Earn Extra income By Becoming an eBay Trading Assistant

Published on April 23rd, 2013 by | Category: Business Opportunities

An eBay Trading Assistant is an independent individual who can be hired by people against commission for selling their goods on eBay. Selling goods on eBay requires special skills and knack which can be learnt with experience, but not every one who manufactures goods wants to learn the tact of selling them on eBay or other such platforms, so he hires professionals to do the job of selling their stuff on eBay on their behalf. It is an ideal home business for people who want to earn from home working on their computer. It can make great money for people if they work at it single-mindedly and remain focused. Like any other online work this one also takes time to gather momentum and success does not happen overnight over here either.

To become an eBay Trading Assistant you have to have certain qualities and possess certain skills. To begin with you should be familiar with the job profile of a trading assistant; you should be familiar with eBay with respect to its trading rules and regulations, as well as know how to maintain your status as an agent on eBay. Because the better reputation you enjoy on eBay the more business enquiries you will generate. From time to time eBay will also provide you with ready made upscale marketing material which will help you get better in business.

Your job as an eBay trading assistant will be to assist or help people to sell goods on eBay; when people hire you, you have to go to their homes or warehouse wherever the goods are kept that have to be sold with camera; take photograph of the goods to be sold; along with a short briefing about the product; and finally put it all up on eBay inviting people to bid. For every sale you make you will get commission from your hirer which can be fixed anywhere from 5 to 50%. For you to maintain your status in top condition on eBay, it requires you to sell minimum of ten products in the period of three consecutive months. Plus your costumer should also give you a score of 100% which means you have to work in harmony with both parties the seller as well as the buyer. It requires a fine temperament as the market is very competitive.

As a trading assistant you are neither bound by the person who hires you to sell their products against commission not are you bound by eBay in anyway except that while suing their platform you have to abide by their rules and regulations regarding trading and payment. When you take up this profession you need no start up capital and financial risk is also none as product is supplied by somebody else. You don’t really need a warehouse to store products either but in a few select cases. However the flip side is that it may be a very difficult task and an expensive one at that for you to go to your client’s residence or warehouse each time there is a new product to be sold (with camera to take photograph and briefings etc).

So if you possess sound knowledge of selling en eBay and of eBay itself; and you are genuinely interested to take up the opportunity and give it a try, it’s by far the best occupation to pursue online. The good news is that there are lot and lots of resources online that can teach you to sell on eBay by becoming trading assistant and you don’t necessarily need to go to eBay to learn the various techniques. Each resource online may have something unique to offer. But the best teacher is your experience. Earn while you learn. If you understand the basics of selling on eBay and go on the job as a trading assistant you will have lots to learn from your own experience, success and failures. So if you are genuinely interested in giving this home career a try, go for it.

How to Do It: Learn about eBay and how to sell on it and get on the job
Qualification: upgrade your Knowledge about selling on eBay on an ongoing basis.
Skills: marketing skills, communication skills, photography skills,
Equipments: camera, computer. Internet connectivity,
Who can’t do – anybody interested to work online by selling stuff that belongs to other people against commission
Traditional Education: None

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