How to Choose Good Titles for Your Web Pages?

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Title tag is the most important part of your website because it is the first thing that search engines spiders see when they come to your website. So it is the first part of your website that should be looked at and optimized. Google pays a lot of attentions to title tags.

When Googlebot comes to your website, it tries to find out what your website is about and when a good and informative title tag introduces your website to Google, it will give a lot of credit to your site and knows that this site is designed professionally and carefully. So your title tag should introduce your website properly. But this is not all the things that you should consider when you want to make titles for your web pages.

Title tag has another importance. Search engines use the text you have in the title as the link text in their search result pages. So when users search in search engines and your website becomes listed in the search result pages, the title is the first thing that attracts users to click on it and come to your website. So you should try to do your best to make your web pages and specially the home page title tag informative and descriptive.

What is the title tag definition?

A web page title is the text displayed at the very top of the browser window.

web page title

In fact the title is the text which is placed betweenandtags in the HTML base of the web page. So anything that you place between these two tags, will be displayed as the title of your web page. Title is different from headline. Headline is something that is displayed on the web page body.

As you see, there is not a lot of room in the title of the web pages. So the title can not be so long. You can have your web pages titles as long as you want and there is no character limit but it will not perform what it is supposed to.  The standard title tag length is 80 characters. It is distinguished experimentally and search engines have never stated anything about it officially.

Now I want to list the mistakes that webmasters make in their web pages titles:

  • Making the titles too long

    As I said it is better not to be more than 80 characters.

  • Making the titles too short

    Of course the title can be shorter than 80 characters but as I have already explained, it should introduce your website. Generally visitors don’t pay any attention to the title when they come to your website but as I explained at the beginning of this article, title is what searchers click on to come to your website from the search engines search result pages. So when you make it too short, it will not tell the users what your website is about.For example some webmasters are used to put only their company name or domain name in the home page titles. Such titles not only are not good for search engines but don’t tell the searchers what your website is about. So you should explain in a 80 characters sentence or phrase that what your website is about.

Also having phrases like “Home Page” or “Index” as the title of a web page doesn’t make sense at all. I see such words and phrases in some websites titles. Obviously their webmasters know nothing about title tag optimization.

  • Repeating the keywords in the title

    Some webmasters think that if they repeat the keywords in the web pages and specially title tag, it will be ranked higher whereas this is known as over-optimization and will cause their websites become penalized.Google has emphasized that you should make your websites and web pages for users, not search engines. Those webmasters who design their websites for search engines spiders by making such mistakes like repeating the keywords and …, don’t know that search engines see the websites exactly like real users. The only difference is that search engines spiders can not see the images and graphics like what a real user can see. Google has become so progressed and smart and can easily understand that you are trying to rank your website higher by repeating the keywords in the title tag. So don’t do that.

So how should a good title be?

  • Title tag length:

    As I explained, it is better to have a maximum 80 characters (with space) title.

  • Title tag optimization:

    Try to start the title tag with the main keyword/phrase of your website. For example when the main keyword/phrase of your website is Internet Marketing, the home page title should be started with this phrase and it should not be repeated in the title more than once. You can just have the main keyword/phrase in the title but you’d better to add some more explanations to help users and also search engines to know more about your website and its activity. For example Internet Marketing Articles, Tips and Advice.You can use characters like – and , or ; in the title. For example Internet Marketing – Learn More and Promote Effectively.

Some webmasters believe that you can repeat a keyword/phrase in the title tag with some other words between them but as I said you should make your web pages for users and you can not make a good looking title by repeating the keywords/phrases. So you’d better not to do that. Many things that some search engine optimizers advise can work for a limited time but will result in your website penalization very soon.

  • The title tag should have good relevancy with other parts of the page. So if the main keyword of the home page title tag is “internet marketing”, it should also be treated as the main keyword in the description and page body too. So before you make the home page title, you should choose the best keyword/phrase for your website.
  • Title doesn’t have to be a grammatically complete sentence. It can be just a phrase.

Do Not…

  • Do not repeat the keywords in the title tag.
  • Do not repeat the same title tag in multiple pages.
  • Do not duplicate other websites title tags.
  • Do not change the home page title tag frequently.
  • Do not use adjectives like best, top in the title tag.
  • Do not encourage users to buy something or click on the title. For example titles like “Click Here If You Are Looking For Cheap CDs” or “Find the Best Internet Marketing Books Here” are not good at all and may result in your website penalization.
  • Do not forget that “you should make the pages and websites for users, not search engines.” and if you do that Google will trust you and your website.

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