How to Earn Extra Money by Becoming a Life Coach

Published on April 23rd, 2013 by | Category: Business Opportunities

Life coach is someone who helps and mentors people in distress and crisis to improve the quality of their life by offering constructive advice and encouraging optimistic outlook towards life in them. They help people deal with nervous breakdowns, depression, or any such similar situations that they might face in their lives due to personal or professional reasons.

Life Coach’s job is to counsel, guide, and give better perspective to the sufferer and bring his life back on the track, so that he can think straight and lead and normal life.

Good life coaches are a very sought after community and it is expected that more and more people will seek their support in times to come, as modern life and lifestyle is full of stress. Life coaches’ job is challenging, and at the same time, a very satisfying and rewarding career option. Demand for qualified life coaches is on a rise. As a life coach you could be counselling or motivating individuals, group or people, or an organization by creating supportive environment for change which facilitates embracing change.

As far as qualifications of a life coach is concerned there are many certificate courses selling online, but natural ability and skill to talk to people and put them at ease is what makes you a good coach. If you can make them feel comfortable to open up to you in all honestly your job is half done.

For someone interested in becoming a life coach has to possess qualities like maturity, positivity, and wisdom. He has to be a sensitive and an effective communicator. An intellectually evolved coach will be able to make quality difference to the way his client leads his life. Generally a life coach has to be genuinely interested in helping people get out of distress by showing them positive side of the coin and helping him keep his focus on things that matter.

You can offer your services as a life coach by meeting people in person and helping them sort their problems; you can talk to them over telephone; or can even counsel them via email. Since you are only selling your time and advice and not a product your overheads are going to be pretty low. If you have it in you to ask right questions to help people in distress find solutions to their problems, then may be this occupation is just what will click with you! You can offer services part time or full time, from home or on mail, depending on the results your client gets you will get recommended and based on our demand you can charge your clients. Generally life coaches charge on an hourly basis.

The first quality people look for in a life coach is his confidence, positive outlook towards life, his temperament, and contentment. Because a life coach will only be able to offer what he possesses. Meaning, if as a life coach you have not found your own peace, how can you help me find mine?

There are many long and short term courses for becoming a life coach which teach you various methodologies, and introduce you to various tools that will help you become a better counsellor. They will help you fine tune your natural skills and instincts. There are also weekend seminars that are held for life coaches, if you wish you can join a well recommended and renowned course and get your basics in order instead of starting an office and looking like a novice in this highly competitive niche. But what you have to remember is that above all you have to have that flair for counselling, you should be a positive person from inside.

If you are someone who has counselled and helped your friends in their hour of emotional need, and people have generally turned to you as a natural choice when they have faced emotional turmoil in their lives, then most certainly this is the right profession for you to pursue. Because you will not only earn money from it, your job satisfaction will be immense, and you will be of great help to people.

How to Do It: If you have a flair for counselling, take up a good life coaching course, or attend a workshop, spread a word around via net and off it and start as a volunteer.
Qualification: Some kind of long or short course will come in handy.
Skills: Typing, if you are going to do it online, communication – written and oral, emotionally receptive, motivator,
Equipments: computer, internet, telephone, home office if you plan to do it in person.
Who can’t do – People who do not possess a flair for it.
Traditional Education: None


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