How to Become a Successful Programmer

Published on April 8th, 2013 by | Category: Programming

Web or internet programming is a very large branch of programming, which deals with making websites online. However, internet programming is not just simple usage of HTML code, but it is far wider than what we expect. It basically deals with creating web materials with the use of server side languages like PHP, Linux, Ajax, CSS layout language, and all in one web framework like Django. It has a vast deal of subfields that given a new career to several programmers all around the world. A good internet programmer has a lot of scope in building a successful career in the field of internet programming. However, not each and every programmer get success in programming as there is certain key principles one has to follow to become a successful internet programmer. Here are some tips that will help you a lot in becoming a successful internet programmer:

1. Use a Reset Style sheet: Browsers can set default styles for margins, font sizes, and a number of similar things. It will be a silly action to eliminate these minute differences by your own. Thus, a number of developers now use reset stylesheet for setting all margins to zero, standardize font sizes, remove all borders etc. in a single click.

2. Use Browser Development Plug In: If you are a beginner, it is useful for you to visualize invisible parts of the web page such as padding, margins, parent positions etc. You should have a development plug in for your browser that can help in setting border styles, debugging backgrounds, making a guess in case of some problem. A majority of plug ins will enables you to debug JavaScript functions, trough DOM, and provide stats about loading time of your documents.

How to Become a Successful Programmer3. Learn JavaScript: It is a very important thing every programmer must learn. A number of web developers think that JavaScript is a toy language, which is suitable for mere browser effects. However, they are wrong as with the rising use of AJAX, it has become a significant part of advanced web applications.

4. Learn Photoshop: If you have just used simple program of paint before, then Photoshop would be very interesting for you. The special features of the Photoshop will enable you to do your work in a better way. For a web design, Photoshop works on the basis of define regions that can be styled further. You can do your work easily in a systematic way with the help of this program.

5. Use Semantic HTML: Internet programming normally begins with graphic design. However, you must start with content by using appropriate resources without any consideration of style. After that, you can write a suitable stylesheet and use JavaScript for modifying DOM. For a successful internet programming, you must know the use of HTML in a proper way.

6. AJAX: Normal web pages are quite easy to understand in which the browser request and the website server send back HTML, but, AJAX is little bit difficult to understand. However, proper command in AJAX could be very helpful in creating several programs that are used online.

Moreover, a number of programs that includes Apache, Linux, PHP, and MySQL are main tools that are used in creating websites. Linux is an operating system that runs everything. Apache is a web server that provides HTML pages to web browser. PHP is a well known programming language that built HTML. MySQL is database server which stores information regarding the website. All these tools are very important in internet programming that helps a programmer to sort out several things. You must have a proper command in these four programming tools.

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