How to Earn Extra by Becoming Medical Transcriptionist

Published on April 23rd, 2013 by | Category: Business Opportunities

There are thousands of people in various age groups who not only earn extra income but also full time fat income by doing medical transcription work online. Most of these guys started with a 9-5 medical transcription job in their own local areas; attending regular office, doing shifts, awaiting appraisals and so on. Those who decided to shift online are certainly a much, much happier lot.

Let me share a real life story with you. One of my cousins was working with a medical transcription firm for several years; doing long hours, working in shifts, coping with various times zones etc; too much work was turning her into a zombie and it was more than visible on her face, behaviour, and body. She liked the work she was doing and got good raise for her work by her employer, is probably what kept her at it for so many years.

Then when she delivered a little bundle of joy, her life changed. She knew she could no longer give the kind of hours her employers expected of her. Working late, over weekends, and starting early was out of question. When she was on maternity leave, we often met and when we’d get talking I’d often got a feeling that she was worried about her career. Since at that time I was also exploring the net, I would often tell her to explore too, but my enthusiasm somehow failed to rub on her.

But at some point she did begin to explore the net; we did not meet for a long time after that. And when we did, she certainly had a lot to tell! After a lot of hard work, she had `learnt to find’ people who would offer work to her, albeit for small money. She also told me that while exploring the options she got duped of some money by some fly by night MT firm offering jobs. Anyway, smart that she was, she lost the money, but did not lose the lesson; and finally succeeded in finding a few people who promised to send her work.

It’s been thee and half years since. Her son is going to play school and she is a happy woman. Content stay at home mom; earning no less than her husband; believe me, the family looks blessed. Since she had the experience, it was only a matter of time that she found employers who sent her lots of work followed by money that made her happy. Since she knew the craft, delivering high quality job, and meeting deadlines was nothing new to her. The employers must also have found a gold mine in her, they did not have to explain anything to her, train her with medical lingo, accents nothing! what a win-win situation!

The idea behind sharing this story is to inform readers that if you have experience in this craft, all you have to do is build reputation; learn to look for the right employers, and you will find good people to work with. Also remember that experienced people will climb the ladder faster than novices.

This profession calls for typing speed and accuracy, and the skill to decipher accents. Familiarity with medical lingo is also a requirement. The good thing is that all this can be learnt on the job. And can be learnt by anybody at any age, isn’t it? The more work you do the better your skills will become. When someone hires you, be a humble employee; if the job is not done well, fix it without creating a fuss. Honesty by far is the best practice to hold your employer (Did you know that one?)!

How to Do It: Take MT course, Train at a local MT office to gain real time experience before applying online; become an expert in the craft; because if you are focusing on earning long term extra income online, you can’t afford to take chances with your reputation on the net. People should know you as a top ranker.
Qualification: Course in Medical Transcription, Experience
Skills: Typing,
Equipments: Headphone, Computer, Internet
Who can’t do – the hearing impaired, people who cannot type, people who do not have computer or/and internet access
Traditional Education: None. Whether you are a graduate or a school drop out, the field is open for everyone and we all have an equal opportunity to succeed. Whether you know the craft or wan to take the course, put in your best! That’s the only criteria.

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