How to Earn Extra Income by Taking Online Surveys

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This is one of the oldest methods that have helped many people in all age groups and genders earn extra income by being on the net, from the comforts of their bedrooms and drawing rooms.

This I personally feel is a true to its word, Extra Income Resource, though people have earned nearly full time incomes doing surveys, I personally have never felt comfortable with the thought, and for me, it will always remain one of the most convenient ways to earn extra income.

Doing surveys in your spare time that await your attention in the inbox sounds like an easy task, which it is. To take online surveys you need no qualification, not even typing skills, as in TYPING SKILL. As long as you can find keys with various alphabets, you can deliver the job. You don’t necessarily need a computer and internet at your disposal, because I know people who go to the internet cafes everyday twice and work their way through the maze.

Online Surveys can divided into two parts; doing the surveys that find their way into your inbox is the second part of the work, the first part is finding companies that are looking for people with various profiles to take surveys for their products; where you are suppose to enrol yourself. The first half is a slightly long wounded part, because ti requires searching for companies that are looking for people like us. This work is time taking and besides that it sometimes also gets to be very monotonous and boring. However if it has to be done it has to be done; simple as that.

There are all kinds of companies’ from pizzas and burgers to electronic goods and health products that are looking for people who have used or are willing to use their products and give their opinion on it based on which improvements can be made in the products. Some companies also offer you products free of cost on a condition that you will use them and answer their questionnaire later on.

Filling a survey does not take more than few minutes. When you receive a survey in your inbox it generally mentions approximate time it will take you to complete it and along with that it also has date line or number of surveys beyond which they will not accept them. So you have to check your inbox everyday so that you don’t miss any of them.

These are individual companies which will ask you to enrol with them and fill in details about your profile and when next time they have a survey coming and if your profile fits their requirement they will send you an intimation and followed by a survey with an `on or before’ date.

Then there are research companies that are outsourced work of taking surveys by above mentioned companies. Such companies need many people from many back grounds to fit into various profiles. If you can come across such companies while researching it will prove to be a great thing. Because once you register with them, chances of being considered for number of surveys goes up because the firm you are associated with it large. The monotonous and boring part of the game is when you have to fill in details of your profile from various angles. It is very tedious and time taking; very easy at the same time.

Then the fourth option that you have you will come across during your research is that some people sell list of companies that are open to accepting people online surveys registration. There are many websites out there selling the concept of `make money with online surveys’. What they are selling is the list, some of the names mind you might be out of business and outdated. But the list will contain some names of companies where you can go and enrol. If you want to save time that you will spend on researching such companies its fine, otherwise you can always find them on your own. It’s up to you.

Number of surveys you will get to fill every week or month depends on how active is the firm and how much they value your opinion and how good is your profile. Slowly with time you will also learn to make an impressive profile, honest nevertheless. If you are enrolled with 50 companies and even if you get one survey per week from each one at the rate of $2 per survey you make $400 a month, from home; this means more companies you enrol with; the better are your chances of making money. Besides money, you may be offered free products or even points against which you can buy stuff from their stores for free or discounted price.

People best suited for this job are retired or physically challenged people. Thjis option is also good for people who want to take it easy and live at their own pace. The money is quite limited so I feel that it’s a better extra income option than full time career option.

How to Do It: Identify companies looking for people to do surveys, enrol profile, await surveys, fill and send them back.

Qualification: none.

Skills: basic ability to express, little bit of typing knowledge

Equipments: none, computer and internet access at home a convenience

Who can’t do – everyone can Traditional Education: none. Recommended Resource

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