How to Earn Extra Money Re-writing Poorly Written Ads

Published on April 23rd, 2013 by | Category: Writing

It may come as a surprise to some but you can also earn money online by re-writing ads that are written poorly. This is also a big profession out there. People who advertise their business don’t know how to do it effectively, because they might have business acumen to run the business successfully but they do not have the talent for writing. So such people when they go online and advertise their products or services on the net it fetches a very poor response. Bad copy can easily spoil a good product.

Initially they are not able to understand why it is happening but gradually when they start analysing their action or hire someone to submit a report they are given to understand that their ad copy is substandard or poor; it does not leave an impact in the mind of the reader. At this stage outside services are hired where the advertisement undergoes changes by changing the format in which the information in the advertisement is presented. There are professionals who know the craft of rewriting the ads without changing the meaning or the ad.

If you are a good writer, can express yourself accurately and are good at taking briefing, (listening) you can become a writer whose job is to bring a makeover to the drab and shabby advertisements and make them more attractive and attention grabbing. A good ad is an effective ad and not where big words are used. The ad overall should hit the reader and should be such that it stands out in ten other ads. If you think you can do it, you can market yourself as an ad re-writer.

You can go to various jobs boards, communities, forums and blogs that are exclusively focusing on this type of writing and make your presence felt on them by doings posts, commenting on posts etc on a regular basis. You can also to to platforms where biddings are happening for work. You can join online advertising agencies as a copy writer or editor. To become an expert in this craft you should have a good vocabulary, you should be able to express yourself well, and you should have the knack and intelligence to understand what the product is all about, before working on re-writing the ad for it. You should also be smart enough to pick a good copy from a bad one and likewise you should be able to find out and understand about what the client wants and wants to read. Because there have been many instances when products have failed not because they were bad but because the copy was bad or ineffective.

To become ad copy editor go ahead and fine tune your skills as well as senses. Keep your antenna on alert for learning every little thing about human psyche, i.e. customer psyche; always evaluate your writing to know whether it is helping the client get more clicks to his blog or site or not, for your own sake and improvement. Also improve your vocabulary.

Always know that an intimidating ad copy is never as good as an `easy to read and relate’ copy. If you have found the skill to communicate with your reader about things he wants to hear without being dishonest about the product then consider yourself fit for the job. If you find yourself convincing and successful in imparting your perspective to the reader, you are doing a good job. Above all you have to enjoy this work because unless you enjoy the work it will not be possible for you to inject live into the copy. To make the copy speak or to be able to speak to your audience you will have to enjoy the work. That’s one very important bit about becoming an online ad editor which was about to give me a slip. Thank god I remembered it in time to share it with readers who have an editor in them itching to arrive!

How to Do It: Write, edit, offer free services as writer and editor to start with, next go to job boards, forums, join communities, groups; apply for copy editor’s job
Qualification: effective communicator, experience as ad copy writer/editor
Skills: editing, typing, writing, ability to understand customer, product, market
Equipments: internet, computer
Who can’t do – people who do not enjoy writing
Traditional Education: none

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