How Can Infographics Drive Traffic to a Blog?

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Info-graphics represent text data in picture or image format. In other words when a message or words are transformed and presented into images, the result is an info-graphic. Well made infographics have the power to beat words. Infographics facilitate understanding; in the sense that sometimes what prose cannot explain with lengthy words; & delving into deep details, a simple info-graphic can – in a matter of minutes! Such is its influence.

These infographics are nothing new; they have always been around and have also always worked. Let me share with you what I feel as to how the process might have evolved.

Infographics Story

As kids we were shown pictures by our parents, teachers etc to visualise or simplify understanding of concepts, then as we grew up a little more we started drawing, then we saw and read them as diagrams; then those of us who went on to study further and earn professional degrees called them by various other names like charts, tables; maps; then as we started working we developed presentations which had texts as well as images; most of them highly support by these infographics.

And then, those amongst us who chose to work on the net and lead the way for others, were the ones who introduced the concept of presenting information in graphic format, and thus promoting the phrase, ‘infographics’.

How Infographics Evolved?

First the net and web was mostly about text. Initially we owned and managed websites and it was mostly about text matter, headlines, footers etc; then slowly we started adding picture files; they were mere visual reliefs in the form of book covers, picture of product we were selling, logos and so on. Then when optimization influenced the search we started optimizing these pictures along with optimizing web text. The final objective was to compile and make as clear & complete information as possible.

Then in due course came blogs, forums, and with that search engines also evolve, trying as hard as they possibly could; to get as close to what real and organic searchers and surfers were looking for.

The aim was to offer exact answers and solutions for searches being done by people on the net. Initially information or solution comprised text alone; then some smart and perceptive people started compiling information that had charts and diagrams along with text for better understanding of the reader. These images used were called infographics.

People, i.e. searchers also took to it very well. They appreciated the web pages or blog posts which had infographics along with text, as compared to web pages and post that had only text for various reasons.

How do Info-graphics Help Blogs?

Before they help blogs, they have t help readers. And that’s what they do. Infographics make it easy for surfers to understand things; to decipher information more clearly, compared to reading through and understanding a complex sentence or concept. Visuals, as we know have been known to simplify the process of understanding; & this has worked on the net too.

Besides helping reader to understand the concept or message in the right sense, infographics save time; the chances of clear understanding of underlying concept or motive are better. Because of all this people like to hold on to such posts for longer than `text only’ posts. Also it has been observed that people recommend and re-visit posts that have info-graphics more frequently.

How Infographics Add Spider-Value to a Blog Post

When people hold on to any post for a longer duration the modern and evolved spider considers it a good sign; and leans in favour of such posts. The time people spend on a blog post is directly proportional to the usefulness of the post.

How Does Info-graphic Influence Marketing Aspect of Blog?

Infographics’ favourable relevance helps the blog-post to get pulled up by SE, and as a result of this it starts getting found by people; and when these people decide to hold on to the post, email to friends, decide to share it via social networking platform etc its credibility and value improves, its reach improves, thus helping the post get marketed better.

Info-graphics make it all possible and worthwhile. Blog owners like to link to and publish posts by others on their own blogs that use infographics. Info graphics make the whole experience of understanding something very interesting. Do you understand what does all this add to? Better marketing of the blog; more people read your post, more people visit your blog and so on.


The above explanation gives us a good idea about how wonderful this option is and how it can be put to good use and how it helps to market our blog post and blog itself better. An info-graphic can create stir, a certain kind of buzz around the post. As a result of this so much happens over a post that has used the power of info-graphics well. People spend more time reading such posts; they share it with friends on social networking sites, people are known to bookmark such posts for future reference; link to such posts from their own blog; forward and email them; and so much more.

Spider is watching

All this improves their reach and spider notices all these activities that are happening over a post. And in turn helps to reach the site far and wide. Improve eyeballs, footfalls – however you want to say it, I want to say one thing Long Live Infographics. Three cheers to you!

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