How to Earn Extra Money Writing Reviews

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This is another lucrative and interesting online job opportunity that can be pursued online. As a review writer, you can be permanently attached to a single or several firms or sell your services as, a freelance review writer – the field is wide open. First job may take some time to come but once people find your writing effective and laving an impact on the audience that it is meant to lure, you will get many more reviews to write.

You can specialise in review writing if you want, in fact people do better when they specialise in a niche or two rather than trying to be everywhere. Because when you are in a particular niche you read a lot more in the niche and your knowledge makes you an expert in the subject and in the industry, something which is bound to reflect in the quality and depth of your reviews. How much ever can one not write a review but the targeted costumer somehow almost always knows how to pick a well written review from a bad or mediocre one.

There are all kinds of reviewers on the net. Some people review books, some movies, while some review electronic gadgets, some review restaurants, some review home appliances, some review daily needs and grocery products and so on. You can choose to go with the one that you like and is available in ample to keep a regular income coming.

To work as review writer first thing you need is the liking and style for writing; access to internet, and a laptop or a computer. You will also be required to learn the knack of writing reviews so that you can improve in your craft and earn decent money for yourselves.

Your reviews should be able to convey the right message, should be easy and interesting to read, if you can inject some humour when required it will add value to reader’s perception. The biggest of all qualities that you require is you should learn to understand the psyche of your targeted costumer. What he wants to read; what will trigger his interest; and based on these inputs you should create a review, then it is bound to touch him.

The gist is, don’t write for yourself or for the sake of displaying your talent with words; instead focus on what the customer wants to read. When it comes to editing your own post, don’t think twice. If one sentence can win you a client don’t dissolve the effect by adding another. That’s the magic a good copy should and can create.

As a review writer try to make your reviews unique when compared to competitors reviews. Don’t always try and talk at your people, as if you know more than them, talk to them, the review should come as something where you are trying to share your thoughts, let the review sound as if given a chance it can become a chirpy and bustling conversation. The reader should feel like he is part of some discussion, where his point of view is being given a fair chance.

Your review should sound like it has a clear opinion, you are stating facts not weaving a poetry, be detailed, not as in filling pages, but explaining a certain aspect in detail for the reader to be able to imagine and be able to relate to it. Also don’t play safe and leave the decision to the client whether or not to use/buy the product. Instead be honest and suggest as honestly and diplomatically as your word-smithy permits. For example some things are good for some people but not good for others so you can say that if you are certain and certain type its for you, and if you aren’t then it will do you better to check out with people who are using it to get a better idea.

There are courses and books available online which teach you a proper way to write reviews and join the league of professionals who are earning a living off it. If you want you can take a course or buy an eBook but finally what will help is your own expression and style that you develop over a period of time.

And as far as I think this is what the books will teach you. As I say this I also strongly feel that reading a good book will save you time and effort and will offer you guidance in the right direction. It’s up to you. Finally a good course or a book will never harm, at the most at the end of the course you may feel disappointed that it did have anything new to teach but beyond that it cannot harm.

You can start your career as a review writer by offering to write free reviews for people in various arenas, thus slowly build reputation and clientele; doing free reviews gives you experience and exposure that you would otherwise not have had and it will also help you understand a thing or two about the types of reviews you are more comfortable doing etc.

If you enjoy a subject and review products related to it, you are bound to like your work a lot more and this will show in the reviews you write. And finally it will all boil down to your rising demand as a review writer in your chosen field.

So if you think this is something you can consider, give it all you have, put your best foot forward, and keep your patience and sooner than you know, success will be at your doorstep. Finally finding job as a review writer is not difficult. You can go to various job boards or platforms where writers communicate to exchange ideas, information and news. You will find lots of jobs on them. You can apply on assignment basis, hourly basis, permanent basis, no. of reviews basis and so on… however you want, but before that prepare yourself to get there. Fine-tune your craft, fine-tune your senses to understand your market, your product your target audiences’ psyche….

Good luck.

How to Do It: start by publishing and writing free reviews on your own website or blog or on other people’s websites and blogs if they allow
Qualification: Knack of writing, command over language, review writing craft
Skills: Understanding market, product, customer’s perception and mindset. An important thing is that the person writing reviews should be also familiar with lingo to be used in review because every country reads, writes and perceives things differently. An American may not be able to relate with a review done by an Asian for a product or book, its likely… so that aspect sit ob e kept in mind.
Equipments: computer
Who can’t do – people who are clear about being not interested in this genre of writing
Traditional Education: none. Most reviews are written in English so good command and understanding of the language will work well.

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