How Can You Create Blog Posts That Are Read & Bookmarked?

SO MUCH is written and published on the net everyday! But how much of it finally manages to reach its targeted readers & gets read and recommended? Very little!

Our concern today is not what gets written, what gets publsihed, or read; our concern is, “Are your blog posts being read or rejected by readers”? And whether you would be interested to analyse what may be lacking in them and how can the flaws be sorted? If you are interested, then read on….

I am going to address both aspects; i.e. write about the things that will help you create captivating blog posts, as well as tell you what could be wrong with your existing style of writing. But before we get to that I will take you through an exercise, about which I have explained in the next paragraph.

I am listing down a set of questions for bloggers who want their blogs to perform better and aspiring bloggers. I am hoping that as you go on answering these questions one by one in your mind to yourself; you will go on finding answers to many questions related to your own writing; some of them may never have struck to you; and some you may have thought about but those have remained unanswered so far.

So here we go;

Do your blog posts compel your readers to come back to your blog?

Do you have a fixed set of `organic/natural’ visitors who visit your blog regularly?

(By organic visitors I mean people who’ve found you via links or Search Engines)

Have you been able to build a community around your blog?

(Blogs basically work very effectively in a community centric atmosphere)

Do you get to hear from your regular readers as to what do they think of your posts?

Do your readers suggest some topics that they want you to create posts about?

Do you often get to read comments on or tweets related to your posts?

If your answer to more than two questions are in “no”, or “I don’t know” it simply means something is wrong with the way you write; or what you write. Either your writing is lacking in content or something is wrong with the way your information flows.

Learn to Connect With Your Reader

I have learnt one thing from my experience as a reader and writer both; that writing or reading a post goes beyond using complex sentences or displaying one’s vocabulary. It’s actually a lot simpler and different than that. It’s about being able to connect with your audience. If your reader can identify with you, he will stay with you; and this is a skill that can be learnt over time.

Understand Psyche of Your Target Customer

To do this the first step is that you will have to get into the minds of your audience and understand them; their interests, expectations; preferences, and so on. If you can succeed in understanding your target audience on these lines, you will able to create a compelling web copy for them; which will compel them to stay longer on your webpage, read what you’ve written; ponder over your post; and finally come back to buy your product when he is ready for it.

Your Product Should Evoke an Emotion in the Reader’s Mind

The thing to keep in mind while creating a blog post is you should be able to translate your product into an emotion; a feeling. E.g. if you are selling vacations; understand that the feeling or emotion behind a vacation is lounging about, sipping your napoleon brandy; getting your feet wet; being in the spas amidst mountains. Once he connects with you on an emotional level, he will sit and listen to whatever you say.

Likewise if you are selling something as technical and business like as SEO services, you have take your reader through the feeling of success and what it can do for his business. In the beginning it may take you a while to get used to this style of presentation; but finally this is what will work for you.

Try to Take Him Through An Expereince

Second thing to keep in mind while working on a blog post, is to present an experience to the reader, not directly the product. For this you may be required to weave a story. Whatever be the product, it is absolutely possible to make it stand out better with the help of a story which will make the reader (potential customer) sit up and take notice.

Some Examples:

How Can You Create Blog Posts That Are Read BookmarkedEven a web hosting service provider, instead of calling his product `reliable web hosting packages’ or something like that, he can weave an emotion around the services he offers by saying, “we will never EVER let your competitor get ahead of you because of poorly maintained servers! Because our servers run glitch free, non stop 24 X7; which means every time that the spider is around, it will index your site”. Don’t you agree it’s a better way to hold your reader’s attention than using simple flat phrases?

Suppose, you are selling `work from home’ opportunities to a woman you can say, “working from home will bring you peace of mind because your little bundle of joy will be right in front of your eyes 24×7 and not at the mercy of some crèche while you are juggling and tiring yourself over your office duties; now you can keep a watch over the baby, and get used to working from home as and when you spare and steal time for it, and soon you will create the most comfortable space for yourself” Don’t you think that this short story telling puts the potential costumer in a happier space? Try to create an honest emotional high in your post.

You can use this `story’ angle to share the special secret and business edge that your product or service may have over others selling the same thing.

If you look closely at what I have written you will notice that I have not only managed to talk about my product in an effective manner, I have also taken the potential costumer on an imaginative journey where he is identifying with my thought and is trying to live the idea where he is maintaining a business blog which is designed to succeed; and where he will stay ahead of his competitors by being on a better server.

This is what is called `involving the costumer emotionally’. And this is the trick; the secret. Wonder how sometimes we end up watching some of the silliest TV programs, it’s because they have succeeded in getting us emotionally involved in the show. And the only way to what may technically be termed as `retaining the eyeballs’ is all about keeping your readers emotionally involved.

What’s Scarce in Your Posts

Everything that you have written so far might be informative, original, and might also have been written with reader’s benefit in mind, but in spite of it why has it not got reader’s attention? Because it may be lacking one or both things we have discussed in this post – your copy may either have failed to trigger imagination of the reader, or it may not have succeeded in involving him emotionally; either of the two or both. Just go back and check. This is what `identifying with content’ is all about.

This brings us to the end of the post.

I do hope you readers who have stuck through the post till here succeed in implementing the tips and tricks discussed and that your blog posts become more interesting and can captivate reader’s attention like never before. If some of you have better and more ideas that can inject life into a blog post, be generous to share them here with our other readers and fellow bloggers!

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