to salary of home based call centre agents; these virtual call centres have several methods by which they calculate remuneration of their employees, based on whether it is a regular 40 hours a week job or an independent position filled by a freelance. Some call centre jobs pay at an hourly rate, whereas some prefer to pay at a per-call or per-minute rate, the third option is offering incentives if call materialises into a sale which is besides being a paid a regular per call per minute rate. Call centres within the US may also be required to abide by minimum wages as per US labour law; however it may not apply to people who are working on per hour or contract basis.

How to Do It: If you have good communication skills and experience in PR field you can look for home based virtual call centre executive’s job or contract
Qualification: good communication skills and manners, tech savvy if one is expected to call via net etc.
Skills: PR, rral and written communication skills
Equipments: Headset, phone, computer, internet connectivity (if calls are to go via internet)
Traditional Education: None, good speaking manners and communication sensibilities.

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