Earn Extra Income by Taking up Medical Billing and Coding Jobs

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Medical Billing is a system with the help of which claims are submitted to insurance companies by people who undergo health treatments and are insured for it. Those who provide medical billing service are referred to as medical billers and are trained for this particular work.

These are people with education, training, and experience, and are offered this work in many ways, i.e. they can work from home or attend regular office, depending on how they want to go about it; likewise they can be taken on contract; for fixed number of assignments; or on rolls of a company, they can work from home on the net; and so on and so forth.

If you want to work as a medical biller, let me tell you that this career option is amongst the most common ones in the medical billing industry. You will need special education and training for this job. Main reason for people not succeeding in this profession can be attributed to people choosing the wrong education program. Remember, that there are seven main subjects that you need co focus on.

Things you should avoid while choosing a medical billing program is you should neither go for a very short course or even very long term courses that will take two years to complete; neither makes sense; you should always choose to be taught by someone who is qualified and eligible to teach. The course should not cost too much. The institute you are enrolling in should provide you with referrals and should not put restrictions like not interacting or exchanging information with seniors, fellow students or even ex students.

As a medical biller your job will involve the following; reviewing and evaluating numeric & alphanumeric codes that have been assigned by a medical coder, to ensure that they appear correctly on the final insurance claim form.

Your job will also be to ensure that patient’s demographic information; information related to insurance and provider is correct and in order with compliance. After doing this you are suppose to submit the claim form to the relevant party. Medical billers also help the claimant to re-present the claim that has been rejected by paying party on the grounds of incomplete information or for want of additional information to settle the claim. As a medical biller you are also expected to be comfortable working on your computer as majority of things are happening over the computer these days.

As a medical biller you will be hired by large hospitals, healthcare institutions or even insurance companies. You can work from home and earn online part time or full time or can join a regular 9-5 office; as your lifestyle demands.

If you work with a smaller set up, you may be expected to double up as a coder as well as biller. This means that you will be responsible for coding as well as billing function. You will first assign medical codes to the diagnoses that have been performed, and treatments and procedures recommended in the patient’s medical record. Next you will place the codes on the claim form and there onwards continue with the billing function which comprises submitting of claims to the insurance company and following it up until claim is accepted and money is recovered.

If you are doing a day job as a medical billing executive your employer may also ask you to take up additional responsibility of medical secretary; wherein besides medical coding and billing of claim forms and submitting them to insurance offices you will be carrying out side duties like answering the telephones, giving appointment to patients, and other administrative functions in the hospital or clinic.

How to Do It:
Qualification: Medical billing and coding executive will require having strong knowledge of terminology related to medical and health problems, Anatomy, Knowledge about completing various forms, Industry coding for medical procedures.
Skills: Typing, Coding, Mathematical skills, customer (comprising restless patients) relations,
Equipments: Computer Internet, Coding Reference material (optional)
Who can’t do – People who are not qualified or trained to do it
Traditional Education: Certificate or certificate of completion will also suffice

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