How to Design a Travel Website

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Believing it or not, the design of any website (no matter its subject) will have a direct impact in the way visitors perceive the website and what they think about it. What is the first thing a visitor will see as soon as he enters your website? Exactly, he sees the images, the background, the photos, in other words, he sees the design of the website. When you meet someone the first impression that person caused in you will be very important and the same happens with websites. The first impression that your website causes in the visitors will be very important and the unique tool that you have to cause a good impression with your website is the website’s design. A good design has the power to keep the visitor interested in the website from the first glace; and when the visitor is interested he will take some time to read the content.

Naturally, the content is very important but the design will be essential, a good design will invite visitors to read the content; a bad design will do the opposite. Let’s pick an example so you can have a better insight about all the importance of a website’s design. Imagine Facebook, YouTube and other famous websites with a poor design. Who would visit them? With lack of design, all these websites will become uninteresting. Wouldn’t they? Of course they would, their visitor’s rates will decrease at an alarming speed. More and more people who want to have an online presence are becoming aware of the vital importance of website’s design and how that can help them.

Here are some tips of website design related to a travel’s website.

  • What is your objective?

The first thing you must do in this case is asking yourself about what your objective is, providing information about places to travel, open an online travel agency, etc. These are the sort of problems you must ask yourself. After your objective is fully planned you can build the content and then you will move to the design.

  • Choosing The Theme

At this point you already have all the content ready, it is time to select a theme for your website. In this particular example you want to open a website about different places to travel; it is imperative that your selection is related to the content and the main purpose of your website. Give preference to light colors (blue, yellow, green) it is not advisable to use dark colors for a travel website (remember, you are not building a website about funeral services).

  • Photos

The photos you are going to use in your website are very important; there is no need to say that the photos must be related to the topic of your website. You can use photos of key monuments that are well-known by most of the visitors or you can use appealing photos of magnificent places. The main purpose of the photos is complementing the content.

  • Videos

Static images can be very beautiful but videos are much more interesting because they have movement and they can give the visitor a better insight of the place. You can post videos about hotels, places to visit, tours, etc. If the videos are made by you it will be a plus; anyway you can edit the videos to assure a better quality and assure that visitors do not get bored; avoid by all means long videos (less than 5 minutes are more than enough).

  • Intro

The intro for your website can be a video, a gif or an animation; what really matters in your intro is presenting the users with a brief summary of what they will be able to see in the website. Make sure your intro is attractive and interesting, make sure your intro is made with the top quality and explains the visitor the reason your website is there. Add your personal touch to your intro, dedicate the necessary time to turn you intro extremely effective and you can be sure it will attract more and more visits to your website.

  • Trigger Images

These images have the objective to trigger interest on your visitors; it can be multiple images all in one unique .gif image; the images must be very beautiful, attractive and trigger the desire to travel in your visitors.

  • Widgets

Widgets (if well selected) can be a great extra that you might want to add to your website; they can improve your website’s design, provide useful information and give your website a more professional look. Be very careful when you are selecting widgets, make sure they are useful, make sure they are related to your website topic, make sure they complement your website and make sure they are well-designed. Many webmasters tend to put widgets all over the website and that is not the right way to act; two or three widgets are enough, it is your website, not the Widget’s website.

  • Organize

Keep your page organized; all the images must be ordered, everything must be in its correct place; bad organization can transmit lack of professionalism to your visitors. Make sure your website looks perfectly organized.

  • Text!

When talking about website design, most people think about images, videos, photos, colors, backgrounds but a good website design will involve the text too. Most of your content will be expressed by text, make sure it is not difficult to read, make sure the text has the proper paragraph structuration; make sure all the text has the same font type and the same font size (naturally titles may have a bigger font but never a different font). By doing this the text will contribute for a more professional and cleaner design.

These tips about how to create a travel-related website design can be used to create other websites with different topics you just have to apply this knowledge to your topic. Now you are perfectly aware of all the power of an excellent design. You can now design your website whenever you want.

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