How Do The Rich Think?

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Long before I worked online, I was employed by a national newspaper as a feature writer for its magazine section; my job was to interview the who’s who in our town. It was a terrific start and a greater learning experience. Plus it added a glamour quotient to my job as sometimes these people invited me to interview them over breakfast at their villas.

However, it will always remain my greatest regrets that I learned my lessons in reverse; imagine I had the chance so early in my career to look into the minds of people who were experiencing success, and understand how they managed it; what made them click; what made them different from the rest; and here I was, in awe of their carpets, cars, the way their washrooms smelled, their vertical gardens, crockery, their dogs..! Well, my excuse is `I was young’.

Anyway I moved to a magazine as an editor, and came in touch with many high profile successful people. Then I started noticing these people more closely. And I realised that they were not just rich with money and class; they were also confident, competent and happy from within; they were enjoying their wealth; no insecurities; always willing to help; eager to explore new possibilities. My mind was beginning to open up and it became clear that what set them apart was not how much was their net worth, or which ivy league did they earn their degrees from; but how they thought and applied their knowledge.

rich people mentalitySo I decided, that next time onwards whenever I interact with these people, I will look into the underlying thought behind the outer thought that they are expressing in words; via body language; or via their success etc. And here I am, almost prepared to share that I think are their golden secrets.

After many years of networking and having had soul searching sessions with the rich and prosperous, I have come to believe that becoming rich is more of a mind game; that their mindsets are contagious. If you can train your mind to change the way you think, lots can change about the way you are, the way you live, earn, nurture relations etc.

I have purposely followed point-wise format because I want it to be easy on your eyes; and also nourish your mind; and heart; soul.

The Rich are internally motivated, they believe they are worthy of money they have.

Becoming wealthy is your right, not a destiny or privilege.

The rich don’t think just survival, they think BIG & RICH.

The rich have understood that `security’ is a myth.

They don’t ever deny importance of money.

To become rich you have to learn to focus on goals more than action.

Money is not the root of all evils; poverty is.

Money does not corrupt, lack of money does.

Consider money as your friend – not enemy. It’s a tool, not a weapon.

When you work, don’t chase money, seek enjoyment and fulfilment.

Money can liberate as well as suffocate – depending on how to use it

Money is NOT complicated, NOT negative, and is without any limitations.

Don’t get emotional when it comes to money, get logical.

Don’t be under wrong impression that money changes people, the fact is it exposes them.

Instead of playing safe with your money, take calculated risk with it.

The rich never lose sleep over what will happen when they won’t have money; instead they are always thinking of ways to multiply their earnings.

Rich aren’t offenders, obsessed, or ruthless; they are ambitious; and ambition is a virtue.

Rich focus to excel in their performance, not keep the job going.

If the rich are shallow people; how come their strategies are working?

Instead of focusing on saving, rich focus on earning.

Leveraging aptitude can build more wealth than labour and hard work can.

People are rich because they believe in working in a Team.

Education does not make people rich, specific knowledge and application is the key.

Only one out of every hundred strikes it rich; because that one person loves what he is doing; does well, succeeds and is rewarded, is thus on his way to becoming rich; rest are focusing all wrong; chasing the idea of becoming rich, doing what they can find or lay their hands on; mediocrity is an attitude.

Rich people have never considered buying a lottery to become rich; instead they have focused on ways to earn money.

Your chances of becoming rich improve when you learn to be more savvy than smart.

Understand that more money means, less stress, fewer problems.

Money never creates rifts in the family; `unearned wealth’ does.

Intellect is not virtue of the poor; it’s their excuse for not being rich.

It’s absolutely wrong to suggest that money spoils children; your limited understanding and beliefs about money that you pass down to them spoils them.

If you will read each of these points with a relaxed mind, and ponder over them you will understand, accept, and imbibe them better. I am sure all of you will find at least three points if not more that hold true for you. If you consider those points and think how that mindset impacts rest of your life as compared to people who do not think like you, you will be convinced that accommodating more positive things will impact our life more positively, which is bound to have a direct influence our financial status too.

Wishing everyone all the very best.

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