Google AdWords Management – You Can Do It On Your Own

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Pay per click advertising is the fastest online advertising method. It can drive traffic to your websites and web pages almost as soon as you setup and run your ad campaigns.

Among all the different pay per click programs, Google AdWords is the best because it has the highest traffic and so your ads will receive lots of clicks. Above all, the AdWords system is so organized, professional and user-friendly and if you just learn it, which is very easy, you will not get confused and it will be so easy to manage you ads.

Google AdWords may seem a little complicated at the beginning. Everything is like that for the first time. But when you become more familiar with the AdWords, you will become realized that it is so easy to manage.

Unfortunately, some people don’t have patience to spend some time and learn how the Google AdWords works and so they will have to pay some companies and agencies to do it for them. It will have some problems. You don’t know if the company you have paid is qualified and professional and is really able to manage your ad campaigns and the changes they make on your AdWords account will result in making profit for you or just waste your money and the traffic you will receive will not be a quality and well-targeted (laser targeted) traffic.

In pay per click advertising, you must take some important factors into consideration if you really want to make profit, otherwise you just lose money. The traffic you receive through the pay per click advertising, should be as cheap and targeted as possible. It should be cheap because it will help you to make more profit and it should be targeted because it will generate more sales and actions.

Fortunately, more targeted keywords are cheaper than the less targeted ones. For example “cheap golf clubs to buy” is cheaper to bid than “golf clubs”. This is true that you will receive more traffic through “golf clubs” because it is more popular BUT you have to pay more for it because it is more competitive and above all, the traffic you will receive through it is not fully targeted and is general but “cheap golf clubs to buy” drives visitors to your website who want to buy a golf club.

Google AdWords management has several different aspects and it is impossible to talk about all of them in one article. In this article, I want to focus on the most important factor in Google AdWords management.

As I explained, it is very easy to manage your AdWords ads on your own. If you can not do that or you get confused when you login to your AdWords account, it is because you do not know how the AdWords work.

Campaigns and Ad Groups:

In AdWords, you can categorize all your ads in different campaigns and ad groups. Campaigns are clusters that can contain several ad groups. You should have a different campaign for any of the products, services or websites you advertise. For example if you want to advertise and promote an Anti Spyware and also a graphic software that are two totally different products, you should have at least one campaign for each of them.

Google AdWords Management

One of the mistakes that advertisers make is that they do not create a different campaign for each of the products or websites they want to advertise. This not only makes confusion but can make problems in displaying your ads on the Google network.

Try to use a descriptive name for each of the campaigns. Each campaign can contain several ad groups.

What are the ad groups?

Have you seen the ads that Google displays on its search result pages or on the websites that the Adsense is posted on them? Each ad is related to one ad group that contains some special keywords.

Google Adwords Ad Groups

Each of your ad groups should be specific to one keyword/phrase and its derivatives.

Let me give you a practical example and you will understand the meaning of campaign and ad group. If you learn to use campaigns and ad groups correctly, the rest of the work will be so easy.

For example you want to promote an internet marketing e-book. This e-book includes all the internet marketing methods and strategies and for example you can learn how to advertise on e-zines, pay per click search engines and … . Create a campaign and name it as Internet Marketing Campaign. You have already searched and collected all the related keywords. You should categorize the keywords that are so similar to each other. Here are some of the keywords and their related ad:

  • internet marketing

    Internet Marketing Wizard

    Learn all you need to know about

    internet marketing only for $30

  • pay per click advertising

    Pay Per Click Advertising

    All the secrets of pay per click

    advertising only for $30. Act now.

  • ezine advertising

    Ezine Advertising

    All the secrets of ezine

    advertising only for $30. Act now.

Each of the three above keywords should have one special ad group in the Internet Marketing Campaign. You should also use the -free negative keyword because your e-book is not free and people have to pay for it. Then bid on the keywords and you are done.

Using the campaigns and ad groups is the most important thing in Google AdWords management. It also enables you to optimize and control your ads easier.

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