How to Earn Extra Money Writing an eBook

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Writing an eBook is an exciting and interesting career option for those who know how to write. And for someone to become an eBook writer, it is not mandatory to be a published writer. So that gets one perceived hurdle out of the way to start with.

If you like to write, and you like reading; if your command over the language is good; your vocabulary is better than average; are enough qualifications for a starter. Plus if the career clicks, the money is great.

People who love the craft of writing and have gotten familiar with eBook writing techniques and formats (which happen to be very user-friendly), are doing well for themselves; making decent money plus doing a good job of what they have been asked to do; because what they do is what they like, and enjoy; and this is a simple secret to their happiness, it also keeps their hands and hearts full with assignments; and job satisfaction, and what not.

What’s an eBook and what’s the Job of an eBook Writer?

Before you take your first step, it will do you good to understand what exactly an Ebook is and what does an eBook writer do. eBook stands for an electronic book that can be written, edited, proofread, published, read, circulated, reviewed, and copied online. You can read them on computer or kindle; they save space, trees, they are easy to carry.

What makes eBooks a Preferred Choice?

If you have a Kindle you can carry several eBooks and novels at once without feeling the hint of extra luggage. Plus these days it’s a better option because people are online or on their computer most of the time, and reading anything beyond a news paper is becoming less and less popular… looking at all these reasons, eBook seems like a good and permanent feature that is here to stay. So choosing a career as an eBook writer is not a bad one at all.

Where Can You Use eBooks?

If you have a blog or website through which you are selling a product or information you can write your own eBook and distribute if to your clients free of cost. OR you yourself sell eBooks on various subjects on your website or blog and earn money from it, or you can write eBooks for other people for a cost. There are many ways to go about writing and selling eBooks.

What Type of an eBook Writer You Want to Be?

I know people, who have gained popularity and expertise by writing many eBooks revolving around one topic. And I also know people who possess amazing research skill and have written excellent and sought after eBooks on a wide range of subjects.

Decide how would you like to see yourself in the community of eBook writers, if you can’t answer this question right now; eventually after gaining some exposure and experience you will be able to sort things out.

The kind of books you would like to write will also depend on your area of expertise and interest. If you decide to take up an assignment of writing about a topic you have no interest in you will do a mediocre job of it. Writing about something you are not interested in is not same as writing about something you have not much heard of; because for the latter when you start doing research you just might develop interest in the subject which will reflect in the quality of your research and output. So write on the topic that interests you so that you can write easily and find information about it more enthusiastically.

The style of writing an eBook is also different from writing a normal book because there the person is going to read it on one’s computer, so that layout you follow will be slightly different from a regular book layout; the eBooks are generally divided into various chapters and all the chapters are broken down into many headlines and sub-headlines and paragraphs.

Since the online readers is suppose to have smaller attention span, less time, and more distractions, hard core information presented directly is more popular than embroidering patterns of words to arrive at a point.

Also remember that the price you decide for your eBooks should always be measured against amount of information you have packed in the eBook rather than the number of pages you have written. <

The manuscript of an eBook is called e-Text. This can be written in simple MS word file from where it can be transferred to eBook compiler software if you have access to one. There are many ways of publishing an eBook, it can be in PDF format, you can use adobe for it, your eBook can be in HTML format etc. There are several software’s readily available for free as well as against a cost which you can use to create your eBook. As a beginner you can try creating one for yourself of your own interest and give it away free. It will give you an experience and familiarise you with various practical aspects and difficulties of writing an eBook.

It’s by far the best way to go about giving your career as an eBook writer a good start. Choose a topic of your interest, collect information, and compile it properly with the help of software of your choice and ready it to send it to people who are looking for one with an impressive and convincing covering note.

While you do this be prepared that your first eBook may not be a great hit, may not become viral, however it will give you the pleasure of completing an assignment and being on the way to becoming an eBook writer. If you arrange for a cricket bat, ball, wickets, a team, and practice it will not mean you will become Sachin Tendulkar; but then you would become a cricketer nevertheless. So go ahead and give it your first and best shot! If you want to know anything, feel free tow rite to us; if you have something interesting and informative to add, please leave your suggestions. We will publish them if they have not been published already.

How to Do It: if you like to write, choose a topic, develop and ready content for your eBook in a proper format, get familiar with software to compile your first eBook, and after adding a personal touch of creativity, throw it open to the public to read and review it.
Qualification: Flair for writing. Typing, No formal qualification
Skills: Typing, handling eBook compiler software, familiarity with html, pdf will prove to be an added advantage
Equipments: Computer, internet, eBook compiling sotware
Who can’t do – People whose language (including grammar) skills are not up to the mark; or those who do not have a thing for writing.
Traditional Education: None
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