How to Become More Outgoing?

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Who does not want to enlarge his social circle and become more outgoing? Who does not want to get rid of his loneliness and shyness? Who does not want to become more awesome than he already is? Learning how to become more outgoing and applying that lesson to your life is a key to achieving success in your social life.

You might have heard people talking that being outgoing and social is all about being confident, that’s a misconception. The truth is, to become more outgoing requires practice and is much easier than building one’s self confidence. This article concentrates on how to feel comfortable while interacting with strangers and how to develop the attitude required for it?

Prepare Lists

In order to keep yourself reminded of and focused on, the goals to be achieved, it is always helpful to make a list of skills you have worked on and things you need to work on. Don’t feel like a nerd or a stupid keeping a journal or updating a mind map if you know how to keep one, systematic way of finding out one’s problems and getting rid of them is the way awesome people do it. Since nobody is going to read your list, do not be hesitant of writing something that you think is dumb and not worth sharing with others.

Take One Step at a Time

You need to find a way to put yourself out there. Since you can’t change yourself from an introvert to a super-social being at once, it is not as easy as to switch off a button and the light is gone, you would need to take one step at a time and stick to your plan of self-improvement.

How would Starting a Blog Help?

Starting a blog of your own helps improve your confidence level and communication skills while posing no threat to your privacy. No one knows who you are and yet a great number of them read your articles and share their opinions about a particular subject in the form of comments. While allowing you to broaden your vision of the topic of your interest, it allows you to make healthy discussions with total strangers and thus helps make you more outgoing.

Don’t worry about the topic of your blog, exploit the complete anonymity to your advantage and write about the things you feel comfortable writing about; write about random things; write about your daily experiences. And if you find it hard to write about random things, read other people’s blogs. While it is a great way to find ideas and learn more about blogging, it also allows you the opportunity to befriend other bloggers and interact with them.

Become More Out <Space> Going

Since the goal is to gain confidence in the real world encounters and having a blog could not allow you more than a confidence online, you would need to apply the same awesomeness in real world. It can get really difficult to talk to strangers for someone who is not used to it. Start with having brief conversations with shopkeepers you get to meet daily while shopping for your breakfast, smiling at a guy at gas station while he’s refilling your car’s gas tank and creating such situations that allow you overcome your fear of social situations. To get rid of your self-imposed social limitations, you would need to take risks.

Do not get concerned about what people think about you and do whatever you want to do. Wear whatever wild clothes you want to wear, eat whatever food you feel like eating. You can’t get everybody like you because that is impossible to achieve even for those with very good social skills. In order to get rid of your shyness, get rid of such self-imposed constraints.

Try mentally rehearsing and preparing yourself for the upcoming social situation before allowing yourself face one, it’s really helpful and effective.

Observe People

Try to observe people, pay attention to how they behave and interact with each other. Take interest in how they respond to a particular event of success or failure. Compare their body language, tone and voice while they interact, with yours. Learn what kind of body language and tone is most suitable in what kind of circumstances, what kind of response to a situation makes the person you are interacting with feel comfortable and what kind has an opposite effect.

Pay as much attention as you can while you make conversation with others, learn from the experiences and make sure that you don’t repeat the same mistakes again.

Engage in Social Activities You Enjoy

One of the reasons introverts stay away from socializing is that they don’t find the social activities going on around them interesting. Becoming an extrovert does not require you to make yourself a party animal like your other friends, some people just find all that repulsive and it is normal. In order to become more outgoing, you need to find people with the interests and hobbies matching yours, you need to connect with those who like indulging in the activities that you find enjoyable and interesting. And how are you going to find such people? For that, you would need to go out and take some risks as I have mentioned before, you can find the people you are going to like in clubs, volunteering classes, seminars, anywhere.

Lifting Other People’s Fear will Help You Get Rid of Yours

Some people are frightened of spiders while some fear heights. One very good approach that I have always found to work when it comes to getting rid of one’s fears is, to focus on lifting other people’s fears and putting them at their ease. Not everybody around you has found the peace of his/her mind, even those who have spent their lives earning a large fortune and have got successful in it have lost a lot in the process. Help the anxious ones in getting rid of their anxiety, help the disturbed minds feel more relaxed, it’s the best formula that will indirectly help you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident.

Finally, all these tips are helpful if and only if you want self-improvement and if you really are willing to improve your social life, you can come up with your own innovative ways of making yourself feel comfortable in socializing with others.

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