How to Earn Extra Money from Your Hobbies

Published on April 23rd, 2013 by | Category: Business Opportunities

Many people (especially the retired or home bound women) often write to me wanting to know if they could turn their hobby into some kind of business, which will keep them engaged, as well as make some money and keep them in circulation. There are also men who want to know this. And my answer to both the genders is in affirmative. Of course you can turn your hobby into home business, whatever it may be.

My first question to these people is if they have a business plan for it; and most of them develop cold feet right there and then. What makes them nervous is the phrase; they are already thinking on the lines that they can’t handle things like a blue print of business plan and all at 69 or 65 or even at 35 because they have never handled anything like that before. I don’t to prove any of their reasons as wrong, but instead make things sound easy for them. What I do is breakdown the plan into several steps and you would not believe sooner than expected I find them in full on action.

I am going to explain and discuss those steps here in this article so that all you readers who want to turn your hobbies into a business can give it a serious thought and make it work for yourselves.

The first thing is to fix a reasonable price for the service or product that you are selling. To know what will be the right price, ask your friends and neighbours, and when you fix a certain price for it, go and talk to shopkeepers or potential buyers to know if they will buy it for that price. This will give you a realistic idea about the price tag aspect of it.

The next question is to if there is a market for your hobby. I mean if you are doing something that was taught to you by your grandma but something that has no or not many customers for it now, then it makes little sense for you to work on a concept like that . But there is also a bright side to this whole thing. If its not available anymore in handmade style and it brings nostalgia of some kind and if you can make people look at it from collector’s item point of view, then thanks to your marketing genius, you can hit it off in the designer niche and if you really do then extra money is something your assistants will earn. For you it will be a full time business and you will make a fortune from it. If you will search the net you will find many people across the world running empires based on this.

I personally know some women who a hit for the fish pickle, ginger squash, and crochet laces that they make, can you believe it?

The thing to remember is you have to be serious about it; because if you will go half hearted into it because everyone is doing it or someone is pushing you into it, then chances are you will slip or falter but if you are focused, you will sure fine a way out for yourself. Some hobby-businesses may take some money, but most don’t. Try selling some of your stuff by putting them up for sale through platforms like Etsy and support it by marketing your presence felt on Face book. It is sure to bring you results. It makes for a great and encouraging start to building your small business online.

How to Do It: Fix a price, put it up on Etsy, and spread a word around on FB
Qualification: your craft
Skills: Your craft
Equipments: whatever that your craft requires, camera to take pictures to pu it up on the net, internet connection, computer, that’s all I think.
Traditional Education: none.

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