How to Become a Tutor Online?

Published on April 23rd, 2013 by | Category: Business Opportunities

Many of us love to teach and advent of internet has changed everything for the better. Now those of us who were teaching in schools and other institutes can attach ourselves to online schools and colleges and become online tutors. Online education is on the rise; in fact it is one of the fastest growing segments on the net. We can teach in our own city or town online or can go international – its up to us and how we want to take things forward. The field is wide open.

There is one peculiar thing about online teaching job that sets it apart from majority of online occupations that you can pursue from home; and that one thing is education; formal education. You are either required to learn a new skill or brush up your hobby or existing skill to suit the world wide web, but when it comes to a career where you will be teaching online in any capacity you will be required to hold a formal degree or education as desired by your employer. If you are an online tutor or want to be one, you can do the following:

You can become on online teacher for elementary high, and middle schools imparting education online. The number of students doing their schooling online is also increasing by the day; and so in demand for online teachers; likewise you can become online college faculty in your specialised subject. Or the field is open even for those who want to pursue a career as instructors or even teaching assistants to work at and become part of college-level distance learning programs. These people can later on become corporate training developers and even writers for adult education courses that are available online.

For those who want to pursue a career in the field of education have another option; that of becoming language tutor online. The person who has mastery and degree in language can teach languages online. Internet is shrinking the world and bringing continents closer. In future when internet penetrates further deep, familiarity in additional foreign languages is going to be counted as a plus because countries are going to come closer on many pretexts and need for communication is only going to increase.

Online tutoring for competitive exams is also gaining lot of popularity in certain countries. Generally also when you have a look on the net you will find there are so many universities offering online degrees, diplomas and certificate course for students. There are various short and long term online courses for students, where online teachers are imparting education, interacting with students; sorting out their problems right there and then. Demand for such online teachers is on the rise that will offer online lessons to students when they join an online course.

These online teachers besides having a formal education also have a sense of how things are perceived differently online and also how they work differently. Besides that they are also familiar with software that they are using to interact with their students.

How to Do It: Find a college or school online and volunteer our services there.
Qualification: Formal degree in subjects we want to teach
Skills: developing lessons online, typing, oral and written communication, handling software that the website is using for student interface
Equipments: internet connectivity, computer, software
Who can’t do – people without formal education
Traditional Education: Degree, diploma, certificate according to requirement of course

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