How Technology Has Become a Part of Everyday Life

Technology has become a vital part of everyday life, and in many ways we would find it difficult to live without technology.

It can be difficult to put your finger on how and when technology started become a factor in a modern lifestyle as technology now influences almost every aspect of our daily lives.

Looking at our modern lifestyle, it can be even more difficult to find an area which has not as yet been influenced by technology in one way or another.

Cars are important to most people, and most of us still use our cars on an everyday basis.

Today, cars are brimming with technology such as navigation computers, electronic fuel injections systems and on-board computer functions which calculate anything from fuel consumption to the distance of the car in front.

Many cars can even have the ability to park themselves, and switch off the engine automatically at red lights.

Our cars have even become mobile communication centers with phone, internet access and multimedia.

Not so very long ago we would have been amazed by small TV screens in the headrests of car but now we almost take them for granted.

Communication is another part of our modern lifestyles where technology has become another major factor.

A mobile or cell phone was just used for making or receiving calls.

Now mobiles phone can tell us where we are, receive and send emails, surf the web, allow us to watch TV, and even wake us up in the morning.

Mobile phones have not only become personal assistants but also taken control of many parts of our lives.

Most of us don’t go to sleep without having checked our text messages, and a lot of people claim they cannot sleep unless their mobile phone is by their side.

Shopping is another part of modern lifestyles which has been influenced greatly by technology.

There is really no need to go to the shops anymore.

It can be argued that you could stay at home and have everything delivered thanks to the variety of shops available on the internet.

I asked ten of my friends how they do their food shopping, and 7 out of 10 now ordered everything on line.

Perhaps the internet is the biggest factor of modern technology.

Looking at the way we live our lives today, we would probably find it difficult to manage without the internet.

The internet can not only be used for shopping but we can book airlines tickets, speak to our friends, catch up with the latest news and access our bank.

Once everybody used to receive a monthly bank statement but that does not happen very often now.

The versatility of the internet is amazing and its functions are growing on an everyday basis.

The internet has even become a global work space.

Banking has been influenced by modern technology, and we are even seeing virtual currencies spring up.

Bitcoin arrived some time back and now there are many similar schemes.

Amazon has launched Amazon coins.

After all perhaps money, or credits, is nothing else but numbers or mathematical equations on a computer screen.

Very few people seem to visit a bank.

Traditional banking just does not fit in with modern life.

In the future it looks like technology will become even more of a factor in a modern lifestyle.

There are some amazing developments out there, and in the future we are likely to see nano robots performing surgery, and we might even be traveling from city to city on trains which might travel at close to supersonic speeds.

Maybe we should ask ourselves where will it all end, and will our entire lifestyle one day become a virtual existence and we have to download ourselves at the end of the working day.

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