How Much Can You Make with Amazon Affiliate Program?

I am writing this post with great confidence because I know it will make a lot of sense for people who are contemplating joining Amazon’s affiliate program.

I often find mails in my inbox wherein people want to know which affiliate programs are good to join. As soon as I spell Amazon, its beginning of a whole new & lengthy communication comprising mostly of cross questions and arguments from aspiring marketers.

I am creating this post for my readers in the above category. This detailed report will hopefully carry answers to all their questions and more. The post covers facts based on my own stretch of experience with Amazon as well as other programs I’ve joined and quit in past 6 years. Next time onwards whenever people ask me about which affiliate programs to join, I plan to direct them to this link.

My tips and suggestions are 100% workable, and practical; my secrets are things I have learnt on the job as an affiliate on multiple platforms. However before we come to it; I want to do some trust building with my readers; giving them a peek into who I am and what I do. (Smiley).

I am an Amazon Affiliate Program marketer; and a proud and prosperous one at that. I sell Amazon products through both – my website as well as blog. I have been doing it since 2006; when I hesitantly called my 9-5 office job quits as I was expecting my twin boys; and since then I have been working online; six years down the line, my kids are off to school, am able to give a lot more time to my work at last; and am at complete peace with myself because over all quality of my life has greatly improved.

When you set out to talk to people who earn money marketing various affiliate programs; many of them may advise you against joining Amazon; why talk about others; when you are on a spree to check out these affiliate programs you yourself will see that the kind of commissions Amazon offers is nothing compared to what other affiliate programs offer; its really miniscule. What is 4% and 5% compared to 35% and 40%? Its nothing; just waste of time.

Are You Stuck on Commission Crossroads?

This commission crossroad is where most marketers will decide the route and span of their respective journeys. People who go either way will have their reasons. When people ask me I naturally always recommend Amazon as a first choice.

Why Amazon Should is Your Fist Choice?

Wide Product Range:Whatever niches your website or blog may be catering to; at Amazon you are sure to find a product complementing your niche. There is nothing that Amazon does not have! You just have to name it, and you will definitely find it on Amazon. That’s the kind of range it offers.

Trust and Credibility: All end-users know Amazon as a site they can trust. Whether they buy it from there or not, they know its one of those secure sites which can be completely trusted for their products, service and most important of all – your credit card details.

It’s a shop-site visitors fall in love with; and go on exploring it on and on. Amazon gives people a shopping experience that matches with traditional physical shopping.

Their marketing strategies are fantabulous. As soon as users shortlist one product and add to the cart, it suggests about 5 similar or complementing products that you can consider buying with it for better experience; statistics prove that this strategy works and people do take those suggestions seriously and end up buying one or more of those things.

The site is so interesting that when people go on exploring spree, you can’t imagine where they will stop. I sell simple home cleaning products on my site and I have collected commissions on selling car tyres! This means when you join Amazon’s affiliate program you can earn commissions on products you aren’t even promoting.

Once the person reaches Amazon through your site, he/she gets taken care of a hundred times better than you and I can ever imagine doing. The range of products, quality and standard of services offered; their policies, their list of happy clients; their promotional activities and offers, etc keep the visitors coming back.

Since I have both my blog as well as the website on WordPress interface, I enjoy many more advantages and conveniences that this platform offers from Amazon affiliates.

There is a popular WordPress plugin for Amazon marketers called the Easy Azon which helps to create product links faster which helps the blog or site owner save time; because the link retrieval system that the tool offers facilitates some great streamlining.

Second thing when you use Easy Azon is that you don’t have to worry about getting out of the admin area that the WordPress offers every time you wish to generate affiliate links for any product; it can be all arranged within the program.

The affiliates will come across another tool when they explore Amazon in depth which offers them visual links of stuff they are promoting. When your visitor reaches these visuals they will be offered more products in similar category and all these will be linked to your affiliate id.

So while Amazon is selling them these extra products, since the user has come from your link, the commissions will be all yours. But this facility is not still on for iPad or Apple users. The images can’t be displayed in their machines and instead they will see blank spaces where visuals are displayed. Since many people are using Apple products these days, it is advised that you use this feature with caution.

Amazon offers you a wide range of attractive banners and ads in various dimensions to suit your sites layout to promote various products. You can link these banners on various web pages of your site promoting various products. Some people use generic banners, but I will advise you go for contextual banners as they work better because you are offering choice to the visitor in the category he is looking for instead of directing them to the shop and saying, “this shop has everything, explore!”

These are the reasons I use Amazon. I also use other programs off and on but Amazon is one program I am always with no matter what. I know that if I can keep my client happy he will keep coming back to me, and Amazon helps me taking care of them like nobody does!

If you also use Amazon and have your tips and experiences to share, please feel free.

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  1. I’m right on the edge and thinking about jumping into affiliate marketing. I’ve got hosting and a basic template and I’m doing the niche brainstorming part. Reading articles online as well and I saw the commission difference between amazon and going directly to the products creators.

    Definitely started believing that amazon is the way. I think I’ll make multiple sites starting with amazon and then trying to find the direct 30% and higher products which I’m still figuring out how to do. If you could give me any advice I would really appreciate it.

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