How to Earn Extra Money by Starting an Online or eCommerce Store

Published on April 23rd, 2013 by | Category: Business Opportunities

Starting an online or e Commerce Store is the ultimate dream of an entrepreneur. There are many ways to go about it; some are proper tailor-made templates; while some e Commerce stores are available in turnkey formats and software that can be managed by beginners with limited knowledge. They also come with various levels or safety, sophistications and price tags. Depending on which one would be best suited for your business type you can choose one for yourself.

The objective behind starting on e Commerce store is to be able to sell your stuff online. However there are many other options which will help you sell your products online, and you don’t necessarily have to have an e Commerce store for it; you can sell it by having a blog, on eBay etc. However if your focus is on opening an E Commerce store you should be clear about certain aspects like what you are planning to sell in your store? How much do you want to earn, how many hours are you ready to put into the business everyday? Have a business plan up your sleeves and work accordingly.

Even if you are planning to work on your e Commerce site part time as you may have a regular job to attend to, remember its going to require to put in a lot of hard work before your site becomes visible and starts moving in SE. First and foremost you will have to look for a domain name for your store, then next finalize a template that suits your business needs, then find a reliable web host again depending on your business needs, install the template, go to Good check out to install online payment gateway for your store and get going. These are technical steps required to start e Commerce store then comes phase two when you will build content for site and optimize and market it.

Remember e Commerce store is an expensive proposition because of the shopping software and online payment gateway software that it has in it. Then there is hosting and security cost, communication architecture that e Commerce site follows also comes for a cost. Then there is marketing cost; cost of costumer relations management and so on and so forth.

Coming to the second part of the question, i.e. where to arrange start up capital for starting the store – If you have set some amount aside for it already as that has been your dream for a long time, the its fine but if you are planning to outsource it, then before you look for a financer seek suggestions from a professional advisor.

Ensure that your advisor should be an experienced and qualified person with real knowledge about the whole plan. Because there are many people ready to give you advice but only a few make real sense of it. Don’t make decision especially related to money in haste or on an impulse. Besides advisor also talk to people who are in the business and have an e Commerce store of their own or people who buy from such stores. Talk to as many people as you can because the more practical knowledge you are able to gather the better will be your understanding of niche and market you are planning to get into. And the more informed your decisions are the better it is for your business balance sheet.

How to Do It: Find a niche you want to deal in and products related to it, finalize the e Commerce software and costs associated with it, blue print of business plan to be readied; learn to install and maintain the store and get going
Qualification: familiarity with e Commerce software that you are installing on your site, marketing and SEO knowledge, payment gateway, CRM, familiarity with communication and user interface architecture,
Skills: being at ease with handling and understanding e Commerce related user friendly softwares
Equipments: e Commerce software, computer, internet, goods being sold
Traditional Education: None

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