Earning Opportunities for People Who Don’t Want to Work On Computer or Online

Published on April 23rd, 2013 by | Category: Business Opportunities

Although this website focuses on opportunities that help people earn extra income by working from home on their computers; we would like to dedicate one article to those opportunities that can be pursued from home without using Internet or computer. These are also called home based job or business opportunities.

We are only going to list opportunities, without going into details; if is for the interested reader to do further research or send a mail for us to be able to send detailed literature about that opportunity to them on their email address provided in the mail.

A few very common and popular opportunities include becoming a mystery shopper where the person is expected to get out of the house and shop for particular products as directed; use them, and send review to the agency that has engaged them for the job. The person gets a refund of money that he has spent on shopping. It’s a common opportunity that many women volunteer for and enjoy. They don’t only get to shop but also earn income on every review they send.

Some other earn from home opportunities are starting a baby sitting centre, nursery, or crèche. Likewise you can become a party planner, hobby tutor, after school tutor, organise cookery and make up classes and so on. You can sit pets too. If you are a patient individual you can tutor kids with special needs, you can hold summer work shops, you can hold children’s workshop where you can teach them various skills like communicating, discipline, becoming independent, teaching them to organize their day and what not.

When there is no internet and computer the amount of physical work you are suppose to put in increases. But the conveniences are still many. Like when you work from home you can work flexi hours; you are free to organise workshops and classes as it suits you. When you work in office you can’t be around your kids all the time, you have to report on time, you have to travel everyday, plus deal with the usual office politicking and discipline issues; whereas when you work online or from home you are at liberty to do things as you like.

When you work from home you can even come up with creative ideas of holding sales in your garden or garages comprising used items (like books, toys baby stuff etc), plants, and so on. You can put up the sale alone or with your friends. I know women who make and sell barbeque sauces and fish pickles from home and they have more orders than they can deliver round the year.

The only condition is that you should sincerely want to make better use of your spare time doing something worthwhile; if you are sincere, anything will take off. Be focused, and have a business plan in hand. Give yourself time and make sure you choose something that does not block too much of your capital. Tell your kids or spouse if they go online to spread a word about your work on face book and link with members who are into similar stuff.

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