How to Earn Extra Money by Becoming an Online Consultant

Published on April 23rd, 2013 by | Category: Programming

Becoming an online consultant can earn you high returns provided you know how to make it work for you. The secret of making yourself popular lies in positioning yourself in the minds of your target audience. A consultant is basically a guy who will help people sort out their business problems and hurdles; which could be at the time of starting the business or midway if they find themselves stuck over something.

There are two types of consultancy firms which are more popular than the others. General consultancy firms, which offer people consultancy in any niche by matching their needs with a contract consultant who is enrolled with them and is a specialist in a particular segment and second type of constant is an individual who specialises in a particular segment and sells his services as an independent consultant.

To start your career as an online independent consultant you could be anything from an accountant, architect, beauty, lawyer, education or career consultant; or any other type. What it requires is qualification, experience, and creative & innovative problem solving skills. If you can make it take off, it’s a real lucrative option.

Before you launch yourself as an independent consultant build and establish reputation by working / associating yourself with a reputed firm for a few years to understand the intricacies of business and get wider and in-depth exposure into various businesses. Another way to go about it is you can partner with an established firm to make a name for yourself; aspiring lawyers and business start-up consultants do especially well by following this strategy.

The next thing besides education, experience and expertise in the field of becoming consultant is the art and skill to differentiate your services from the rest. Try to give your service an edge, a unique touch by offering something new to the client; you can make it innovative, interactive, and more workable; something can be achieved by spending less, or whatever.

As a consultant you can offer your expertise online, by telephone, or in person. You can be attached to a local firm on contract or you can sell your services via your website and remaining active on social media platforms. Also make sure that you come across as someone approachable whom people can contact and seek guidance without feeling intimidated.

Your body language, your accent, your attitude can make or break your business. If you end up making your potential client feel intimidated with your knowledge or behaviour, it may make some of you feel good in the beginning but remember it is not a good strategy for your business in the long run. For people to be able to feel comfortable with you it is important that they are not intimidated. They should be able to talk to you freely and honestly about their business.

As I say this I also want to share an important fact with my reader friends who are aspiring to become consultants is that mediocrity is also hardly good for any business, which means you will have to strike a fine balance where your clients treat you with respect for the knowledge and instinct you possess to understand their problems and offer effective solutions for their business. They should understand that while you offer solutions, you mean nothing but business. They should respect your time, your knowledge, and leave with a feeling of emerging winners as well as wiser from the whole experience. It will be good for your reputation as a consultant.

How to Do It: Be qualified; hard work and experience for building reputation
Qualification: Qualification, Experience, Expertise
Skills: written and oral communication skills, fine and evolved insight
Equipments: internet access, computer,
Traditional Education: Formal qualification, experience helps

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