How to Earn Extra Income by Blogging

Published on April 23rd, 2013 by | Category: Blogging

Blogging to earn extra income is a very vast topic; so vast and in-depth that there are websites and blogs out there, dedicated to this topic exclusively. But since we are covering many different online opportunities on this website that people can pursue from home, let’s give you a basic snapshot of the earning opportunity that blogging brings.

It’s a fact that blogging can do wonders to your income statement and can go on earning you millions year after year; but the other side of the story is that it requires a great amount of hard work, time; focus, patience, etc to get closer to your goals. Good news is that people like you and me have made it big blogging; which goes to prove that it is an achievable target.

The main quality of a blogger or a successful blog lies in his ability to decide a niche and create interesting and useful posts day after day without losing the grip. This means to come up with a new and interesting angle every day, the blogger’s research skills will also have to be worked upon. The more blogs in similar niche that he is able to identify, bookmark, and explore, the more novelty and newness his content will reflect. This is what will finally help him to find a loyal set of audience.

Besides quality of content, the style of writing is also as important, and marketing it using right channels is considered as crucial. So all in all it’s a lot of work; a lot of achievable work nevertheless.

When you were reading through all the above content did you get a feeling its something you can’t do? If you did not, it means you will gradually develop the skills required for blogging. It’s all about thinking about ways to write differently and promote it using creative means.

However if you think, writing is something you can’t do; I must say blogging is not for you. But I equally and strongly feel writing is something that everyone can do provided one decides to drop the inhibitions associated with it and not make a big thing out of it. Haven’t we all, all our lives while being in school have written tests and answer sheets, home work, then we have written letters to our grand parents and friends, so why can’t we write now? It’s a mind game. So drop the feeling that you can’t write. I personally also feel that you can write if you can think of something to share. And to be able to think, reading is the best option.

There are many aspects one needs to look into while starting a blog. For beginners it’s a different ball game altogether. As I say this I don’t mean to discourage anyone to start a blog. All I am trying to do is put the facts before aspirants so that they understand what they are getting into. Every rich blogger that we come across was a beginner a few years back, and knew nothing about blogging. He learnt everything on the net, and if he could, why can’t you? If you are willing to put in as much sincerity in learning, strategizing, implementing, writing, and building the blog you cannot be far from achieving success as a blogger.

As most of you would know, blogging is all about writing and publishing fresh, crisp, informative posts everyday or every few days on a niche topic and post that promote the blog by interlinking, networking and building your own community with fellow bloggers in a similar niche.

Once community starts building up and your blog start getting visitors you can add various streams of income to your blog and at the same time go on adding content. That is one thing you cannot afford to stop, because it is lifeline of your blog, writing, creating innovations, making the blog interactive, organizing competitions, contests, giving freebies to visitors in the form of eBooks etc are some of the ways in which you can hold your clients to your blog or give him/her reason to come back. The streams you can add to earn income may include, Google Ad sense, Affiliate Marketing, Chitika, eBook sales, Amazon, and so on.

If you have started the blog with an objective of promoting your own product, service or information, then you will not place any of the above ads. You will only focus on promoting and improving your own product.

There are many stages that a blog goes through before it makes a success of itself. Right from choosing a niche and outlining a profile of your target audience, to studying traffic of competing sites and studying their strategies, to designing the blog, thinking of ways to make it more attractive for advertisers and readers, creating and publishing content regularly and so on. All these things might give an impression of small steps; however they take shape and size of a strategy and can turn out to be a giant leap forward for a blog if implemented rightly.

How to Do It: You can start with a free blog provided by many on the net, or take your own domain name and host a blog on it. If you can maintain a website you can easily maintain a blog; its much simpler that maintaining a website I feel.
Qualification: No special and formal educational qualification required except knowledge of English language or the language in which you want to write your blog. Everything has to be learnt and applied online, like starting, building, promoting a blog in detail. Some technical skills related to blogging should be learnt online like tagging or uploading photos and posts for better performance of blog; learning to access and read control panel; learning to analyse traffic, to analyse impact of your strategies and so on.
Skills: Typing, flair for writing, research skills
Equipments: Computer, access to internet
Who can’t do – everyone who can type and write is free to blog; no restrictions.
Traditional Education: None.

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