How to Earn Extra Money by becoming Web Designer

Published on April 23rd, 2013 by | Category: Business Opportunities

I don’t think this topic needs much explanation and discussion. Everyone knows what a web designer is, what is his job and so on; I think on this page we will just concentrate on what does it take to become a good (and eventually a rich) web designer.

At the outset I would like to make one thing clear to all aspiring designers that, no matter what you charge; if your design meets client’s expectations, if you are clear in your communication, like your job, and are a good listener (a quality required while taking the design briefing from the client) work is bound to follow you wherever you go; whatever you charge.

Now let’s come to what it takes to be one. If you want to become a web designer you basically have to have a sense of designing and, more importantly a liking for it; a fine sense of colour, and balance will also prove to be important and take you a long way too. Plus since its website and blog designing that we are talking about, the aspirant should also be net and technology savvy.

You should be genuinely interested in anything new happening in the web designing arena; it will be an added advantage if you have what it takes to experiment with various tools and software that keep getting launched in the market to build better websites; let me tell you one thing here, when we talk about building better websites it finally boils down to giving a better experience to the end user; your customer, your target audience. So if you have an eye for it – go right ahead and take it up as a career. It will give you money, fame, job satisfaction, everything. The more websites you design, the more experience you gain, the better insight you will get into the industry.

Since web designing is something whose output people see on computer you will have to develop an eye for a slightly different format of designing, the visualization is different from how you it is for designing various other things. Your design will have to look good on the computer screen; layout will play an important role; it will have to have a good navigational structure; better still that you learn to make your design SEO compliant.

You can find jobs in many ways; first and foremost you can design your own website and promote your skill through it. There are various platforms where buyers and sellers meet and negotiate and bid for different jobs; you can join these platforms and bid for projects that suit your skill set. You can join forums where people are discussing web designing and contribute by way of comments and posts do make a name for yourself. There are various job boards online where people looking for web designers either for themselves or to employ in their firm put up jobs. You can look them up too. It is not necessary that you work independently as a web designer you can work in a firm or even in partnership and divided responsibilities as per mutual consent in accordance with skills the partners possess.

How much should you charge for your designs, is something you have to decide in accordance with your set criteria. It’s an individual thing. At the same time you should also keep in mind that your cost strategy should not go against the business. On the contrary the cost should help to attract clients. Once you earn a name and reputation as a web designer you can dictate terms but at the time of growing you should do your best to offer the most cost effective rates and the best design that you can so that in times to come money can chase you.

As a freelancer who wants to succeed and stay in business for years to come, you should be self motivated, confident, creative, and confident; something of a multi-tasker, organized, disciplined individual. It will do you good if you are well networked or at least are working towards becoming one.

How to Do It: Evaluate yourself as a designer, someone with an eye for details and natural inclination towards designing and being creative,
Qualification: learn some languages in which web sites are designed. You can master one language and make all your designs in it or know many of them and deliver according to your client’s need. Anything works as long as what you deliver is good for his business and makes the client happy.
Skills: designing skills, layout skills, technology savvy, being at ease with trying and using various website building and designing software and tools.
Equipments: Computer, designing software and tools
Who can’t do – people with no sense of balance and designing, someone who is technically challenged
Traditional Education: none

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