Have You Considered Using Slide Decks To Promote Your Blog?

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First and foremost for the benefit of those readers who do are not very clear as to what Side Decks exactly are; what they do; and whom do they help; and how can they be of use to you; let me take you through a quick journey. Slide decks are a tool with the help of which you can present content in a visual format, like graphs, charts, website screen shots and so on. Wherever you feel the need to present something in the form of photographs, maps, graphs, or something you can use Side Decks.

Have You Considered Using Slide Decks To Promote Your BlogWhat Are Side Decks?

They are a user friendly SEO complaint marketing tool used for spreading a word about your blog, website, forum and so on amongst online audience. Once you create a Side Decks presentation which can be done with simple power point programming, you can upload them on your site or other slide sharing platforms, from where they can be easily downloaded by your readers. This means its one more opportunity which if used wisely will take your blog or site closer to your targeted audience faster. The good thing about them is that a well turned out side decks presentation can be uploaded and shared on so many platforms with much ease.

What Do They Do?

Right from creating an exclusive landing page on your own site or blog; to uploading it on webinars, scribd, or other social media marketing forums you can take your message, product, services far and wide with its help. If you have created a presentation using Side Decks and if it turns out to be really interesting one, you can upload the same on various high traffic platforms using the right channels; and it will take no time for the word to get spread far and wide and before you know it the impact will be there to see. When you will launch it everywhere simultaneously the effect will be manifold.

Who Should Use Slide Decks?

Right from a small business entrepreneur to a corporate website, anybody can use this tool with ease. It takes one simple Power Point Presentation skills to create something for the web. The tool is making its impact felt rather slowly and gaining popularity with everyone on the web at a steady pace. It took people quite some time to figure out how it will work with search engines but once that aspect got taken care of, the tool started to move up.

Everyone in the business of blogging should understand and learn to use Slide Decks. I can just as easily extend the information to the entire entrepreneur community that is trying to do business over the net. Slide Decks are an extremely effective and powerful tool that helps to take your message across to your target audience with the help of visual content in a very compelling manner. If you want to explain something to your audience with charts, videos, graphs, photographs, or screen shots of a website before them, you can present any of them to your audience easily.

What Next, After You Have Created a Slide Decks Post?

Once you have created something decent in Side Decks, the next thing is look for platforms where you can share it; and the platforms should be the ones which draw healthy traffic so that your message has scope to get accessed by larger array of audience. Uploading it on various forums like SlideShare, Docstoc, Scribd etc which are some great places to create a buzz about your service, that can be later followed up by lots of tweets will be a great idea.

A good piece if it manages to reach here generally gets picked up and circulated in social media circles like LinkedIn, Face Book etc. You can even place this docket on your own website, blog or forum and inform people that they can link to it, comment on it if the so wish. If they decide to put it up on their own website or blog, they will need to reciprocate it with a link back… good for us!

Now if what you have presented say on Slide Share turns out to be something that visitors are showing more than average interest in then what SlideShare will do is that it will position it on their index page. This naturally means greater exposure.

good Side Decks docket is all about a captivating headline and an impressive first few slides, the rest simply gets taken care of. So just make sure what you create is done with an honest intention and has the true potential to make a difference for its users. Try and make your docket as interesting and engrossing as possible and yet very precise. Also below the slide that shows graphic place your website URL, so that if the visitor wants to know where did the picture, image, map, pi chart etc originate he can simply click on the link below and reach your site or blog. Another visitor!

Remember that when you finally find an audience for your slide show, he is simply going to download and run his eyes through your presentation, if you can grab his attention and turn him into a more serious audience its up to you and your slide to do it. Because one thing is certain he will be in no mood for long wound speeches, videos, moving images etc.

A simple yet powerful sentence can give a power packed performance, provided you invest your sensibilities into it and that will only be possible when you take the medium seriously. If you have the knack for good story telling you could be a winner, do experiment but don’t take too many risks on the live medium. Your slide show uploaded on other platforms like Scribd or Docstoc will also demand the same ingredients to get picked up and survive the competition.

The last step is to always keep an eye on traffic statistics. Anywhere and everywhere that you have uploaded your slides you should keep a tab on which of the platforms is generating what kind of traffic. It will give you an idea about which platforms are doing better for you. If all are showing mediocre results, you can probably consider changing the way your slides look or read.

One last important tip though sounds out of context here and now when I am about to close the post, but I want to do it anyway because its crucial piece of information – don’t forget to place your URL on the first and last slide of presentation. Because if the visitor wants to get in touch with you right away he knows the way!

That’s all about Side Decks. Hope this post helps people wake up to another powerful platform medium that remains to be explored big time and they can find ways to use it to their advantage.

As you go to the platform you will get to learn many more things about it, which I might not have included here as it is not possible to remember everything offhand and also keeping space constraint in mind. If you want to talk to me about it in detail feel free to drop a line.

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