How to Earn Extra Money by Becoming Forum Moderator

Becoming a Forum Moderator is also one of the online occupations that is much sought after and even the money is good for people with superior skills set. IT is a very good option for people who do not want to work in the office and would rather earn working form the comforts of their homes where they won’t have to look after accounts and ledgers and neither have to take calls and talk to clients. The main work will involve and will mostly revolve around writing.

Moderatos’ core job is to regulate forum posts. There can be more than one moderator on a forum. For larger forums with large number of active members and topics, each moderator looks after the niche he specialises in; number depends on the forum owners or main administrators.

Qualities required in a forum moderator are writing skills above everything, sensibility is an equally important virtue. For anybody to become a forum moderator will first have to start with becoming member of the forum and becoming active there. People who are generally picked up as forum moderators or offered the jobs are the ones who are regular forum participants or senior members who are familiar with rules of posting in the forums and through their posts, contributions, and interventions in various discussions have proved their talent to drive and lead the discussion.

Their job is to keep a tab on the new and old member users and watch the content quality they are posting, they have to believe in and promote online community building; offer support, drive discussion, intervene at the right time, monitor abusive posts, unauthorized spam and ads, keep an eye on copyright infringements, and any other violations of forum rules. A forum moderator may also have to help forum administrator in carrying out certain duties or sharing some of his duties from time to time. Confidentiality is another virtue.

For some months if you successfully carry out these duties voluntarily you and if they find your work up to satisfaction you may be hired by the administrators to work as paid moderators. Terms and conditions related to your employment will be discussed at this stage.

Remember, the more traffic you can drive or retain the more impacts it has on your credibility. As a moderator you will also be at liberty to post or address questions, concerns, and problems, offer help who seek it, take feedback from other moderators working on the same forum. To become a successful moderator people should think of you as a good role player. Your profile should be impressive without being intimidating. Also remember that after you have joined the team and you are found to break rules or troll you can be removed from the job with or without notice.

Whether you are a forum user; volunteer; or unpaid moderator, no matter what stay true to your profession. Whether you are paid for the job or not, the profession should be treated with utmost respect.

How to Do It: Become member of forums of your interest, become active member
Qualification: writing skills, good understanding of the subject
Skills: ability to drive and lead discussions,
Equipments: internet, computer
Who can’t do – if you are not interested in the subject you can’t become a moderator, it’s especially impossible to earn money doing work of a moderator if your posts and comments do not have a zing. Your ability to keep people engaged in discussion lies in your own passion with which you can drive discussions or create posts, which is not possible without passion.
Traditional Education: None

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